The end of college sports as we know it?

And to think it only took paying a college athlete $391 to ruin everything.


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  1. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    … and I feel fine.

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  2. mg4life0331

    How was average determined? I’d like to see the stats, I’m pretty sure there is an extraordinary amount of nothing in there.

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  3. Remember the Quincy

    Average…so the total dollars paid out divided by the total number of players on FBS rosters? Or ALL college rosters, regardless of division? An average of $391 tells me basically nothing.

    The average size of Jupiter and its moons is an interesting statistic, but is meaningless.

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    • Remember the Quincy

      Ignore part of my question…I see now that it says D1 athletes. So we are saying ALL athletes in FBS and FCS in ALL sports? That is one heck of a way to dilute that average compensation number. I’m sure the tennis players at Jacksonville State are enjoying that $391 (roughly) they’re taking in this year.

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  4. I would be curious to see what the data looks like when you take out the top 100 players in NIL earnings. Kinda like a lot of people who make money solely from YouTube and sponsors where there’s a huge drop off from topmost earners.

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    • kirkwooderson

      Yeah this needs median, not mean. One six-figure QB and 87 $0 players means an avergae of over $1k per. Maybe I missed it?

      Also, my biggest concern was recruiting/money laundering, has anyone looked into that? I work in this field, and it would be interesting to take a look at the actual ROI or ROAS to see if the advertisers get what they pay for in marketing effectiveness, or if the real ROI is recruiting rankings.

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  5. NIL…the pay cut that killed the Auburn program.

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  6. ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

    Does one guy getting $1,000,000 and everybody else getting nothing average out to $391?

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  7. uga97

    Remove Bryce Young from the equation & recalc.


  8. Texas Dawg

    We have had NIL in place for what? About 6 months? We have NO IDEA yet what the end result will be. That’s like scoring a touchdown on the first play of the game and thinking you know the outcome at the end of the game. I have my opinion and you have your opinion. Only time will tell which one is correct. It may enhance, destroy, or have no effect at all.


  9. NotMyCrossToBear

    Anyone have the skinny on the Anthony Richardson NIL agreement?


  10. junkyardawg41

    I would think the NCAA proposing dropping college minimums to be accepted to a school would be more indicative of where the sport is than the average NIL.