Advanced stats: Bennett vs. Daniels

I posted the difference on third down between the two already, but Seth Emerson ($$) adds a few more data points today in his Mailbag:

• Accuracy: Just one of Daniels’ 71 pass attempts this season has been an off-target incompletion, the best such rate (1.4 percent) at the FBS level, per Pro Football Focus. No other player has an off-target rate lower than 5 percent, the national average is 14 percent, and Bennett’s rate is 11.5 percent.

• Third downs: Daniels has converted 11-of-18 third-down passes (61.1 percent), the highest rate in the FBS. Bennett’s rate is 12.5 percent, which ranks 148th. (Though to be fair, he has run for a first down on several of those occasions.) But overall on third down, Daniels ranks eighth nationally in pass efficiency, while Bennett ranks 77th.

• Pocket poise: Daniels has averaged 1.97 seconds in the pocket before his pass, the fastest rate in the FBS level. Bennett has averaged 2.53 seconds, which is 74th in FBS.

Seth goes on to describe the difference between the two as, “Daniels is the efficient distributor, especially on the money down, while Bennett has made more flashy plays, but not quite as consistent.”  I would simply add there is no quarterback controversy and Stetson’s been the best backup quarterback in the country this season.  Georgia is lucky to have ’em both.


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  1. bmacdawg87

    The fact that Seth felt the need to do this research and write this article, is a testament to how much Stetson has improved and played his ass off this year. DGD.

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  2. Stetson is an awesome QB and he’s keeping a very talented team in the title hunt, but I remain convinced that Daniels is the QB UGA needs to win it all this year. The third-down stats for Bennett are a major red flag.

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  3. W Cobb Dawg

    I hope JT can play tomorrow, even if just for a few plays. Shaking off a little rust would do him some good heading into Jax. Plus, I expect he’d get a nice round of applause from the home crowd.

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  4. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Yeah, I don’t know what Pollack and Stinchcomb are smoking, but their comments this week about Bennett have been as dumb as they come.

    Maybe it’s the lack of refined sugar in their diets. They both just need a Snickers, and maybe they’ll stop talking stupid.

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    • bmacdawg87

      Maybe they are trying to help Stetson’s confidence a little, since everyone in his own fanbase has done nothing but tell him he isn’t good enough and can’t do it since he’s been here.

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      • You truly believe he listens to EITHER the fanbase or TV pundits?


        • bmacdawg87

          I think it’s obvious he doesn’t take it to heart or just doesn’t care what anyone outside that locker room thinks or he would’ve crumbled a long time ago which is honestly another testament to the kid’s character. But lets be honest. These kids are all on social media. They hear what the fanbase and TV pundits say. I’d like to think it doesn’t affect them but these are 18-22 year olds we’re talking about.

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          • ASEF

            They’re not just on it. They live it. They came of age in a hyper-connected world. My kids don’t watch TV. They have healthy non-digital social lives. But not being on social media just about equals living in a cabin in the woods at this point.

            That also means they’re in the aggregate better equipped to handle social media BS, because they started coping with on-line attacks probably around 4th or 5th grade. My kids weren’t on social media at that age, but they heard from kids who were.

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  5. MGW

    That’s the fact of the matter. Nobody wants to dismiss Bennett or what he’s done… and he’s shown he is definitely one of the best QB’s in the country… but one of the few significantly better QB’s is on our roster.

    God bless Stetson Bennett and the rock solid backup he’s been for this program; from imitating OU’s QB before the Rose Bowl, to keeping us respectable early last year, to making sure we don’t drop a dumb game this year. He’s quietly been one of the most important players of the Kirby Smart era.

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  6. originaluglydawg

    Great comment and the way many of us feel.

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  7. classiccitycanine

    The media (including some Dawgs in the media) desperately wants a QB controversy to spice up the conversation around UGA. Everyone around UGA knows there’s no controversy and that JT is the man when he’s healthy. This should be a non-story.

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  8. akascuba

    What a change from last season when suddenly finding himself the starting QB at Georgia. SBIV clearly benefited from having another year with Monken he’s not the same player he was a year ago. His ceiling has been raised by hard work and coaching.

    There is no controversy inside the team. Watch Bennet and JT together on the sidelines they are enjoying being teammates each knows his place in the pecking order. What a blessing to have two QB’s capable of playing winning football.

    The outside controversy noise is just that not something that concerns this team.


    • bmacdawg87

      That’s all it is… outside noise. And this team seems especially well versed in ignoring it and taking care of business. It doesn’t hurt that they’ve got Muschamp in the meeting rooms to remind them that regardless of how awesome they think they are… you can still lose at home to an unranked South Carolina team if you don’t come to play focused and ready every week.

