Respect Their Authoriteh! 

This is adorable.

The non-profit organization Bowl Season that represents the 43 postseason bowl games has asked the College Football Playoff that all games in an expanded playoff be played entirely within the bowl system. In addition, the organization has asked for a spot at the table in further CFP discussion.

In a letter dated Monday and obtained by CBS Sports that went out to the 130 FBS presidents, athletic directors, coaches and 10 FBS commissioners, the organization stated:

“An expanded playoff should include all playoff games being played within the traditional Bowl structure, not the home site of one of the participating teams. The Bowls would provide a neutral, competitively fair setting for these games as they have throughout their history.”

I’m sure the schools will take that under advisement.

“To exclude Bowl games from any round of an expanded playoff would be harmful to Bowl Season, individual Bowls and their host communities, and post-season college football in general,” the letter states. “The future direction of college football has reached a volatile point. As a leader and caretaker of college athletics, we appreciate your consideration of the key role the Bowls play in your university experience.”

Fellas, that’s not a winning argument.  If you aren’t doing it for the kids, you aren’t doing it right.


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  1. ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

    College football should use the existing bowls for the playof imho.


  2. Castleberry

    Anybody else already doing the math on SECCG + Miami + Indy (trips & tickets). I’m all in.

    Just wait until it’s SECCG + Nashville + Miami + Indy (trips & tickets)??

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    • Castleberry

      I hit post too fast. Need that edit button.

      100% Brooks will want that Nashville money in his wallet.

      1000% Kirby is already planning that as a bonus recruiting weekend – one day before the early signing period, amirite?

      Saban already doing the calculus on whether it’s better to take a lower seed in order to host on the above…


    • Indy in winter is hot garbage…. Well, frozen stinky garbage, actually. Spent too many weekends there for NFL Combines over the years. No thanks! (But if you go, get a steak from St Elmos)

      Barney’s Beanery in Burbank sounds like a wonderful place to crown the Dawgs!

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  3. MGW

    “Y’all should give us your easy money and make the schools and their fans travel all over the country for as many as 5 weeks (including conference championships), during the holidays.”

    “You should also bring back horses and carriages, candle sticks, and top hats.”

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  4. W Cobb Dawg

    Well, if the bowl people can cite sellouts and profligate sponsors to support their case maybe they’ll get consideration. Me thinks the goal is to keep their existing bowl AND add a playoff for extra $$.

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  5. miltondawg

    “As a leader and caretaker of college athletics”…rich.

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  6. siskey

    I like the Bowls but I like the old-school randomness often dumb bowls before the coalition and/or the BCS. That being said I would rather play the earlier playoff games on campus. It would be awesome to see a playoff game at Sanford stadium.

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  7. You have to wonder what the bowls offer in this day and age – a nice trip for the kids with a winning season – but as far as atmosphere and making the playoffs exciting – they would be a massive step down compared to home sites. I think you need to reward the higher ranked teams to keep the regular season from totally turning into college basketball. If round 1 of the playoffs are gonna be in some neutral site anyway, whats the point of playing your starters vs GT? Or risking an injury in a conference championship if you’ll make the field anyway?

    All the money for the bowls is in TV contracts now. We will see if the good ol boys at the NCAA throws the good ol boys at the bowl organization a lifeline at the expense of the sport/fans/atmosphere.

    I certainly hope not.

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  8. classiccitycanine

    Bowl season will be totally meaningless if the Playoff expands. If I was in charge, we would play all the bowls and rank the teams afterwards. 1 & 2 in the final poll would play for the Natty.


  9. After 40 years of watching college football…… I am ready for bowls to die.

    I hate the bowl system.

    Most of them are absolute trash and they are rotted by IOC-like corruption.

    My only concerns about CFP expansion are negatives to the regular season, that’s it. Impacts on the stupid, worthless bowls mean nothing to me.

    Get rid of the idiotic bowls. They are fucking garbage.


    • Gaskilldawg

      The nice thing about bowl season is that you don’t have to watch.
      If 30,000 people want to attend a college football game in late December and a few million want to watch on television how are you harmed?

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