“WIN 21”

Georgia Tech is currently 3-3 overall, 2-2 in the ACC, which is good enough for fourth place in the Coastal Division.  As the Jackets finish the year at Notre Dame and against Georgia on Mark Richt Field, it’s a pretty safe bet that they’re going to have to win three of their next four games to become bowl eligible.

With that in mind, take a walk back down memory lane with prominent boosters who had their goals in mind for Tech’s season back in September.

“My view of the world is that we ought to win six or seven,” said Steve Zelnak, a Tech grad and prominent donor to the athletic department and institute. “If things go really well, maybe we win eight. Three or four (wins) doesn’t cut it. Even though we’ve got a tough schedule, it’s time to step up and get it done. I’m pretty optimistic.”

Another major athletics donor, Gregg Garrett, said that he talks to as many as two dozen Tech fans daily as the season approaches.

“And to the man or woman, they all say the same things,” he said. “It’s time to win. It’s time to move forward with this program. And this is the year we’ve got to do it. It’s universal. And that’s rare to get a universal opinion about anything.”

Garrett feels an urgency for the Jackets to reach .500 and qualify for a bowl. He praised the work Collins and his staff have done in recruiting and player development, calling it a “miraculous job.” But he called this a “critical season” for Collins and his staff.

“I would put ‘critical’ in capital letters because if we don’t move the program forward this year, then I think that gives a lot of people – whether it’s the fan base, whether it’s recruits, whether it’s opponents – it gives them pause about where we are in this process, and is this process going to work?” Garrett said.

Of course, being a Tech fan, Garrett was already willing to hedge on CRITICAL.

Garrett offered the caveat that he can accept a lesser record if the Jackets play well but accumulate tough breaks against them.

“But I think it’s important – really important – that they’re somewhere in that five, six or higher range,” he said. “It’s time to move forward, and I think Geoff would tell you the same thing.”

Of course Coach 404 would.  He can’t produce a winning season, but he can sure talk about it.

“(Collins) said the word ‘win’ more times than he has since he’s been here,” Zelnak said. “He feels like he’s got a team that can win and has the tools to do it with. He’s in a different place. I can certainly sense it and hear it.”

See you folks November 27th.


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38 responses to ““WIN 21”

  1. It’s time to take the biggest margin of victory record of 48 away from them.

    Throwing the Drought on the ash heap of college football history is now in sight.

    Kirby, get it done.

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  2. r1valry

    Maybe don’t drop a game to Northern Illinois? I don’t see a bowl in their future for a while.

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  3. Rameses II

    I don’t give a rats ass about that program. You shouldn’t either. The sooner we ignore their entire existence, the better.


  4. waltergeiger

    “We don’t root for Georgia Tech with two engines out on the team plane.”
    -Lewis Grizzard

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  5. NotMyCrossToBear

    They might as well flush that money down the toilet. And since it was brought up, I love playing Tech. Can’t imagine not playing them.

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    • I’d dump that tech game in a heartbeat for a permanent Clemson matchup.

      I enjoy beating up the trade school, but I enjoy great football games more.

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      • There is a lot of value in a rivalry game against a P5 program that you dominate.

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      • Gaskilldawg

        Ben, there is a generational divide among Georgia fans about the value to playing the Trade School. Bobby Dodd was coaching when I first started following football. On the day I enrolled at UGA as a freshman Tech had won 4 of the last 10 games, meaning it was a close rivalry. As my Uncle and Father would say, ” I never met a Tech man that I ever liked.” Tech students would come from the same high schools as Georgia students and Tech had a much larger statewide fan base than it does now. It was true hateful rivalry. Losing to Tech hurt more than losing to any other.
        I get that the sports life experiences of the thirtysomethings is different and therefore emotions are different. Let’s compromise; let’s continue to play Tech annually as long as us baby boomers are alive then once we are gone replace Tech with whomever you wish.

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        • siskey

          I’m not a baby boomer but I want to always beat Tech. I have never attended a game there because I can’t imagine how frustrated I would be if we lost.
          Tech is the absolute worst team to lose to. Beating them is great but the high from the win is not like losing to them.
          Living in Athens I have beaver met a fan of theirs that went to school there but their is a family in our neighborhood who for some reason are Tech fans.


