See you in Jacksonville.

This does not sound like a quarterback who’s gonna play against Kentucky.

You know what?  That’s fine.  The coaches are confident in Stetson.  Stetson’s teammates are confident in Stetson.  Georgia will be fine Saturday.

Meanwhile, JT gets two more weeks of rest and rehab before rolling into the Cocktail Party.  Have him ready then, because you know third-and-Grantham will be ready… oh, wait.


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19 responses to “See you in Jacksonville.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Stetson Bennett has come a long way, in just 12 months. A couple or three throws I saw Saturday weren’t just “game manager” passes, and his running is an extra factor to work with. However . . . a healthy J.T. Daniels means more offense for us, and a better chance to win games. J.T. is no Dan Marino, but he’s at least as good as the guys Alabama had 10-12 years ago, and better than Opie McElroy.

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  2. iusedtopostasmikecooley

    The off week is coming at the perfect time.

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  3. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    win by 1 with no more injuries and i will be happy

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  4. stoopnagle

    I agree. I totally don’t get all the negativity around resting JT.


    • mddawg

      I think it’s the idea that more practice reps and in-game reps would be beneficial for him, the same as they are for any player. So if JT is getting fewer reps than he normally would, is his on-field performance going to suffer as a result if/when he does eventually return?

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      • psyopdawg

        This^^^^. And, has he had enough down time vs. Stetson’s playing time and 2021 improvement that makes Stetson the better choice for Kirby?


  5. Down Island Way

    GAS less about the FU-lsu outcome, hopefully UGA football just rolls uk…then it’s on, previously stated by the Senator…”Cocktail party can’t get here fast enough”…healthy # 18 would be welcome, if not UGA football can wear it’s Stetson to the Party…hey UF, FU!…

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  6. otto1980

    Oddly I am more concerned with the Cats than the Crocs but the bye is coming at the correct time.

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  7. A Ban

    Only a few in media are giving Stetson credit, but it is very easy to see that he is a good quarterback. Can’t remember which show or podcast I heard it – maybe the Dusty and Danny (Kanell) show where Dusty said it – but the question was “how many teams would Stetson start for across the nation?,” and his answer was “not many.” That seems quite false. He’s clearly a guy who could push to start at a majority of Power 5 schools. Not saying he’s a Heisman or that I would ditch a healthy JTD, but if I’m being very conservative I’d say Stetson is a top 50 QB in the nation. Maybe better than that, but he’s at least that, meaning he would start at many places especially when some of the top 50 are at the same schools.


  8. Going in cold against the gators…if at all…is certainly not good. I’d like to see him take reps in mop-up time against KY just to be sure his timing and rhythm are ready.

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    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      I assume you are talking about JT going in cold, and I agree. It can’t be good to be off for several weeks and then start in Jax. I would prefer – assuming Ron Courson can agree – for JT to play a couple of series against KY and get some live action reps. Stetson can do the rest, but I would like for JT not to come into Jax untested.

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  9. bmacdawg87

    A few weeks ago all we heard was that the only thing that was going to heal JT’s lat/oblique was rest… if that is the case, why is he throwing 30/40 balls in practice? I’m no doctor but that doesn’t sound like rest to me.


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      I think it is similar to what they do with pitchers who have the injury. Light, supervised throwing that stimulates circulation is common protocol. That get followed by some other therapy (maybe whirpool?) and more rest.


  10. uga97

    Repping vs this D would make any backup QB on earth exponentially better overnight.


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