Happy gappy talk

If you’re in the SEC East and you’re not Georgia, you talk about closing the gap.  It’s what you do.

Kentucky did not defeat No. 1 Georgia in Athens. The top-ranked team in the land looked like the best team in college football. The days of moral victories are long behind Mark Stoops’ program, however, you can see that Kentucky is closing the gap with Georgia, one baby step at a time.

And how do we know this?  Well, for one thing, there’s that meaningless touchdown drive to end the game.

Kentucky refused to give up, finishing the game with a 22-play drive that ended with a touchdown.

Give ’em a couple more months, and UK fans will be claiming that drive was better than winning the game.  Epic, baby.

There’s another reason, though, for shrinkage:

Georgia football fans are about as nice as they come, unless they think their beloved Bulldogs could lose. My previous three trips to Athens were filled with kind words and Southern hospitality. This one was filled with barking Dawgs.

Georgia fans were in the ears of UK fans all weekend. From across the street you could hear “GO DAWGS!” While some were incredibly complimentary after the game, many still did not back down from their harmless trash talk.

College football is a sport defined by inequality. The usual suspects dominate the CFB Playoff so much that expansion is on the horizon. The gap between the best of the best is wide, but Kentucky is inching closer and closer. Even if Georgia fans will not admit it, Dawgs don’t bark at parked cars.

Whatever works for you, man.

I hate to break it to this guy, but he ought to attend a Georgia-Georgia Tech game sometime.  We’ll bark at anybody, parked or even moving in reverse.


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  1. “Kentucky is closing the gap with Georgia, one baby step at a time.”

    I mean, sure, throwing a handful of pebbles into the Grand Canyon is closing that gap too, one baby step at a time.

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  2. So he’s saying “Georgia fans barked at me, therefore they are threatened by Kentucky’s rapidly closing gap”. Yea um…ok. As you said Senator–whatever works for you my man.

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  3. Bluto, I resemble that last barking comment…I refer to it as beer induced Tourette’s

    Go Dawgs, sic em Woof Woof

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  4. gotthepicture

    Speaking of saying “Go Dawgs!” to people we encounter, did that guy ever get home from Jackson Hole, WY?

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  5. siskey

    There was a pretty sizeable contingent of fans at “Cutters” and they did their “CATS” chant. They did not receive any reception positive or negative. Contrast this with what Tech, Auburn, Tennessee, or even South Carolina fans would have encountered and I say that “we” don’t see them as a threat.

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  6. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Bless their hearts.

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  7. originaluglydawg

    Kentucky owns the second greatest moral victory of the year.
    Bless their hearts.

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  8. godawgs1701

    Whatever helps them sleep at night and get ready to go out there and hopefully keep winning to prop up our strength of schedule. I mean, honestly, I saw the best Kentucky team of Stoops’ tenure there on Saturday. They should be proud of them. But a team that is “closing the gap” on Georgia? If the best team you’ve fielded in more than a decade (OK, much more than a decade) gets their asses beat by 17 points, I dunno, man. I don’t know that you can expect to be better next year when you’ve never been better, at least not since anyone who isn’t retired can remember.

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  9. Spell Dawg

    Hell, we beat UK in basketball last season…guess that gap is CLOSED! Sign Crean for life, we are finally relevant in basketball again!! Am I doing this right?

    They beat Florida, ergo I like UK, but dude is high on his own farts. The day dawg fans root for Florida when they play UK is the day they have arrived. Maybe my kid’s kids will see that day, but I wouldn’t put any money on it…

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  10. silverbritches02

    “Georgia football fans are about as nice as they come?”

    Somebody get old boy in front of an Auburn or South Carolina fan. They act like going to Athens is like going to the Thunderdome.

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    • siskey

      To be fair that’s only because of our deeply held tradition that dates back to the days of leather helmets of spitting on children at Auburn games. You don’t want to do it you have to because it’s part of our culture.

