What happens, should adversity hit?

Perusing Kentucky’s schedule, I find their largest deficit in a game at any point this season is seven points, which happened twice, against UL Monroe and Florida.  Both were short-lived, first quarter leads.  Both were home games.

So what happens if Georgia gets on top early on by a couple of scores?  And that’s certainly not an unreasonable expectation.  With the exception of the opener against Clemson, the Dawgs have opened at least a two-score lead by halftime in every game this season (and even against Clemson had a 7-0 lead at the half).

It’ll be a road game.  It’ll be a loud environment.  Can Kentucky punch back?  I don’t know.  The thing is, this UK team doesn’t really know whether it can, either, because it hasn’t been tested like that yet.



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  1. Ran A

    Same Page Senator – it isn’t just the very loud and energetic crowd. It’s the very loud and energetic crowd and facing a generational defense, having two starters out of the Kentucky D Line, a mediocre secondary and against a very focused football team.

    I think it will be a physical game. I do not think Kentucky keeps this close.

    Biggest goal – get out of this thing without getting any further banged up. Hoping for a big first half – put it away early in the 3rd and get most of the starters off the field.

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  2. Salty Dawg

    Ain’t no adversity gone hit! Dawgs are gonna bite those kitty kats big time by the half. They will be wanting to go home by then and the end of the game, they will be on stretchers being carried to the bus. Stop with all this foolishness! It’s going to be glorious! GO DAWGS!!!


  3. biggusrickus

    As long as Georgia’s ready to play, Georgia will cover one way or another. I’d prefer the kind of game where they’ve won it by halftime, personally.

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  4. akascuba

    Mark Stoop’s teams play a very physical style of old school football. They are not built to over come a late large deficient. Getting behind two touchdowns early is not enough to take the fight out of these cats IMO. I expect them to fight back and play hard. I doubt the final score reflects how physical this game actually will be. They don’t know they are supposed to lose. They’ll need to be beaten down.
    I’m more concerned about players coming out of this game healthy than I am about losing.

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    • Biggen

      I agree. We get up two scores and UKs bread and butter running attack won’t be so advantageous anymore.


    • kokainmothershed

      In our last couple of outings against UK, Stoops seemed content to run the ball (and the clock) in the 4th quarter despite being down 2+ scores.

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    • Russ

      This will be similar to the South Carolina game, hard hitting until the final whistle. I also expect a similar outcome, maybe 45-13. Kentucky might hit a few lucky shots, but I also expect their turnover luck to bite them again.

      Just stay healthy and get to the bye week.

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  5. Terry McCullers

    When you cut a flower and put it out in the hot sun it wethers. The hotter the sun the quicker it dries up and blows away.KY has no chance on Saturday.


  6. Darin Cochran

    It’s funny how our detractors keep pointing out that everyone we beat was not really that good to start with and was overrated, even though we have bullwhipped 3 ranked teams, two in the top 10. You don’t hear the same things being said about Penn St, who beat Wisconsin, who now looks like garbage and won a close game against Auburn, who we mopped the floor with, by the way.
    I can already here them talking now if we win the NC….”Well, it’s just because Bama and Clemson had a down year.”
    Will we ever be respected? (sigh)

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    • kokainmothershed

      Whiners can always find an angle. Embrace the joy of cheering for this team, rather than focus on the animus of its detractors.

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    • stoopnagle

      I don’t know where you’re reading that, but everything I’m reading and hearing across different platforms is that we’re going to beat the world into submission and if anyone can even stay on the field with us.


      • Darin Cochran

        Now as far as the media, yeah….they’re pumping us up to be the gods of Mt. Olympus. It’s the fans and the opposing fan forums that you’re hearing about how overrated we are, cuz everybody we’ve played turned out to be a hoax. Clemson has gone into the tank….Ark turned around the next week and lost to Ole Miss….Auburn barely got by Ga State and lost to Penn st. Now that we’ve beat them…”eh, they were exposed..” It’s like once we beat a team, they were exposed as pretenders. Thankfully, Auburn or Ark play each other this weekend, so at least one of those will emerge as a victor. I’m watching Clemson play Syracuse as I type this, hoping they win and get back on track for a good season. I guess you can’t expect anything different from our opposing fan bases, but I don’t think we’re gonna be acknowledged as a great, I mean REALLY GREAT team, until we stomp Bama in the SECCG and then obliterate Ohio St or some other big 10 for the NC and leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that we really ARE elite. JMHO.



    147-9. UGA-All opponents in the first half.

    I read that somewhere…doesn’t sound like it could be true…but I think it is.


  8. Kentucky’s offense definitely has some weapons and what seems like a good OL. It all comes down to the QB. Can we limit the run and force him to make plays? Pressure? Sacks? I feel like they’ll need to be able to trade blows to stay in it because we’re gonna score 4 or 5 tds.


  9. archiecreek

    Is you is or is,
    or is you ain’t elite??


  10. whb209

    Can Kentucky punch back, when down 2 scores? I don’t know, but I doubt it.
    Can my team punch back if for some ungodly reason it get down 2 scores?
    I think so, but I hope I never have to find out.

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  11. practicaldawg

    All I know is that this game should be more crowd friendly than the 2019 Biblical Flood Man Ball game.

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  12. mg4life0331

    But Pawwwlll, neither one of them have played anyone yet?

    Am I doing this right?


  13. stoopnagle

    I remember when Georgia would trail the likes of a UL-M by 7 at some point in a game or win road games against South Carolina-like teams with 16-14 type scores. And I remember what happened to those Georgia teams when they faced a championship-caliber number one ranked type team.

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