Check out the big brain on Dan.

I’m sorry, but some of my headers just write themselves.

How many football minds has young Jayden been around?


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  1. iusedtopostasmikecooley

    What do we owe him? The longer this narrative can remain the longer Sideshow Dan stays at his post and the gogatuh stay where they need to be.

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  2. RangerRuss

    I got nothing.

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  3. mddawg

    Long may he reign.

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  4. stoopnagle

    I just want to beat Kentucky then I’ll get to the Hate Week So Nice We Made It Two Weeks Long.

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    • Down Island Way

      How dare some 4 * recruit insult the FU hc, that guy is not a smart mind, he’s a friggin’ genius…after the Oct. 30th UGA football victory, just wondering if the FU hc will perform the post game presser as the “invisible one” or the same old smart ass corch wannabe dick wad pronouncing to his listeners, “we would have beat them if the defense had not allowed 40ish points and the offense just had more time to score 30ish points”….#FTMF

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  5. drunkenmonken

    Oscar Delp begs to differ.

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  6. Ran A

    He’s the 4th highest ranked (according to 247) recruit in the class. They are 14th in the country right now with 15 commitments. Georgia is 3rd in the country with 18 commitments. The 2nd highest ranked recruit they have committed is from Texas and he is still looking around. Was at Georgia for the Arkansas game and came away pretty blown away. Not sure that kid sticks with UF. Anyway, they have a scoring system for recruits and right now Mullen is just under .90 with this class and that’s where he lives in that .89 to .90 area. They will likely land some where around 10th – maybe a little higher or could be as low as 13 or 14. Just depends. Georgia is trending toward another top 5 class – likely in the top 3. With the way they are playing – it could be a top 2 – even first. Flipping season is getting close and there are already rumors about the kid for Columbus that its committed to USC.

    Back to the Gators… They are playing catch up on facilities and CDM is can average recruiter. And now others have caught up with the Portal – he got some help out of it last year – but so did Georgia and Alabama, etc.


    • Previously Paul

      One thing they are doing in terms of facilities that I wish we were – putting in real seating and improving the stadium experience for fans. Georgia is still in “if ticket money is still flowing why would we change anything?” mode. But I’ve already given up my season tickets so I guess my opinion doesn’t matter.

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  7. W Cobb Dawg

    There’s book smart and there’s ‘he’s screwing this college for tens-of-millions while lounging around Lake Oconee’ smart.

    I was gonna say that nobody would mistake Mullen for a championship HC, but he’s got a heckuva lot of people fooled.

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    • Will Adams

      Around Jax the local sports station talks about the gators quite a bit. There are a few of the talking heads saying that mullet better win this week at LSU or things are going to be pretty rough for corch Jr. They admit he’s a second rate recruiter but are still convinced he’s a great offensive mind who “coaches them up”. However they concede to the fact the Georgia is in a whole other league when it comes to recruiting and that’s why Georgia is and will be a better team most years. They seem to be holding out hope that mullet will become better at recruiting. Or that he’ll get his difference maker at the QB position more often than not and that’s the way to championships when you don’t recruit like UGA or Bama. Also, they’re figuring the backup QB (AR15 as he’s lovingly called here) is heading to the transfer portal if he’s not starting by the end of the season. They’re already calling him Cam Newton 2.0 because he’s leaving the ditch for greener pastures.

      They currently have 1 of the top 20 recruits in Florida. It’s going to be a lot of 8-10 win seasons at best for the lizards if they can’t bring in better talent. And I’m perfectly happy with that.

      Side note, the local station I’m referring to was the one that broadcasted all the Dawg games here in Jax until this year when they made a new deal with FU. Before this year gator fans had to listen to their games on the second rate sports radio station here in Jax. That was quite fitting. But oh well…


  8. theorginaldawgabides

    Dan must have told him what they call a quarter pounder in France.

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  9. godawgs1701

    Clearly, Dan was smart enough to know that he should tell Jayden not to watch the Florida-Kentucky game.

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  10. rigger92

    Well, I mean, the FL QB next year is going to be Cam 2.0, so they need star WR’s to block for him and catch those shovel passes.


  11. Kid is spot on. Only a great football mind can put together TWO of the GLOOEs. A third is a-coming.