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  11. uga97

    Get him a silk hanky to blot his teary eyes. Non uga fans are just high society bourgeoisie and we are classless yappers. It absolutely baffles one why the disdain for uga starts oozing out, from the exact same shitheads who keep wondering & writing why we haven’t grabbed a natty in 40 years. KIck him off the this train PLEASE.

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  12. otto1980

    If he were coaching to win, Stoops would not have gone on a long slow 11minute drive. He would have the team moving faster.

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    • miltondawg

      He wasn’t coaching to win. He was trying to (a) get a score to make the beating less embarrassing, and (b) prevent Georgia from getting the ball back and scoring yet again.


  13. The latest cannon shot?


  14. mp

    I think Kentucky is harvesting the benefits of a super-senior fueled season. I am happy for them and impressed with what Stoops has done, but that doesn’t make it exactly sustainable (although Levis does have more years of eligibility left than a normal grad transfer).


  15. Faltering Memory

    Give Stoops and UK credit where credit is due, they are closing the gap on the Handbags (credit to ee).

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  16. biggusrickus

    In ’18, they lost by 17. In ’19, they lost by 21. In ’20, they lost by 11. In ’21, they lost by 17. The gap seems pretty consistent.

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  17. practicaldawg

    I have this bad feeling for Kentucky that they are going to pat their back all week leading up to a Mike Leach ambush.

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  18. Migraine Boy

    Georgia fans were in the ears of UK fans all weekend. From across the street you could hear “GO DAWGS!”

    Dear God, the horror. I hope they found some therapy this week for the trauma they experienced. They didn’t even get the piss cup bombs or the tossing of folks off the 300 level that the Auburn fans get.

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  19. Who? 12 in a row baby.

    Wait..if Stoopid is closing the gap, then can they be dawgraded?

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  20. Tony BarnFart

    It’s impossible for me to hate Kentucky (football), so I’ll just pinch them on the cheek and say Bless Your Little Hearts. They’re so cute, gettin’ all serious about football and all.

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  21. Whiskey Dawg

    Arrrrrrg…WOOF! WOOF! … Excuse me, there’s a skinny feral cat in the yard. He thinks he belongs on the porch.

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  22. 79dawg

    Must’ve been some contact high sitting in traffic trying to get out of town Saturday night….


  23. wtm121

    Basically, with 11+ minutes left, Bob Stoops told his team that he didn’t think they were good enough to win. If he did, then they would have tried to score quickly instead of grinding down the field for a single score. So, if your coach giving up on you is bringing you closer to UGA, more power to you.

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  24. gurkhadawg

    Closing the gap with baby steps? I am reminded of the old quote: “ put 100 monkeys in room randomly hitting keys on 100 typewriters and they would eventually type Hamlet”. Well if you actually figure it out mathematically, it would take the monkeys longer than the universe has been in existence. So no, they won’t eventually type Hamlet. This is analogous to Kentucky closing the gap with Georgia using baby steps.


  25. If Kentucky is taking baby steps, what is Florida doing?


  26. 606dawg

    Admittedly, UK is still a mile behind UGA as a program, but they are in better shape right now than anyone else in the East. Stoops’s genius is that he has turned being the northernmost SEC school from a liability into an asset by recruiting Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania successfully.


  27. UK’s team:

    Offense: 5 seniors/graduate students, 5 juniors, 1 sophomore

    Defense: 9 seniors (7 red shirt seniors!), 2 sophomores

    That UK team is OLD. They are benefiting massively from the Covid bonus year. And great for them. I live in Lexington so I’m happy to see my local team doing well.

    But closing the gap? They are closing the gap on the rest of the SEC East, but Georgia is improving faster than UK is improving, and UK is benefiting hugely from their age.

    I predict Stoops uses this year as his chance to springboard to a bigger program. I do not see how he will ever be able to duplicate this success at UK. Beating Florida and LSU in the same year?

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  28. Ran A

    Muckbest hit it – I like what Stoops is doing, but closing the Gap? Stop it… From a talent stand point, they might want to think about over taking Florida first. Closing the gap…