Back to Atlanta

In convincing fashion:


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  1. W Cobb Dawg

    Gotta wonder if Stoops decision to score that last TD against us, come he’ll or high water, contributed to this loss.

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  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Ah, 1993, when Miami was the Death Star.


  3. It would have been better to clench next week. I’d like to see Ky give Tn more of a fight. We’re not losing to Mo one way or the other


    • theorginaldawgabides

      Yeah, I’m hoping to see UK play a real physical game that goes late into the night and takes a toll on the Vols already depleted depth.

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      • amurraycuh

        In the UK game vs the dawgs they didn’t quit even though they didn’t have a chance to win. I believe UK is instilling the trait to fight regardless of the scoreboard. I look for them to pound UT in the ground. UT will continue to fade as the season progresses and the lack of depth compounds.


  4. Way to go Dawgs!!! Now clinch a National Championship. If this is not the year, there may never be another one. Go Dawgs!!


    • RangerRuss

      “there may never be another one.” Get the fuck outa Dodge with that passive-aggressive troll chickenshit. Take that to stinktalk where it’s welcome.

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  5. When are game times coming out for this weekend? We are probably going to end up at noon, but Bama/LSU isn’t compelling this year. Could we end up in the ESPN prime time spot because Disney wants to put the week 1 #1 in the CFP rankings in prime time?


  6. argondawg

    Anybody see this troll from Kirby

    If I was a fan that one would sting.

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    • I hope someone shows Spurrier this. UGA has the best players on signing day and game day now asshole.

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      • siskey

        To your point look at Dean. He was very highly ranked and then came in and played really early. I didn’t think he’d live up to his rating but this year he has played as well as anyone in the country and is approaching Roquan in 2017 territory. What’s great is that we have 5 guys behind him who will if not totally take his place will likely be 80% as good. Go Dawgs!

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    • I saw it last night. Andy Staples and Ari Wasserman were all over it on this morning’s podcast from Staples.


    • Oh the Daily Gator is all over it…and agreeing with Kirby. They’ve gone from hate to admiration of our HC…or at least envy.

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      • originaluglydawg

        The Daily Gator is a laughing stock of turds.

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        • iusedtopostasmikecooley

          It has been fun watching them go from strangely cocky early in the week, “If we start AR-15 we win in a blowout” to apoplectic last night and this morning, to fatalistic and resigned this afternoon. That is one heck of a ride to take in a week. It seems like now most of them just want to get rid of Sideshow Dan and start over. Very few are hanging on to “AR-15” being a generational player, and they are openly admitting Georgia is just beyond them at this point as a program.

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    • I thought you just had to have “It” to win.


    • Russ

      LOL! Kirby is just grinding the salt into Derpy Dan’s wounds. Love it!



  7. practicaldawg

    It’s not our fault the SEC east is hot garbage