It’s not too early to start getting your Cocktail Party hate on.

Start with this.

If LSU put up 49, what’s a Georgia offense with two weeks to prep gonna do?


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  1. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)


    But seriously, we should want Sideshow Dan the Clown and Third and Grantham to stay in Jortsville as long as possible. The longer they’re there, the longer they’ll suck.

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  2. Salty Dawg

    I’ll tell ya what they are gonna do! They are the lawnmower and ditch lizards are the grass! It’s going to be cream of lizard soup! GO DAWGS!!! FTMF

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  3. Just win baby. I’ve seen this movie enough to know it’s never easy in that game.

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    • munsonlarryfkajim

      Exactly. As much as I’d love a repeat of 2017 I think we are going to have a 4 quarter game. I’m assuming Richardson will (finally) start. Sideshow Dan has 2 weeks and nothing to lose at this point.

      Maybe he has lost the team- I hope so – in which case all bets are off

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      • D as in Dawg

        It’s going to be tougher than advertised. The only way a can is opened in the 1st half is if the defense gets in on the scoring. UF might have enough offense to score 17. They’ll give us all they got. I don’t see us scoring more than 38 unless, again, the D gets in on it. Kirby will want to wear them down, run out the clock, and run it down their throats for a 4th quarter 10 minute scoring drive. 24-10 at the half. 31-10 end of third. 38-17 final.

        Then again, it might be 62-0. I’m just saying.

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  4. Texas Dawg

    You almost hate to have the bye week come up now. We are rolling and they are reeling. Oh well. No need to get my hate on. It stays on 24/7/365 for the turds. It can now just be focused a little more. #FTMF and then #FTMF again and again.

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    • classiccitycanine

      We need the bye to get healthy! I want to go into this game with a full hand.

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    • iusedtopostasmikecooley

      No way. The off week came at the perfect time. Georgia needs a rest and a chance to heal some guys up for the rest of the season. Florida isn’t going suddenly become good because of a bye week. I’m not nearly as impressed with this Richardson as some here seem to be. Even if he’s better than I think he is, he’s not going be able to deal with this defense.

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  5. ben

    So here’s where I come down.

    I’ve seen mediocre UF teams beat good UGA teams, but I can’t recall a time I’ve seen it go the opposite way. Their season is cooked, and all they have left to do is play the spoiler.

    If this was a previous team or staff, I might be concerned, but Kirby also knows the importance of this game to the fan base and the program.

    I don’t know what I’m getting at, but I don’t ever assume a foregone conclusion in this series.

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  6. timphd

    Hate season for the Gators is 24/7/365 for me so no need to try to add more hate. Unpossible. Just hope we beat the brakes off of Dan’s Clown Bus. FTMF’s.

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  7. Munsoning

    LSU rushed for 321 yards vs. Flurdah, averaging 7.1 ypc.

    Flurdah’s QBs have thrown 12 INTs in 7 games.

    If JT and Pickens, Arian, MRJS, and Burton, who has been off his game all season, are healthy and productive, look out. Even if Stet is QB1, the WLOCP is gonna be ugly in the best possible way.

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    • Munsoning

      Now I remember ee reminding me that Burton has had some really good games this season. My bad.

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    • iusedtopostasmikecooley

      Florida does not have the horses to beat this team. They don’t have the horses to steal a win over this team. They just don’t. Florida is a bad football team in chaos and Their defensive coordinator is an idiot and their head coach is delusional and doesn’t realize they are on fire in the ditch. I know y’all will Munson on but Georgia is going to kick Florida’s ass.

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      • Munsoning

        Yeah, I think everybody knows that Mullen and Grantham are done in Gainesville. No way Grantham doesn’t get fired after this season but Mullen probably gets another year if he beats Sakerlina, Samford, Mizzou, and FSU. Would love to see the team quit on those turds on Oct. 30. Doesn’t matter if they play hard, though. Dawgs gonna roll.

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    • Russ

      While I’d love for JT to get healthy, there would be some poetic justice for Stetson to beat the shit outta the Gators after last year.

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  8. KornDawg

    I vow not to eat gator for the next 2 weeks. Which will extend my streak of not eating gator to 49 years, save the one time I had a piece of fried gator in Jax just to try it.

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    • ugafidelis

      Aw man, you’re missing out. If it’s done right, it’s fit!

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      • RangerRuss

        Damn right, Devil Dawg. I love me some fried gator. 2004 my older brother was battling bone cancer while the Dawgs were pimp slapping them gaytards around and I was deep frying gator chunks. Brother hadn’t been holding much food down and had little appetite per that chemo. After toking on a number he was able to keep that fried gator down. He ate a lovely plate and then had seconds. He asked would I fry him some up to take home. Damn right I did.
        He yakked it all up later. But I was glad to see the boy eat.
        RIP Charlie.
        Fuck those motherfuckers.

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  9. bringbacksilverbritches

    The answer is: anything it wants.


  10. Granthams Replacement

    Monken is going to call a bunch of cold hard pipe hitters in on Gratham. The only thing that will stop 50 is Kirby applying the brakes.

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  11. drunkenmonken

    FTMFs and Gary Danielson STFU!

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  12. GruvenDawg

    First I want to see everyone to get healthy so we are a full go vs UF. Then I want to see bombs over Baghdad shock and awe on FU. I want to see Mullen crying in his press conference because he had to fire Grantham after the game. Everything, all of it, put Florida in its place and leave no doubt. Make CUM and the old ball sack blush from the ass whooping. And in the 4th quarter after all their fans left at halftime I want to keep scoring…I mean call timeouts with 30 seconds left to get another touchdown scoring.

    #FTMF and leave no doubt

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  13. archiecreek

    “Coach Smart, why did you go for two on that last touchdown while you’re leading by 50?”
    “Because I couldn’t go for three!”
    From my keyboard to the Lord’s ear!

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  14. biggusrickus

    If Florida hadn’t won the game last year, I might be a little worried that the players wouldn’t take them seriously enough. But seeing as they did, this is a revenge game for Georgia. Unless the players have quit on Grantham, Florida will still play better than they have the last few weeks. Which means they might hang around for a little while before being chewed up. Any kind of win is fine by me, though.

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  15. practicaldawg

    Run the damn ball. Then run it some more.

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  16. So long as we can account for the wheel route, we should be fine. I’m hoping that whoever the QB is, we hang a half a hundred on them and make the jorts wearers impotent for the remainder of their days on this earth.

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  17. armydawg

    Here’s a scenario to warm the heart: JT is 100%. He starts the game and throws some TD bombs. Then Stetson comes in and hits on some big designed QB runs. Then he turns Zeus & Co. loose for some punishment on their defense and a couple more scores. 4th quarter with game in hand rotate in Beck & Vandagriff just for fun.

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  18. stoopnagle

    Mulllen will bring the A effort. He can prep and have a team ready for 1-2 games a year. He’s done it once for Bama, this is the one he’s been saving up for Big Effort And Moral Victory Number Two.


  19. ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

    Just win the game Dawgs even if it’s only by 1 point. Sure I’d like to beat FU by 50+ but I’ve seen too many oddball things happen in JAX.


  20. goose44ga

    With the way FU’s record has played out, I’m curious if we go up a few scores if the Turds will quit and then the
    wheels will come off. I would love to see that! FTMF!