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    • Down Island Way

      Don’t forget the UGA football “OC”, #18 knows where the openings are, #13 is at times finding that open receiver, for the most part…


  9. originaluglydawg

    What a great QB corps! Kudos to Coach Monken.
    One thing I will point out is that SB has had (and taken advantage of) some great pass blocking. When he can stand back there for five or more seconds with no one laying a hand on him, he can deliver the mail. Plus he has good mobility…he can roll it out and force those defensive backs to make a decision. Stetson is a definite asset.
    But like everyone else, I’m excited to see JT come back and make some waves. I hope we get to see him tomorrow!
    Kudos to the O line and backs for the pass blocking and to Coach Luke for the work he’s done with them.
    And forgive me, Mr. Munson for looking ahead, but how is UF’s defense at getting pressure? Run defense?
    I’ve seen enough of Kentucky to know what they bring.
    (and as gesture to DIW, I’ll add “FTMF”)


  10. amurraycuh

    Why don’t we just let SBIV play the first 2 downs and if he doesn’t get the 10 yards, then bring in JD to complete a 3rd down pass? Its that easy!

    Please let me know where I need to go to pick up my coaching paycheck.

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  11. Credit to SB and to Monken for making changes to what hurt SB last year. Very nice game plan against Auburn to highlight that. It’s up to opposing defenses to stop that.


  12. RangerRuss

    That shithead Kanell came out in favor of keeping SBIV as the starter. That’s all one needs to know that it’s not the best idea. Dawgs need a healthy Daniels at QB1.

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  13. I am interested in hearing from commenters here on the JT Daniels’ injury situation. I am definitely in the minority within the group of friends who gathers to watch games on Saturdays because they all seem to think JT is soft and shouldn’t play again. I think they are crazy and have no clue what they are talking about regarding his injury and whether he should be “toughing it out” to play.

    I argue that 1) it is likely the medical staff and Smart’s decision not JT’s 2) Dak Prescot had a similar, but more severe injury, and didn’t throw for 3-4 weeks and 3) they really think that because he is from California and “different” than what they are used to or what they envision the UGA QB to be.

    What are people’s thoughts on this here? Is JT “soft” because he isn’t playing through the pain? Or, is Smart making the right call and letting him get right physically for when we really need him the most?

    I am in the camp that is grateful for Bennett, but feel we need Daniels to win it all. Daniels sees the field better and allows Monken to be more dynamic with the playbook. I also feel it isn’t an issue of JT being soft.

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    • Wade Krueger

      Totally with you.


    • JaxDawg

      It’s all speculation. But since you asked, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that Kirby leaves the “should he play?” question for all players in Courson’s hands. He did for JTD last year, and doesn’t seem intent on pushing any of our long list of injured players on the field before they are cleared and mentally ready.

      I’ve seen nothing to indicate JTD is soft. Injury prone or unlucky, maybe, but not soft. Not sure you’d have a team of this caliber ready to line up and follow “soft” into battle.

      Another thing that doesn’t get mentioned very often, CKS is constantly putting every position up for competition, it’s how he does it. But from spring on, he’s said several times that JTD is QB1…”it’s his team” I believe he said over the summer. I don’t think he puts that kind of confidence into a “soft” kid.

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      • SCDawg

        I think Kirby and the medical staff do a great job with injuries and decisions on when to play guys who are dinged up or not. Not only will it help the players in the long run, but it’s going to help Georgia recruiting in the long run too. Kids and their families are going to see they will be treated well and we well get good, thoughtful players from good families committing to uga as a result.

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    • Russ

      Yeah, the “JT is soft” BS is just that, BS.

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  14. 69Dawg

    Well as long as we don’t announce the starter then KY is in the unenviable position of not knowing if we will have a running threat at QB or a passing threat. Like I have said before Bennett gives us 3 options at QB, JT gives us 2. Bennett can run, pass or hand off. He put stress on the defense and takes a LB out of every play. With JT he’s not going to run, he may move in the pocket but he’s not turning up field. I too believe he can throw a better range of passes than Bennett but there is a difference. Bennett’s real problem to me is he tries too hard and in so doing he is going to do some harm to the offense. He needs to just take what is given and throw the damn ball out of bounds. He took a massive loss in the Auburn game. He is not Frantic Fran Tarkington.

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    • rigger92

      To my eyes, Bennet’s handoff fake is elite, close to David Greene elite. He hides that ball on play action really well and that holy grail Greene fake while he walks away is a possibility in the future. Sometimes I can’t tell if he hands off or not.


  15. gurkhadawg

    Hell, after we beat KU by 40 tomorrow, everyone is going to try to find something to make the season more interesting. ( I mean non UGA fans). I’m starting to think even Bama will need a +3 turnover margin to compete with us.

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