How good is Todd Monken?

This good.

I trust the coaches to start the right guy in Jacksonville, so I don’t care who that is nearly as much as I want him to overtake Trask’s 188.41 passer rating from last year’s Cocktail Party.  The sooner I can see those empty teal seats, the better.


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  1. Russ

    Just think how much better it will be when JT is there!

    /s (I think)

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  2. debbybalcer

    He is a DGD and without him we would not be undefeated.

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    • Mrs. Debby you are spot on…the Mailman has done everything his coaches, players, and fans have asked of him…in great fashion…of course I’ll let the coaches make the call at QB, but growing up I was taught you should dance with the one that brought ya

      No matter which way the coaches go, Stetson has earned our respect and appreciation. A DGD indeed.

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  3. biggusrickus

    Bennett is playing well, and that’s great. Daniels is still a better option when they’re in passing downs, which is bound to be important against someone this year.

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  4. Senator,
    I see a Lexicon coming, Monkening – when we see any orange clad foe exiting early be it AU UF CU UT, doesn’t matter if they are filing out!

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  5. Down Island Way

    “those empty teal seats”…UGA fan base will be more than 60% of the crowd at kick off time…#FTMF…would really like to go to hogtown this year hang 50 on those dick wads and empty that stadium to, that would be a game worth the price…

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  6. The Truth

    Remember Kirby’s video: “We’re not practicing to win this game, we’re practicing to win every game!”

    The coaches are coaching to win every game. They are going to pick the QB who is most likely to make that possible. From the way that JT and Stet engage on the sidelines and if he’s the DGD we all believe him to be, I don’t think Stet is going to pout if that choice is JT. And if JT goes out with an injury again, we have the absolute best backup QB in America to finish the job.

    Whatever the case, in 10 years when the 2021 Natl Champs are being recognized on Dooley Field at Sanford Stadium, the Mailman is probably going to receive the most and possibly most-deserved cheers of anyone (about 1/2 the defense won’t be able to make the reunion because they’ll have a game on Sunday).

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    • 1/2 the defense will have 8-10+ year careers in the NFL?

      Holy shit.


      • biggusrickus

        Barring injury, I’d have to think Dean, Carter, Cine, both Walkers, Davis, Wyatt, Anderson, Ringo, Tindall and Kendrick probably will play about that long. Did I forget anyone?


        • Average career length being at about 2.5-3 years, I think it’s a pretty big ask for 11/11 guys to triple it.


          • biggusrickus

            Drafted players average about five years. It goes up to nearly eight for first rounders and about seven for second rounders. Most of those guys I listed project as first or second rounders. The others are third or fourth rounders, which average around the overall five years. Wyatt and Quay Walker are the only guys who might fall below that. And I left off Nolan Smith, who also projects as a second or third rounder. Now, it’s unlikely all of those guys won’t be derailed by injury or something else, but I don’t think they’ll be out of the league for lack of ability.


  7. WH

    My biggest tell is this: I don’t hold my breath and squeeze the arm of the couch when SBIV starts his throwing motion anymore. Instead, I’m actually excited because it’s probably going to be a big play.

    If that isn’t an endorsement of Monken as both a QB coach and OC I don’t know what is.

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    • sundiatagaines

      I’m largely with you, but I’m still a wee bit nervous when he’s really trying to zip one. I’m not certain it will end up where he wants it.

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    • practicaldawg

      It’s clear that the scheme fits Stetson’s arm talent. They aren’t asking him to throw 30 yard lasers on crossing routes. Monken works the D until he can get a receiver in a lane that fits Stetson’s strengths, and Stetson trusts the system and does his thing within it.

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    • akascuba

      The difference Monken has made with Bennett going into this game versus last year is like they are two different players.

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  8. uga97

    Hope Jax ends with us up by 30 with 10 seconds to go at the FU red zone after long clock killing drive & Kirby calls timeout to then come back out just to take a knee.

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  9. Getting Bennett outside the tackle box has made Monken worth his weight in gold.

    My concern now is what he does if/when JT comes back. Bennett has a lot of continuity right now and this is from another “but JT is better” guy.

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  10. Dan Mullen will make a fine analyst under him in a year or 2


  11. cpark58

    Just Win Baby

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  12. akascuba

    That passing stat for SBIV is truly amazing. I really don’t care who starts at QB. Unlike Mullen who seems to have an emotional attachment to EJ. I have no doubt Kirby/Monken will always play whomever they believe gives the team the best chance to win.

    Knowing this game will always be personal to Kirby is a comforting feeling.

    When healthy JT is the clear number 1 QB there is no QB controversy on this team. It’s only in the media.

    It’s a beautiful sight to see the gator fans rushing up the isles in defeat our host is certainly right about that one. The earlier in the game the better. Given the mood of their fan base there should be more Georgia fans inside than we’ve seen in a long time.

    I’m hoping for a fast 2017 type start to avoid giving their players any hope.

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  13. spur21

    That film room stat should help recruiting.

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  14. bigjohnson1992

    To be fair, a lot fewer passes, and usually only to make the D back off from having 8 in the box to stop the run. But stats are gonna stat.