Your Fernandina Beach PSA, revisited

If y’all will recall, it was about this time last year that I introduced everyone to Hamp Tanner’s brewery.

… after almost two years of renovation effort, Mocama Beer Company will open its doors this Tuesday, 11/3/20 at 629 S. 8th Street, Fernandina Beach. The building is at the intersection of 8th St and Gum St in an 18,000 square foot former Ford Dealership building built in 1953. We have a 3500 square foot taproom with 24 taps on the wall. We will have 10-12 distinct beers on tap this weekend.

I went and was, shall we say, well served.  As a plus, their flagship brew, Cosmico, was available at the Harris Teeter we usually shop at.  I can tell you from personal experience it makes for a fine accompaniment to an afternoon on the beach.

Anyway, enough background.  Hamp sent me an email about this year’s offerings and asked me to share the info with those of you heading to Amelia this week, so here goes.

In addition to being able to find Cosmico everywhere on the island and throughout Jax, we should have the following on tap for the Georgia-Florida weekend.

In no particular order:

Ruby Rosa Raspberry/Tart Cherry Berliner Weisse 4.8%

Prosim Pilsner 5.0%

Burial at Sea Baltic Porter 8.7%

2X Raspberry Ruby Rosa Berliner Weisse 4.8%

Moder Marzen 5.3%

Cosmico IPA 7.0%

Coconut Cosmico IPA 7.0%

Evocateur Coconut Porter 5.5%

Montreux Lager 4.6%

Rare Cargo Double IPA 8.3%

Cucumber Basil Gose 4.5%

We are going to be promoting Friday all day as a Georgia-Florida Special event with a food truck and hopefully looping the 1980 game on our one tv. Do you happen to know if that game is available on YouTube or elsewhere? [Ed. note:  It is!] If so, we can make that happen. I would really prefer to call it a Bulldog party, but the business owner in me recognizes that Gator dollars also help pay the bills. I am wide open to any input you may have regarding this party. In fact, if you believe Thursday would be a better day to promote a party, we could do that but I’m not sure if enough Dawgs are down here by Thursday. We will begin promoting it by this weekend.

On Wednesday next week we have a local band playing from 6-9. They are a jam, funk-fusion 5 piece that have been together for less than a year but are starting to sound really good.

… We are bigger and better this year. We have recently opened our coffee bar with outstanding coffee/espresso etc with a small selection of pastries. Coffee bar opens at 7:00 am every day. Our beer bar opens at 1:00 pm on Tues, Wed and Thurs and noon on Friday. 11:00 am on Sat-Sun.

I will be there Thursday.  If any of you are down there then, come drop by.  I’d love to meet you over some tasty brews.  Not to mention we need to shore up Hamp’s business plan. 😉


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23 responses to “Your Fernandina Beach PSA, revisited

  1. The Rare Cargo is so damn good! Highly recommended! It’s also a beautiful space & worth a visit or three.

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  2. Joshua Garrett

    And T Rays Friday morning, per routine


  3. JaxDawg

    Rare cargo and Cosmico are two of the best beers I’ve ever had. Go get ‘em, gentlemen.

    Fair warning, tho. Don’t drink an IPA you currently like right after you drink a Cosmico. It will ruin it for you.

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  4. Maybe put a line of tape down the taproom to separate the fans like at the stadium? See who you get more of?

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  5. David K

    Ruby Rosa Raspberry/Tart Cherry Berliner Weisse and Cucumber Basil Gose. Look out, there’s going to be some property destroyed tonight!

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    • Morris Day

      Came here to say, someone pick up some 6-packs to-go of Ruby Rosa Raspberry/Tart Cherry Berliner Weisse 4.8% and 2X Raspberry Ruby Rosa Berliner Weisse 4.8%… drop’em off at Lake Blackshear on your way back north. Those sound tasty to me!


  6. Might make it by there Thursday!


  7. Bluto, I wholeheartedly endorse this type of PSA…


  8. BA Baracus

    I could go for a Burial at Sea.

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  9. 81Dog

    Is any of this available on St Simon’s? I’d like to try the porters.


  10. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Burial at Sea is a great name for an 8.7% beer.

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  11. harpuadawg

    This long-time reader just moved to the island, mere blocks away from Mocama. Glad to hear this place is particularly dawg-friendly! Big fan of the Cosmico. Will make a point to kickoff the festivities here this year.


  12. Hamp Tanner

    A huge thank you to the Senator for the generous plug! Quick update: We have live music both Wednesday and Thursday this week from 6:00-9:00. We have ample outside seating for anyone who would prefer to not hear the music. Dogs are welcome in our outdoor seating as well. We do not have our restaurant open yet, but we have two menus of nearby restaurants from which you can order food to be delivered and you are absolutely welcome to bring in outside food. We often have guests bring in a pizza and enjoy it with our beer. We will have a Taco Truck on site Friday afternoon and evening. We look forward to seeing lots of Dawgs fans this week! Cheers and Go Dawgs!

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  13. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    Sadly, I will not be able to attend
    but i will be hunkered down in a Belgian bar tapping my foot to roll back home and fire up some pirated vpn to watch the Dawgs whoop dat turd ass!
    Allez les Dawgs!

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