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The Banged Up Chronicles

Good Lord, not another one…

Ron Courson’s work is never done.


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My, how the recruiting turntables have turned.

You know, I’m old enough to remember a time when Steve Spurrier said, “Why is it that during recruiting season they sign all the great players, but when it comes time to play the game, we have all the great players? I don’t understand that. What happens to them?”



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“Dan Mullen can’t win championships…”

…with Todd Grantham running his defenses“.

Why?  Because Florida doesn’t score enough to cover his defensive coaching.

In Grantham’s career as a college defensive coordinator — 2010-13 at Georgia, 2014-16 at Louisville, 2017 at Mississippi State, and 2018-21 at Florida — the team he’s worked for has only kept FBS opponents below an average of 20 points per game once: 2019, at 18.3. The next-fewest have been 2012 UGA (20.1) and this year’s Florida (21.1, through LSU).

In the same time frame, only two national champions have allowed more than 20 points per game to FBS competition: 2014 Ohio State (22.0) and 2019 LSU (22.4).

The former averaged 44.8 PPG and the latter 47.2 PPG against FBS foes. Both of those marks are well above the best Mullen has ever done as a head coach (2020’s 39.8 overall or 41.6 pre-bowl). Both also had some good luck residuals from Pythagorean expectation. The ’14 Buckeyes had an expectation of 12.7 wins and went 14-1, while the ’19 Tigers had an expectation of 12.0 wins and went 14-0 against FBS foes (including 2-0 in one-score games).

Two other champs managed to fall between 19 and 20 PPG allowed, and they have similar stories. The 2016 Clemson Tigers only hit 37.8 PPG scored but did have some good luck. They went 13-1 against FBS teams despite an expectation for 11.6 wins. Then 2020 Alabama averaged 48.5 PPG scored and beat their expectation of 11.7 wins by going 13-0.

So, if you want to win a national title while allowing more than 20 points per game to FBS teams, you had better have an offense that scores more than any team Mullen has run as a head coach and get a little lucky in the process.

I know David has constructed that argument as a criticism of Grantham, but I prefer to see it as blaming Mullen.  It’s the romantic in me, I guess.


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The legend grows.

PFF ranks the top ten true freshmen here.  Look who’s at the head of the list:


Bowers has earned an 89.4 PFF grade and generated 3.50 yards per route run so far in his true freshman campaign. That’s not just an unprecedented level of production for a true freshman, it’s at a level rarely obtained by any player at the position. Bowers leads all Power Five tight ends in both of those metrics after Week 7. With his speed, explosiveness and ball skills, Bowers fits the modern-day tight end mold. He’s destined to be a household name and is already a college football star.

We’ll really know he’s made it when they know his name in Montana.


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Less seats, last minute

Here’s an interesting piece of news, and I’m not quite sure what to make of it.

There may be fewer fans in the seats at this year’s Florida-Georgia game, but not for the reason one might think.

The city is considering getting rid of some temporary seats for the Oct. 30 matchup.

The move, if approved by Jacksonville’s City Council, would cost the city nearly $800,000.

If City Council members approve the change to the city’s contract to host the game, about 6,000 seats typically installed in the north end zone would be eliminated.

Instead, that same area would be used for what is being called “premium seating.”

The City Council is expected to vote on this plan at next Tuesday’s meeting, which is just a few days before the game.

The timing is bizarre, to say the least.  I have no idea what’s behind this, but if anyone reading this is down there and has some insight, please share in the comments.


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Could’a been a contendah

Well, Knoxville, ain’t this a real kick in the pants.

Tennessee fired Butch Jones as its head coach and the Vols’ search for his replacement reached Schiano.

Tennessee fans displayed their displeasure of discussion that Schiano was set to become the Vols’ next head coach. Fans protested and voiced their displeasure on campus, social media and on sports talk shows.

According to former NFL general manager Mike Lombardi, Schiano was set to bring eventual Heisman Trophy and national championship quarterback Joe Burrow with him to Tennessee.

In a recent GM Shuffle podcast, Lombardi said that Tennessee not hiring Schiano prevented Burrow wearing orange and white and then transferring to LSU…

“He was going to go to Tennessee if Schiano got the job there until they — till social media blew that up — and then he went to LSU.”

Oh, well.  At least Vol fans’ hearts are pure.  And Clay Travis did help usher UT into a memorable era, even by Vol standards.


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Hell hath no fury like an embarrassed conference commissioner.

Bob Bowlsby is such a whiny little bitch.

Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby speaks in measured tones about Texas’ and Oklahoma’s decision to leave for the SEC. Asked if he’s still pissed off, the answer is nuanced but clear.

“Being, to use your term pissed off about it, I can’t allow myself that,” Bowlsby said. “I have to get over the sense of personal betrayal and do what’s necessary for our eight continuing members. And that’s what we did.”

Personal betrayal.

Trust me, Bob, there was nothing personal about it.  It was all business.  Just like when you turned around and raided the AAC to fill the open slots in your conference.

So why does Bowlsby believe the two schools are leaving?

“Haven’t the vaguest idea,” he said, sitting in the bowels of T-Mobile Center. “To this day, they’ve given us no answers to that question. Either one.”

Why not?

“You’ll have to ask them that,” Bowlsby said. “I’ve asked repeatedly, and they never made us aware of any concerns in advance. When we’ve asked the question since then, we’ve gotten no response.”

Either he’s totally clueless, or totally full of shit.  I’m voting on the latter, especially after reading this shot.

“They’re thinking they’re going to recruit better and they’re going to get more money,” Bowlsby said. “Anybody that thinks Texas’ football problems have been a result of league affiliation are completely delusional.”

Texas fans have long complained about the home schedule. For example, few fans are excited about Kansas coming to Royal-Memorial Stadium on Nov. 13.

“Well, here comes Vanderbilt,” Bowlsby said. “Every league is structured similarly to what ours is. There’s three or four bell cows and there’s the rest.”

Well, Bob, two of your prized bell cows just escaped from the ranch.  Good luck with that.


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Dan Mullen, international man of mystery

Be afwaid, Dan Lanning.  Be vewy, vewy afwaid.

Florida coach Dan Mullen wouldn’t commit to naming a starting quarterback for his team’s Oct. 30 game against No. 1 Georgia.

Emory Jones started at quarterback during last Saturday’s 49-42 loss at LSU but did not play down the stretch as Anthony Richardson led the offense on four straight touchdown drives in the second half.

“We’re really fortunate we have two good quarterbacks here,” Mullen said Wednesday.

… Mullen balked at a direct question whether Jones would be the quarterback during the first play from scrimmage against Georgia, saying he wouldn’t “get into strategy.”

Jones has started every game this season.

“I’m not going to tell you what the first play of the game is going to be, if that’s what you’re asking,” Mullen said.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see how that particular shoe drops.


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