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I feel privileged to have been in Sanford Stadium to witness Kentucky’s epic fourth quarter drive that allowed them to go 6-1.

I’ll never see its like again. If I’m lucky…


UPDATE:  Guys, I think some of y’all are missing the forest for the trees here, at least a little bit.  Of course there’s nothing wrong with Stoops chasing points.  But the idea of being down 23 points in the fourth quarter and choosing to embark on an 11-minute drive to close out a game… I dunno, but isn’t a coach, especially one who’s got an undefeated team that’s ranked eleventh in the country, also supposed to be trying to win the game?


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Your game day post, Big Blue edition

Well, let me start by saying that I don’t have any visceral dislike for the Kentucky football program.  They’re not Auburn, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia Tech… well, you get the idea.  I think Stoops is an excellent coach who’s done a good job maximizing what he can get out of that program.  The ‘Cats are 6-0 right now and even if they lose today, their prospects for the rest of the season are good, like 10 wins and a potential NY6 bowl game good.

That all being said, Stoops and his team have two big problems.  First, they want to run the ball — no, more accurately, they need to run the ball — in order to have a shot today; unfortunately, that runs smack dab into the greatest strength of this Georgia team.  Second, they’ve got a couple of key injuries in places where they really can’t afford them, the defensive line and wide receiver.

That being said, I don’t think Stoops lets his offense suddenly go all pass first on the Dawgs.  It’s not how Kentucky is built and Stoops knows a shortened clock is his best friend.  I think he’ll look for ways to steal a possession or even two.  (For some reason, I keep thinking the ‘Cats will try an onside kick at some point, but don’t quote me on that.)  Even if he manages that, I doubt it would be enough.

For Kentucky to prevail, it’s going to take an “any given Saturday” course of events, like something crazy in turnover margin (say, at least +3) or Levis having a Beyond Crompton game, as Calzada did last week against TAMU.  Neither are impossible, of course, but both are unlikely.

I think it’s more likely that we’re going to see a grinder of a game that Georgia slowly, but steadily, asserts control over.  And I think that when the game hits the point of no return, Stoops and Smart are both going to play run the clock.  Accordingly, I think Georgia gets close to covering the 22.5, but falls just short.  Maybe something like 31-10 or 35-13.

One small thing to keep an eye on this afternoon is the weather.  No, we’re not getting a repeat of 2019 conditions, thank Gawd.  But it’s supposed to be a windy afternoon, with gusts in the mid-20s.  Will that impact the kicking game or the deep passing game?  Maybe.

Add your thoughts and observations in the comments.  I’ll be back in a few…


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Your game day (non-Dawg) post

Here’s what the football gods have in store for us today.

It’s not as dramatic as week six, but there are still games that caught my eye:

  • Oklahoma State at Texas.  How much did last week take out of the Longhorns?
  • Auburn at Arkansas.  Another data point to evaluate the middle of the SEC.
  • Vanderbilt at South Carolina.  Somebody gets to win their first (and probably only) conference game.
  • Alabama at Mississippi State.  Can Leach screw with Saban?
  • Ole Miss at Tennessee.  The Vols are feeling pretty good about themselves right now, but all I can feel about this game right now is that the two teams stand a decent shot of breaking the Neyland Stadium scoreboard.

What’s got your attention.  The comments are there for you.


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Your Daily Gator’s dilemma

Quite simply, “Who y’all rooting for UK or UGA??

If Kentucky wins, Florida essentially has no shot at winning the East.  If Georgia wins, then the Gators are still alive in that regard.

Tough choice?  Not so much, it seems.


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“How To Beat a No. 1 Team”

Per somebody who goes by the handle “Bryan the Intern” over at a Kentucky site, there are just two things you need to do.  One, win the turnover battle and two, throw the ball effectively.

That should be no problem for a Kentucky team that’s minus-8 in turnover margin and is averaging fewer than 130 passing yards per game against SEC opposition, amirite?


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Big Nasty

Jordan Davis is special.  How special?

This special.

Danielson was right about one thing he said in that clip I posted yesterday:  Davis’ dominance is such that if he played a skill position, he’d be running away with the Heisman this season.


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SEC Nation sez it’s game day!

Consider this shock therapy to get you going this morning.


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