Today, in the annals of ain’t played anybody

If you are of the belief that Kentucky’s a decent team, then this is impressive:

Well, I’m impressed, at least.


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  1. D as in Dawg

    Well, when you put it like that it sounds convincing.

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  2. This team continues to take care of their business. I think the Cats are a top 15/20 type of team, and the Dawgs absolutely dominated the game on both sides of the ball (and didn’t necessarily look like we had our A game – don’t take that as complaining). Let’s go to Jacksonville and rain hellfire on the Handbags.

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    • biggusrickus

      I thought both teams played a pretty solid game. Kentucky has a good offensive line, which made it harder for Georgia to get constant pressure on Levis, and on the first half touchdown drive, I have to think they did some things Georgia hadn’t seen and the players weren’t keyed in on. It led to some overpursuit that opened up those backside screens. It’s hard to complain much when the other team pulls out all the stops and still can’t generate even one big play.


      • I totally agree. The backside screen was there again, and Nakobe blew it up through a beautiful physical play. My point is we didn’t see the Dawgs at their best, and they still won comfortably.

        Saturday reminded me of the time when Tiger Woods shot a great round when he was a young pro and talked about how he didn’t have his A game that day.


  3. RangerRuss

    I’m impressed with these Dawgs also. Some of the boys seemed to lose focus Saturday but were buoyed by the truly talented and hyper intense majority of the starters. Their best games are ahead of them. This is really fun.

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  4. armydawg

    There “IS” something different about this team. They seem totally grounded and focused on task #1: Win this week’s game, then deal with what comes next. My inner Munson tells me that there’s always that game where UGA lays an egg, but what I’ve seen so far tells me that maybe that infection has finally been cured. I truly hope so. The only team(if you can call it that) that can give us some trouble is the gayturds, but only if they can get their act together in time which I doubt they can do. After that, it’s essentially four scrimmages to get healthy and ready for ATL. I am cautiously optimistic we can run the table. If we beat Bama for the SEC we “will” win it all.


    • gastr1

      I’ll be a huge Cincinnati, Ohio State/Michigan, Oklahoma/Oklahoma State supporter the rest of the year. I’d like three other unbeaten teams so that if we beat Bama in the SECCG, they’re DONE.


      • A 2-loss Bama doesn’t get in over a 1-loss Ohio State/Michigan B1G champion, an undefeated Cincinnati, and an undefeated or 1-loss Big 12-2 champion. If a 1-loss Oregon as the Pac 12 champion is the final choice with a 2-loss Bama, maybe, but you’ll have people howling at that.

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  5. Whiskey Dawg

    KY is for real. Stoops develops talent like Dan Mullen’s reputation.

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    • Whiskey, I agree…I thought going into Sat that UK wasn’t as good as Arkansas, but I was wrong. UK was pretty disciplined playing us in a hostile environment. Their defense was fast and they tackled well in space. I wasn’t a fan of their last offensive drive…but it’s a well coached team


  6. Faltering Memory

    I think a one-loss Oregon gets in based on its one big win vs tOSU.

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    • This could be really interesting if anOSU gets in while a 1-loss Pac 12 champion Oregon gets left out. I’m sure Disney … sorry, the selection committee … will explain that the head-to-head doesn’t matter because of the eye test.


  7. rigger92

    Don’t forget the 4 points denied by blocking two kicks. Danny boy drawing up fakes in his sleep.