Takin’ my time

I said this the other day in the comments — I didn’t have a problem with Stoops wanting to score at the end of the game last Saturday and using his last time out with seconds left on the clock to set up the final play of the drive.  I did find it more than curious, though, that he chose to do so as the result of a fourth quarter drive that lasted over eleven minutes with his team trailing by 23 points.

His original explanation for that was it provided a teaching experience for his players not to give up in a game.  Okay, although if that’s the lesson you’re pursuing, maybe you should have been more aggressive to start with.  In any event, he came up with a new tactical excuse at his presser yesterday.

He also added that final scores are crucial for voting in the polls and the bowl selection process. A 30-13 final score looks a whole lot prettier than 30-7, and if that’s what separates his team from another, he’s going to try.

And to be blunt, he really doesn’t understand why it’s a conversation.

“They look at the final score, it does matter. They keep score. It matters, it all matters,” he said.

I can’t wait to hear the director of the Sugar Bowl say “what sold us on Kentucky was scoring six meaningless points at the end of a game in which they were dominated by the best team in the country”.  I mean, that’s some inspiring shit right there.

Think I would have stuck with the teaching moment excuse, Coach.


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  1. He might have been better off saying, “I had a lot of money on Kentucky plus the points and figured the only way to ensure that bet hit was to go slowly and methodically.”

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    • gastr1

      But OMG, have they ruined their New Year’s Day bowl chances by not getting to 14? Pity they couldn’t get that 14th point so all those confused and deluded voters would KNOW that they scored TWO TDs and not a TD and two FGs the same as Cackalacky did.

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  2. 81Dog

    Stoops should have followed Henry Ford’s advice: never complain, never explain. 🙂


  3. pdawg30577

    I’ve got no problem with what Stoops did. And on a tangential but related note, I’ve never had a problem with a team “running up the score” on any other team they meet on an equal playing field (i.e., one FBS team versus another.) I’m not sure why “RUTS” is even a thing people talk about between two teams in the same division or conference, at least at the P5 level. The object of the game is to score as many points as you can and to keep your opponent from scoring points. If a team beats another team 91-0, well, what else do you say but “well played?”

    Stoops was trying to score points. That’s the object of the game whether you’re winning or losing.

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    • Harold Miller

      So, when Kentucky is rebuilding soon, they can expect a rather rude pasting from Georgia and not get to say shit about it.

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      • pdawg30577

        EXACTLY. Why the hell didn’t we put a hundred up on Vandy this year? Points is points, stats is stats. I mean, sure, pull your first-stringers for safety’s sake if nothing else, but whoever’s out there ought to be trying to score or prevent the other team from scoring no matter how far down the depth chart they may be.


  4. RangerRuss


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  5. He was just trying to cover the spread for his boosters.

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  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    Well, he right. Whatever bowl picks Kentucky is gonna spin the dog crap out of that score to sell tickets to their game. Obviously with different tone than your delicate words. “COME SEE THE TEAM THAT MORE THAN DOUBLED MIGHTY GEORGIA’S DEFENSIVE SCORING AVERAGE.” I kinda like it.

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  7. drunkenmonken

    If the final score was so important then why didn’t he go for 2 after scoring? BS!

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    • archiecreek

      Bingo Cholly (drunken)!!
      If he’d done that (go for 2), no problem, no harm, no discussion.
      Going for 1, MAJOR problem!!
      That was a chickenshit move. You can’t explain away a chickenshit move.


  8. billionm16

    Man, I’m going to disagree here. I think it does matter. Especially when you’re playing against a top team in the nation. Would you rather be MSU that got blown out by Alabama 49-9 or Kentucky that lost 30-13?

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  9. The only thing I had a problem with was calling the last timeout on the 4th down. I thought it was a bush league move (if Kirby had done the same thing on offense with the lead, people would have rightfully raked him over the coals). I hope Kirby remembers that and drops a big one on Stoops and then uses his timeouts on defense when he has a chance.

    What goes around comes around, Mark. When you are going to be forever in a talent hole to Kirby, pissing him off isn’t really a good strategy.

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    • Russ

      Yeah, trying to score is fine. But given that he just wasted the last 11 minutes of clock time, calling a timeout with 7 seconds left was bullshit.


  10. I don’t get all the anger displayed at Stoops over this.

    Call me weird, but I get it. Why wouldn’t you want to have the “most points scored against Georgia in 2021 (and IN Athens!)” on your resume?

    I know in the end they only got 13, which is tied with USCe so far. But he was banking on 14…

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  11. paulwesterdawg

    I think it was a 22 play 75 yard drive that lasted over 11 min because that was quite literally the only way to move the ball. The TD at the end was just something he had to call. He at least protected his bettors.


  12. Clayton Joiner

    It was all about making the final score look better. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Yes, he could say it was a teaching moment for a future game where a score like that could get them a W, but I think we all know that’s not what it was about.

    He simply wanted to say he was able to score when he wanted to…just not enough I guess.

