SEC Power Poll, Week Seven

We know who one, two and fourteen are.  The rest of the conference continues to be a jumbled mess.

  1. Georgia.  The Dawgs are +33.4 in net scoring per game in conference play.  Alabama is second, at +15.
  2. Alabama.  Did a nice job of taking out their post-TAMU frustrations on Mississippi State.
  3. Texas A&M.  The only other SEC West team with a positive net scoring average in conference play.
  4. Kentucky.  A well coached, disciplined team that doesn’t have a top-end roster.  The opposite of Florida, in other words.
  5. Ole Miss.  Lots of talk about how Kentucky’s got a good shot at a 10-win season, but don’t sleep on Junior’s team doing the same thing.
  6. Florida.  Somehow, the Gators managed to lose a game to a coach who was already negotiating his departure.  There’s not a verb for that, but there ought to be.
  7. Auburn.  Nice rebound on the road after the loss to Georgia.
  8. LSU.  Just when you’re ready to see the Tigers fall apart completely…
  9. Tennessee.  Vol fans continue to cover themselves in glory; the team, not so much.
  10. Arkansas.  Maybe it’s too early to declare a pattern, but Pittman’s team fell off last season after a good start, too.
  11. Mississippi State.  The only team in the conference with a worse offense is Vanderbilt.
  12. South Carolina.  It may have been an ugly, last minute win against Vandy, but it was still a win.
  13. Missouri.  Bowl eligibility hopes are fading fast.
  14. Vanderbilt.  On the bright side, at least the ‘Dores have now scored in conference play.


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19 responses to “SEC Power Poll, Week Seven

  1. 3rdandGrantham

    I’d rank LSU and especially AU above Florida. Auburn has a better record than UF and has been playing much better as of late, including a dominating win at Arkansas. And LSU seems to have found motivation as well. Speaking of Florida, they are in an absolute tailspin right now with two embarrassing losses to unranked teams in the last three weeks.


    • biggusrickus

      I wouldn’t call their win “dominating” against Arkansas. Arkansas did outgain them, after all. it was really that Arkansas made too many mistakes and Auburn didn’t. Nix may actually be developing into a pretty good QB. He played well against Georgia and followed it up with maybe the best game he’s played yet.

      And yes, as things stand right now, I’d put Auburn above Florida.

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  2. ASEF

    This year is really starting to parallel Clemson 2018. Except the 2021 defense is better, and the current QB isn’t going to leave in a snit if/when he gets moved to back-up.

    It kind of dawned on me watching Bama toy with MSU – Saban’s building his defense these days under the assumption it’s going to have to beat a Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields or Joe Burrow (and all their receivers) to win a title. Second assumption: a run-heavy offense with a game manager that throws more to TEs than WRs might be a schematic issue, but it probably won’t have a comparable roster.

    Whatever its flaws, Georgia’s offense does really well what Saban’s defense defends least well. I think there’s a bit of a gap between 1 and 2.


    • originaluglydawg

      That’s some serious looking ahead.
      I hope you’re right! It’s also noteworthy that this offense still has a tremendous amount of unseen/unleashed potential in the form of slowly but (hopefully) surely returning wounded.

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  3. J.R. Clark

    Mike Leach is nothing if not consistent. He’ll win two he shouldn’t (Texas A&M and NC State) and lose two he shouldn’t (Memphis and TBA)


  4. ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

    Auburn should be 6, LSU should be 7 and Florida should be 8 IMHO.


  5. biggusrickus

    I hadn’t seen MSU play until the first quarter of the Alabama game. I don’t know if they’re always that discombobulated, but there were multiple miscommunications between the receivers and Rogers. They actually could have hung around for a half if they hadn’t thrown those two picks.


  6. originaluglydawg

    Auburn might have a pretty good shot at Bama in the Iron Bowl.

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  7. Not that I put any money down, but I called LSU and Purdue this weekend under the basic theory that talent matters most. Iowa just isn’t talented, and LSU, for all the drama, is.

    That’s why Florida is still the game that scares me most. That kid a qb is a serious talent and there’s enough other talent on that roster to scare us if we have a bad day.


    • ASEF

      His stats and Jones against LSU were almost identical. Sure the offense looked different with him in there.

      4 combined picks against a LSU defense minus its two starting corners.

      I’m not seeing it, even with a “bad day.”


    • armydawg

      I have no fear that Kirby won’t have them fired up for UF. Remember, it’s a revenge game and Kirby hates them as much or more than we do.

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      • pdawg30577

        I’m honestly more worried about Tennessee than Florida after yesterday. We ought to give everybody real stout umbrellas before they even come out of the tunnel in Knoxville.


        • Russ

          Agreed. 10RC is getting some offense and make hit a few shots against us. We handled the noise at Auburn so the team shouldn’t be bothered by the toothless ones. But strange things can happen.

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          • The Vowels likely have 2 more losses coming their way from Bama and Kentucky before we come to Kneeland. I’m guessing there will be a lot of tickets available especially if Bama lights them up this Saturday.

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  8. practicaldawg

    Mullen is constantly lauded for what he did at Mississippi State. If Florida wanted to replicate MSU in Gainesville, it looks like they made the perfect hire.

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  9. TEXBaller

    Top 5 with commentary:
    1) DAWGS — yada, yada, yada. Same old. Can Bennett get us to 12-0? Definitely. Can Bennett beat Bama in SECCG? Maybe (see Oct 17, 2020 — three picks/Murray’esqe). Can Bennett win two playoff games? NO!
    2) Bama — Not a clean game v MissSt but a convincing win. I still think Bama has another loss somewhere on their remaining schedule; LSU, ARK or AUB.
    3) Kentucky — I was impressed Q1, weren’t you? Not bad. On the road. Give the Cats some props.
    4) Ole Miss — Damn, Matt Corral is a stud. 200 yds rushing……RUSHING. Plus, 231 passing. Balls of steel. This kid is fun to watch. If I had to vote for Heisman today, I’d have Corral a solid #2 behind Jordan Davis. Everyone else remaining on the Ole Miss schedule is beatable. 11-1. Who woulda thunk it??? Oh…
    5) Auburn — by default. The SEC officiating in the Auburn/Ark game was atrocious. Auburn won. But not without assistance. If they can beat TAMU Nov 6, the 2021 Iron Bowl gonna be epic.

    ****TAMU — NOT! There’s that MissSt/ARK thingy that doesn’t wash the Bama thingy. My TAMU neighbor already cringing about “Jimbo to LSU” with no buyout.
    ***Arkansas — Thanks for participating the first half of the season. Three losses in a row. Likely a four loss season for Sam. Very much Improved. Maybe has one more surprise left in 2021 —- Nov 20???


  10. uga97

    #6= Jumping the Shark Humper.