“He’s the garbage that we find, he’s the dream we left behind.”

I found this on the SECRant message board and it’s too good not to share.

Needs a little more orange to be realistic, though.


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34 responses to ““He’s the garbage that we find, he’s the dream we left behind.”

  1. 79dawg

    Anyone who thinks this couldn’t happen anywhere, is fooling themselves….


  2. Salty Dawg

    Well, at least they know what they are and their behavior at their game proves it.

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  3. originaluglydawg

    That video is going to go viral today!

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  4. I can’t believe that a 100K, angry, drunk, hillbillies could do such a thing

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  5. gurkhadawg

    I do want to compliment the State of Tennessee on the level of their self awareness.

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  6. Whiskey Dawg

    Trash on the field because you’re frustrated is one thing but the individual who threw that golf ball at Lane – that was some premeditated orange chicken shit. Vol fans finding yet a lower rung on the sportsmanship ladder to hang off of. I’m waiting for the guillotine to show up at their tailgating.

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    • debbybalcer

      I think there was more than one golf ball thrown. How in the world did they get all that stuff through security?

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      • Down Island Way

        When carrying a dozen of Krispy Kremes hot-n-fresh into the stadium, security see’s mustard golf balls as a even trade…especially with joey freshwater in town…


    • Texas Dawg

      Golf balls and a bottle of mustard were not spur of the moment bad decisions. They came with the intention of causing trouble. All who participated need to be held accountable but a few like those idiots need to be made examples of that will resonate for some time.

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      • gurkhadawg

        I’m still totally confused about the mustard. I mean, WTF. It would be so unusual that it would draw attention from security, therefore would not be a good idea to use it to try to sneak liquor in. It was cheap ass mustard so it would be the same crap in the little packets you get at the game. If someone actually brought it with the intention of throwing it at Kiffen, well that’s just weird as hell.

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        • Bulldawg Bill

          If we’re talking “weird,” what if they brought the mustard into the game for something else other than throwing?????
          Remember, folks:
          “If you can’t cut the mustard, don’t open the jar!”

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          • HirsuteDawg

            And we KNOW that Tenn fans buy wine to enemate themselves – no telling what a sharp young frat-boy could do with a squeeze bottle full of mustard.


    • Nil Butron is a Pud

      UT should offer the guy who threw the golf ball a scholly. Only person in orange who didn’t overthrow the target.

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  7. Texas Dawg

    Someone was clairvoyant.

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  8. theotherdoug

    “There ain’t no lower class than Tennessee trash” should become UT’s “I like driving in my truck”.

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  9. Muttley

    Points to the original PSA for ending on a Walt Kelly/Pogo reference.


  10. Terry McCullers

    Their coaching woes have now infiltrated their fans!


  11. 4thkirby

    It’s the South. How is there mustard thrown on the field and not Duke’s Mayo? Or at least a bottle of hot sauce. Or a chicken wing.


  12. PatinDC

    Goodness. That video is the bomb. 🙂


  13. miltondawg

    $250,000 is a hand slap. Yeah, yeah. I know that there are other conditions/requirements. But that should have been penalized much more harshly than it was.


  14. iusedtopostasmikecooley

    If y’all think this was bad just wait until Florida realizes, truly realizes, that the glory days aren’t coming back. They still think it’s just a matter of time. When they realize it ain’t going to happen it will make that in Knoxville look like Wednesday night supper at church.

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