    Let’s Go Dawgs!


  13. originaluglydawg

    It was a long, clock eating drive. But they did take some deep shots. It’s not like they weren’t trying to score quickly. It boiled down to having to do the only thing that worked to move the ball. Nothing wrong with that.


  14. stoopnagle

    I don’t think he needs those 6 points to go to the Sugar Bowl if his team goes 11-1. Methinks that game ending drive was on one hand a surrender and on the other a proof to his guys that they could drive the ball on the best defense around and finish with a touchdown. Basically, he’s coaching his team for the rest of the year and the last time they saw UGA with something on the line, they got whipped and let the leftovers beat them again the next game. Stoops needed them to have confidence despite getting beat so they don’t cough one up against MSU.

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    • miltondawg

      I would add that the game ending drive was probably also to prevent Georgia from getting the ball back (and protecting the psyche of his defense). Going hurry up to try to score quickly and possibly failing to do so could have left UK in a position with Georgia humiliating them like they have done to others this year where we know Georgia is going to run the ball right at the opponent and the opponent knows that as well and the opponent can’t do anything about it.


  15. godawgs1701

    A lot is going to happen between then and now, so it’s entirely possible that people will forget what actually happened Saturday in the game. But if anyone on the selection committee happened to take notes, the notes are going to say “got ass kicked and ran out the clock on a loss.” I mean, it’s impressive to me that he put two touchdowns in on Georgia. Nobody else has. Neutral field, my impression after watching all of them in person is that Kentucky probably beats Auburn and probably beats Clemson and those are the two other best teams we’ve faced. Still, though, if you’re telling me that at 11 minutes to go in the 4th quarter you decided that instead of trying to win the game you were going to go for a garbage time touchdown to make it look good for the Sugar Bowl, that’s kinda weak. Because if he’d actually attacked us instead of nibbling at us, we would have stopped him again. It was an impressive long drive, for sure, but come on. There is a definite story there, and it isn’t the one that Coach Stoops is going to try to tell the guys in the funny jackets from New Orleans. And I say that as someone who really likes Mike Stoops and respects their program.

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    • originaluglydawg

      He took at least one deep shot to the endzone on that drive. But for Kentucky, the only way to move the ball was with the short, mostly outside stuff. It was that or give up the ball. If they could have scored earlier, they would have.
      Bottom line, that drive was the second greatest moral victory of recent times.
      So let’s just give it to them.
      Kentucky, you won a moral victory on that final drive.
      That’s what you have there.
      Stoops and Mullen should be toasting each other!


  16. Stoops is right on both accounts. I think he was refreshingly honest. Probably more so the second time.

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  17. uga97

    Fyi I saw somewhere folks were matching $ donations for breast cancer research for each point scored by both teams, so at least some good came out of it.

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  18. I wasn’t a fan of the last drive…Mark can justify it as a moral victory or however he wants. I would have been far more outraged if one of our boys had sustained a significant injury as a result of his last superfluous drive…I think one of the UK WRs got popped badly and was pulled at the end…since we won and didn’t get an injury, I’ve moved on


    • originaluglydawg

      So when a game gets out of hand (see GA/Vandy 1st quarter) the losing team should just concede?

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      • Don’t know, my team hasn’t lost yet this season or been in that situation…hope I don’t have to ponder your question from my perspective going forward

        There is such a thing as live to fight another day…which from an injury standpoint was where I was coming from


  19. W Cobb Dawg

    Teaching moment my ass. I personally think gambling is involved. He seemed so motivated to put a meaningless score on the board that he was willing to sacrifice the health of players.

    These aren’t pro players. They play for free and health care is limited. Stoops had better stick with Kentuck. If he moves up it’ll expose all the dumb shit he does.


  20. classiccitycanine

    I think Stoops was in damage control mode. He knew he was beat and the only way to minimize the gap on the scoreboard was to eat clock and score a last second touchdown. It’s a viable strategy in the same obnoxious way that 4-Corners basketball was before the shot clock. I don’t like it, but I get it.


    • drunkenmonken

      I don’t think he’s intelligent enough to think that far ahead. Let’s see, we’re down by 23 will roughly 11 minutes to go. We need three tds with 1 pat and two 2 point conversions. However, they’ll never expect us to try a 22 play eleven minute scoring drive to make sure we lose on our terms. Stoops is a self aggrandizing moron. FTMF.

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  21. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I’ll just say that if Stoops wanted to win the game he needed more than one score, so I think the Senator is exactly right about why his decision is puzzling. Maybe Stoops wanted to make sure that UGA didn’t get the ball again, and so they could score some more?🤨
    The only thing about that drive that pissed me off is that we let them score.

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  22. Munsoning

    How about, “We got whipped and wanted something to feel good about on the trip home”? KISS.


  23. Texas Dawg

    You could tell by the reaction of the defense they were pissed that they gave up that trash TD. They don’t feel anyone should EVER get into the endzone. Someone is going to pay for that one, and that someone is named the TURDS.