Some kind of year they’re having

Georgia’s defense, in two bites.  One:

And two:

Halfway through the regular season, no single UGA defender ranks among the top 10 in the SEC in any major statistical category, including sacks, tackles for loss, interceptions, and passes defended, or in the top 50 in total tackles.

I’m not gonna even ask my sarcastic “is that good?” here, it’s that obvious.


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  1. When you roll so many guys through (and play so few plays per drive), this is the result. Defensive stats can be very deceiving because if you aren’t on the field for a lot of plays and you have quality depth, the stats aren’t going to be there.

    The defense passes the eye test. Enough said.

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    • mwodieseldawg

      This whole defensive unit should win the heisman award. These guys don’t just affect games, they dictate what happens in the game.

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      • I think that’s the background for the Jordan Davis candidacy … #JD2NYC. He’s the rock in the middle of the defense that makes everyone around him better.

        TEAM > me.

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        • Down Island Way

          As the weekly reps pile up for UGA football, that “O-LINE” may have gotten better for having to practice against that “D”…when the zebras decide to call just a few (of the obvious) holding penalties against the opposition o-line, that’s when UGA football will have arrived…

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  2. The talent is so evenly distributed across the defense it is crazy. It is a total defensive unit/team effort and Kirby deserves all the credit for assembling the talent base. Even the secondary is strong and full of talent despite all the transfers and early departures to the NFL. What he did in the transfer portal to shore up that group is incredible despite losing one of the key transfers to injury.

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    • Derion Kendrick has been an excellent addition. Really hoping T. Smith gets over his knee injury to return next yearz


    • Russ

      I agree. This is the one big area where Kirby has an advantage over just about everyone else. He has done an excellent job accumulating talent across all positions so that we’re not crippled by one or two injuries. Just look at all the injuries we’ve had this year. They would have easily crippled past teams but this team just keeps rolling along. And once those wounded start getting back we’ll only get better.


  3. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    you have 3 sec world class DC’s on our staff
    Kirby, Lanning, Muschamp

    sec world class talent

    world class pain for anyone not in red and black

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  4. Ran A

    Two things stuck out to me before the season started. Cole Cubelic was at the Spring game and commented that Georgia was just physically different than any other team in the SEC.

    And about two weeks before the season began, a NFL scout, who had not been to Georgia in 2021 dropped by and was blown away by the physical size of the team, especially on defense.

    And after the Clemson game there were comments about the Clemson coaches looking at Georgia during warm-ups and just shaking their head.

    Georgia is just an athletically superior group with superb coaching and boy is it showing, especially on defense.

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  5. D as in Dawg

    Ain’t no I in team, but there is a mate. I don’t know what that means but these are unprecedented stats. May this season never end.

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  6. RangerRuss

    This sort of D will preclude recruiting the 5 star sort who are more interested in personal glory than team accomplishments. That’s a bit short sighted I think. If the ultimate goal is making it to the League it would seem that Kirby’s methods are sound. A young man learns discipline and proper technique while not being used to the point of depletion during actual games. I’m just speculating, but it seems more likely to incur an injury while playing exhausted. A history of injuries is a red flag come draft day.
    The real payoff for being a Georgia Bulldog will be team championships and a high draft pick. Kirby is making UGA not A destination but THE destination for players and coaches.

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  7. Stats like these probably is the reason people got so mad at KY for that last drive–they didn’t want to see the stats impacted. I didn’t really have an issue with it. Even tho we had our starters in that last drive, a friend of mine pointed out that we may of been playing a vanilla defense so that we don’t give the #FTMF too much on film. I’ll just go with that 😉

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    • classiccitycanine

      I was more upset about Kentucky damaging our stats with that last drive than anything else to be honest. The good thing is the coaches can use it to counter the rat poison.


  8. psyopdawg

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this before. This defense is actually playing offensively. They are dictating what offenses do but not in the sense that when you hear head coaches say: “Well We’re Just Taking What the Defense is Giving Us”. No, the Georgia defense is proactively moving guys where they want them. And….they can do it it even off of the short count and when offenses try to go up tempo.

    I’ve never been a defensive minded guy, and I’ve struggled to see and understand defensive protections and schemes, but this is just an orchestra of guys not just doing their jobs but manipulating teams and you can clearly see it working.

    With minimal effort, they are taking away the pass and forcing teams to do the one thing that Georgia does best and that’s stop the run. with schemes, stunts and just manhandling guys so that they can stay in the ideal place to make plays.

    It’s just beautiful.

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    • RangerRuss

      Mostly agree, PsyD. I might have an issue with “With minimal effort”. Looks as if some of the boys are balln’ all out with max effort.

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      • psyopdawg

        RR, you are correct. that was a poor choice of words on my part. Was just trying to say that after watching the replay twice now, there are very few missed coverages and very little confusion.

        Levis had a few passes that they could have connected and didn’t that might have changed the look of the game but at no point after middle of second quarter did it appear that the Dawgs couldn’t score when it wanted to and stop Kentucky from scoring. Every time I re-watch that game it becomes more evident that the Dawgs were completely controlling Kentucky and their efforts.

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        • RangerRuss

          The Dawgs D does make it appear effortless at times. Then you notice a vicious quality like a dog shaking a cat or a snake. A ripping twitchiness if you will.

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  9. Texas Dawg

    Missouri, Charleston Southern, and North Avenue Trade School may not score a single point on them combined. I expect 10RC and #FTMF to do about what KY and SC did (score a few but nothing to write home about). When it is all said and done, I expect the numbers to get even better.

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  10. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Couple of talking heads on post game shows have made some glowing observations about this defense. One this past weekend said this defense are not just defenders, they are hunters and they hunt in packs. Another noted that while they can be fooled once, the D learns quickly and showed clips of a successful KY play followed by a clip of the D killing that same play later in the game. One of those was the Nakobe Dean blow up of that screen play late.


  11. Casey Chestnut

    I know that they have to qualify it because there are only advanced stats going back so far, but I roll my eyes every time I see another “all-time record (since 200X)” pronouncement in whatever sport.

    And I’m certainly not saying that this defense isn’t full of baaaaad men who will take your lunch money and make you tip them for the privilege. Just a general observation.