Less seats, last minute

Here’s an interesting piece of news, and I’m not quite sure what to make of it.

There may be fewer fans in the seats at this year’s Florida-Georgia game, but not for the reason one might think.

The city is considering getting rid of some temporary seats for the Oct. 30 matchup.

The move, if approved by Jacksonville’s City Council, would cost the city nearly $800,000.

If City Council members approve the change to the city’s contract to host the game, about 6,000 seats typically installed in the north end zone would be eliminated.

Instead, that same area would be used for what is being called “premium seating.”

The City Council is expected to vote on this plan at next Tuesday’s meeting, which is just a few days before the game.

The timing is bizarre, to say the least.  I have no idea what’s behind this, but if anyone reading this is down there and has some insight, please share in the comments.



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25 responses to “Less seats, last minute

  1. Biggen

    Wait. They are talking about removing seats from this years game?! As in, tickets that have already been sold for those seats?


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  2. paulwesterdawg

    I think it’s bad reporting. They can’t possibly be doing this for the 2021 game. The logistics don’t make sense. It’s a decision this week for the next season. Gotta be otherwise it’s a descent into madness.

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    • miltondawg

      Yeah. I can’t imagine this being for the 2021 game less than two weeks before the game with all tickets sold. I could be wrong, but that would seem to be an odd change that would cause all kinds of confusion and controversy and logistical nightmare.


  3. Migraine Boy

    But muh October golf!


  4. 79dawg

    The students are the ones who sit up there (been there, done that!). If you think the students at 10RC were reacted poorly, you ain’t seen nothing yet…
    PS – surely the contract between the schools and the City requires the City to put up the temporary seating?

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  5. Jacksonville is an irredeemable shithole.

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  6. One of the posters known as Mark

    “Premium” seats in the end zone?

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    • anything is premium if you provide enough stuff.


    • debbybalcer

      We sit in the end zone in Sanford and you really have a great vantage point. The entire game is front and center.


      • Down Island Way

        That’s why Sanford Stadium is in Gods country…And that, is another Georgia point of pride…


      • One of the posters known as Mark

        Oh, I understand that very well. I had season tickets from ’83 to ’08, and the first few years I was in the tracks end zone. Sitting there, you know when a running play is going to work well before anybody else does, because you see the holes open before anybody else does. It was an interesting perspective that I learned to appreciate pretty quickly.

        I just never thought of it as premium. And, evidently, neither did the athletic department, because over the years, as my points accumulated, my seats slowly moved around to the south side. I wound up in section 126.


        • Tony BarnFart

          I like the perspective of endzone seats OK, but they really need to be in a relatively elevated row for the best effect. Also, they’re kind of hot/cold—arguably the best vantage pov when the action is coming towards you and pretty blehh when it’s going the other way or on the far end.

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  7. Holiday Inn Bagman

    Odd. In 2019 it cost $2.1M for the city to put up temporary seating according to the link below so it stands to reason this is a cost saving measure by the city. It also wouldn’t surprise me if current labor shortages have made that cost skyrocket.



    • hadn’t thought about labor shortage….. interesting point…

      I’ve been shocked how many fast food restaurants in my town have closed their dining rooms and are offering drive-thru service only —- Not because of Covid restrictions, but because of labor shortages.

      I bet it’s 75% of fast food joints in my town of ~70,000 peeps.


  8. jcdawg83

    Terrible writing in that article, made the issue more confusing.


  9. Russ

    Question about tickets to the game. Is there another place other than StubHub/TicketBastard to buy tickets? What does UGA use for their tickets?


  10. Castleberry

    Pretty sure Kirby bought out the entire section for recruits and families. They had to take out the temporary seats for his helicopter.

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  11. armydawg

    I swear that this has McGoofus’ paw prints all over it.

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  12. Texas Dawg

    You could sell 200,000 tickets for that game