          • theorginaldawgabides

            That’s odd, because I don’t know any Tech fans that didn’t go to school there. Finding a true Tech fan, especially under 40, that neither themselves nor close family went there is like finding a unicorn.

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          • 79dawg

            Been there every year since ’05, never had to deal with that frustration…

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        • James A Mercer Jr

          My Dad was a ’31 UGA grad and I remember my grandparents and him when Tech season came around,,,the stories they would tell. I was allowed in my childhood to say two curse phrases: Damn Yankee and to Hell with Tech. I was raised right! I’m 85 now and when “Tech season” arrives my juices increase, the heart rate rises to an appropriate level and I delight in watching my Dawgs rip and tear through the Gnats’ lines. My advice to all the succeeding generations is not to develop a disdain for the game itself but cultivate a “hate” for Georgia Tech!! Enjoy our last game this season and Wreck Tech!

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      • We can’t dump the annual Tech matchup until we’ve 1) beaten them nine games in a row and 2) hung a 49-point victory on them.

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  6. Got Cowdog

    Tech has as many as “two dozen” fans? Who knew?

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  7. Texas Dawg

    Just use the Florida method and chalk that game against Clemson up as a moral victory. Voila! You’re now 4-2 (3-1). Old Sideshow Dan and he will even teach Coach 404 how to put on a happy face after a loss just like he did against KY.


    • Down Island Way

      Was attempting that north avenue fucking trade school calculus crap, where you need 8, will take 4, but 3 is ok, though .500 is acceptable in the 404, should lose 3 of 4 = WTF is going on over there at the intersection of pencil neck and geek…nerdfootball, whoda’ thunk it…


  8. 123 Fake St

    They are irrelevant.
    I predicted when GA State started their program that they’ll eventually surpass tech. I think they’re about five years away from reaching that milestone.


  9. Russ

    Wait, there are two dozen tech fans? Who knew?

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  10. Tech would have been better off with Fish Fry and his gimmick offense

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  11. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    “Another major athletics donor, Gregg Garrett, said that he talks to as many as two dozen Tech fans daily as the season approaches.”

    Employees/Tech fans = potayto/potahto.

    In actual news, GT won the “College Bowl” of duplicate bridge beating Princeton in the finals. Team Gold included Captain Cyrus Hettle, and players Santhosh Kamik, Zhuangdi Xu, Sean McNally, BruceZhu and Shengding Sun. I did not make any of those names up. Anyway, Tech has something they can crow about.

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    • sjcdawg

      I had no idea such a “bowl” existed. Thanks for sharing and now I can taunt my GT relatives with that.


    • 79dawg

      My best friend went to Tech – at his graduation, they read aloud (or tried) all the PhD students names and thesis titles – we were there a loooooonggggg time…


  12. Whiskey Dawg

    “Coach 404” – now that’s funny.

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  13. Needs more on-field, in a blowout push-ups from the HC.


  14. Buddy Carroll

    Six of those 12 tech fans live in India. Garrett must make a lot of long distance phone calls.


  15. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    for all the dipshit georgia fans that don’t want to play the nerds – you have lost your damn mind. beating those assholes never gets old…and brother, experience losing to those fucksticks and all you can do is count the days until that wrong gets corrected.
    fuck tech and the mule it rode in on.
    the nerds can’t get beat enough.
    may they burn in hell…slowly.
    #9inArow #48+in2021

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  16. Gaskilldawg

    Getting to 9 in a row to break their record of longest streak has been frustrating. We won 7 in a row from 1991 through 1997. I was excited going to the 1998 because I would see us tie Tech’s streak. Likewise, we won 7 in a row 2001 through 2007 and again lost at Sanford in 2008 with me there. Daggers to my heart both times.


  17. I really do not understand why there are Georgia fans calling for this game to be dumped.

    1) Reliable win over a P5 team that always looks good on our overall resume.

    2) The Jasper Sanks “fumble” game was the year after I graduated from UGA Law school. Back then GA tech actually beat us occasionally. It sucked. I’m still bitter. If we win the next 40 in a row that won’t be enough.

    3) It annually establishes our dominance in the state of Georgia (We Run This State) which is tremendous for recruiting.

    4) They still have the largest margin of victory and longest consecutive win streaks. We absolutely need to take both of those away.


    Wreck tech.

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