“He brings a lot to the table.”

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.

At best, Florida coach Dan Mullen is merely experiencing a down year. At worst, his team has plateaued and needs a leadership change.

The reality is probably somewhere in between.

For now, maybe.  Ask me again in another week.

Meanwhile, I think it’s safe to say this take hasn’t aged well.

“Good coaches are valuable,” Stricklin said before the season. “Dan, I think, is one of the top coaches in college football. You look at all the things he brings to the table from an experience standpoint, from an energy standpoint, from an intelligence standpoint, from an organizational standpoint. Then you add on top he might be the very best at coaching and developing the most important position on the field.

I’m starting to wonder if Stricklin’s seat is getting as warm as Mullen’s.


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25 responses to ““He brings a lot to the table.”

  1. practicaldawg

    I tend to agree. You can’t expect a coach to turn out 8-4 seasons every year. It’s understandable that 2021 would not live up to 2020. Cut the man some slack.

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  2. ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

    Stricklin hired Mullen based on a personal friendship with him (what does that say about Stricklin?) rather than an objective analysis. Stricklin probably should go too when Mullen does.

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  3. Dan Mullen is an absolute trash head coach. This is clear simply by the way he refuses to ever take responsibility or blame for anything.

    Losses are always his players failing to execute, him never being outcoached for some stupid reason like “we gained more yards!” (actually often a sign you got outcoached if the other team beat you with less stats), or some other bullshit external excuse.

    He is a total asshole who dodges accountability which is one of the worst possible character traits for a head coach, CEO, or leader.

    I hope they keep him forever. FTMF.

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  4. Whiskey Dawg

    When did the water boy become the most important position on the field.

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  5. iusedtopostasmikecooley

    Mullen is their Paul Johnson.

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  6. NotMyCrossToBear

    The qb developer line is bullshit and needs to be retired.

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  7. Texas Dawg

    When you read the Florida boards, they’re calling for Stricklin and Sideshow’s heads. Stricklin and McGoofy are from the same production lot and have been recalled as defective (We returned ours but apparently the TURDs lost their receipt and are stuck with theirs). Mullen is lazy (has to vacation at Lake Oconee instead of recruit) and just too weird (Lord Vader would like to have a word with the press) for words to be an effective HC at a major university. I hope they both retain their current positions at UF for as long as I’m alive. And #FTMF

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    • Down Island Way

      “Dan, I think, is one of the top coaches in college football.”…when the ad has to say “I think”, at that point he doesn’t think so…#FTMF


  8. whybotherdude

    Mullen is 100% a top coach. I think uf is lucky to have him. I never want him to leave uf.

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  9. spur21

    I’m pretty sure when Stricklin sits down he is sitting on his brain.

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  10. 69Dawg

    Pleaseeeee beat the ever loving S out of the Gayturds, Pleaseeee

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  11. sniffer

    And Stricklin says that DM brings intelligence and organizational talents to the job. What a load of shit. He has junk for assistants who can’t get the right arm band on the players and a DC who wouldn’t know “ready, set” if you spelled it and diagramed for him. I don’t have the time or inclination to take on the intelligence talent. I have to be somewhere tomorrow. Phuq ‘em all and phuq phlorda. I really hate that profane, delusional fan base. Orson Swindle/Spencer Hall aside.


    • sniffer

      Hey, Gillette, this week will you put out your thoughts and position on the Gators? Blutarsky is too measured and may have too much to lose. Plus he’s a wahoo educated attorney who was inoculated to say things like “on the other hand..”. But you? Look around at all the shiny appliances you haven’t thrown against a wall these past years and think about them as you consider losing to UF. Whatta ya got?

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      • Down Island Way

        Monday is right around the corner, the continuation of FU dislike week, every day, 24 hours a day for 6 glorious days for those who are front pew sitting, card carrying members of the gator hater club, rise up my brutha’s, speak your heart, tell the Dawg Nation…#FTMF


  12. drunkenmonken

    If Stricklin’s seat is warm it’s only because he shut his pants. It will cool soon enough.


  13. whb209

    Dan is in trouble. Kirby went to see Arch play last Friday, and Dan stayed home because of NCAA violations. I did not know or I just forgot the violations by UF.
    He is not good at recruiting when he does get to leave campus. This NCAA penalty might help his recruiting.

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  14. gotthepicture

    I hope we beat the ever-living shit out of them this week. Yes, that could lead to Florida reaching out to get a better head coach or a better DC, but I don’t really care. Just keep beating them as much and as badly as we can for the 20 span from 1990-2010.
    Even if they fire Dan this season, they’ll have to compete with LSU and USC for a coach. And somebody will F their search up… hopefully, not just USC.


  15. bigjohnson1992

    Right now, who would they hire that’d be better? Only Kiffin in my mind. With all the blue blood teams that are looking for new coaches, and no one really standing out as a replacement this year, they’d be fools to fire Mullet this year. My guess is Grantham will be sacrificed to please gator nation.


    • Bulldawg Bill

      “My guess is Grantham will be sacrificed to please gator nation.”
      Oh please, no!!!!!!! Anything but that!!!!!