Outgained, but not outplayed

There’s a lot of mockery being thrown Florida’s way — deservedly so — for managing to win the total yardage battle Saturday.  Because of the score, mainly (and obviously), but also because if you dig down and look at yards per play, it’s a very different story.  The Gators averaged 4.80 ypp, almost two yards below their seasonal average, while Georgia gained 6.81 yards per play, just a tick above their seasonal average.

What’s of interest to me is that in their last two games, Georgia’s offense ran its two lowest number of plays this year, 47 against Kentucky and 52 against Florida.  I can’t say that keeping the Dawgs’ offense off the field is a key to beating Georgia, but it might be a key to keep from being badly blown out on the scoreboard.  Or winning the total yardage battle…


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  1. godawgs1701

    You’ll still get blown out, obviously, as Dopey Dan and his merry band of mouthbreathers learned on Saturday. Just not “badly” blown out, I guess.


    • pdawg30577

      I don’t know where else to put this, but this must be the best game reaction video I’ve ever seen, even if it is from a Bammer. (Probably not safe for work unless all of your coworkers are non-Church-Lady Georgia fans)

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      • This gentleman should call in to Pawwwwwwwl

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        • originaluglydawg

          Typical gump attitude (and vocabulary).
          They all wanted to see UF and UTn beat Georgia because they’re worried. Not just worried about this year, but for the future.
          Not a single gump I know has even considered that they have to play and beat a pretty good Auburn team to even get to play Georgia.
          The gumps are too busy obsessing about Georgia.

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  2. siskey

    It makes you have that much more faith in the defense. Thus far there has been no glaring issue that anyone has been able to take advantage of. I get nervous about Young and the Bama receivers but their O-Line is not a vintage Bama line and their defense is going to be tested by Bobo and Auburn in a few weeks.

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  3. uga97

    It seems Keeping dogs defense OFF the field & keeping our O on the field seems to be the key to the other team having chances weirldly. A Team D that creates long slow drives for Monken increases their chances of a takeaway from Bennett & more chances for a forced fumble or strip from the RBs. Strange weird formula.

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    • Biggen

      Isn’t that crazy? The key to beating us is keeping our offense on the field that averages 35+ PPG. Can you imagine being in on those game plan meetings for the opposing team leading up to a game against us?

      “Coach [insert whoever]. We think we have the perfect game plan. We need them to have long sustained drives against us and we have to hope and pray we get a turnover every drive because that is the only path to victory”.*


  4. Ran A

    Before the Clemson game, all we heard from their fan base is that Georgia didn’t beat a good team last year. Last lost was Florida, here comes the next. In other words, “they ain’t played nobody”.

    Arkansas: Clemson sucks. “They ain’t played nobody”.

    Auburn: Clemson and Arkansas suck. “They ain’t played nobody”.

    Kentucky: Clemson, Arkansas, Auburn Suck. “They ain’t played nobody”.

    Florida: Clemson, Arkansas, Auburn and Kentucky suck. “They ain’t played no body”.

    And even if UT loses to Kentucky (meaning a loss to Kentucky and UF), that those hillbillies will be telling each other “they ain’t played nobody”.

    Tech… Naw… They may be arrogant a$$ hats, but they are not that stupid.

    Bama: “They ain’t played nobody”…

    Georgia is going to hear this until they get to the playoffs and if Bama slips, whoever they play will be telling each other, “they ain’t played nobody”. “The SEC is down.”…

    There is a chance that Georgia will not have played anybody until they beat EVERYBODY…

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    • stoopnagle

      All of the non-Dawg media I consume seem to think it’s ours to lose. I’m not feeling any disrespect out in the world of those who are paying attention.

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  5. That’s why I’m not buying into the QB controversy as to whether or not the Mailman can “keep” up with opposing offenses. GA’s offense scores in bunches and then grinds out the clock…wears down opposing defenses. You can see that the offense trusts the defense to do its job and hold down our opponents. We have a third of the season left, and I think we’ll see JT again at some point, maybe some this Sat against Mizzou…and I fully expect Monken to open the playbook to knock the rust off (not to run up the score). We’re in a great spot as far as depth is concerned…a great problem to have.

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  6. bucketheridge

    Mullen is fond of responding that his team is ___ points away from being equal to programs after his moral victory losses. I don’t think I’d have been able to resist asking if they were 27 points behing Georgia at Saturday’s presser.

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    • fisheriesdawg


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    • 81Dog

      they did ask him about whether the gap is closing between Florida and Georgia. He shrugged, and sarcastically snapped “They beat us this year, we beat them last year. So, that’s the gap.”


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      • tenesseewasnevergreat

        He could have at least said that we’ve beaten their asses three out of four years. That doesn’t come close to describing “the gap,” but it sure as hell isn’t a toss-up.


  7. Texas Dawg

    It’s hard to gain a lot of yards when you start deep in the opponents end of the field.

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  8. charlottedawg

    We won the total yardage battle against Florida in 2008, the fact that nobody knows/ remembers ought to tell you how important that metric isolated by itself is.

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    • Had Good Stetson shown up, the final score would have looked exactly like that. The game was exactly the same. Florida was hanging around in a game that everyone could see they had no business being in, they got backed up in bad field position (for UGA in 08, it was a punt downed at the 2), and the dam broke with turnovers.


  9. So YPG— The Gatahs 2nd Greatest Statement Loss of 2021.

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  10. spur21

    When you suck you find a win anywhere you can – gotta love it.

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  11. originaluglydawg

    Anyone else have Gump friends that wanted to talk about the Georgia/Florida game last week but haven’t let out a peep since Saturday evening? I do. They’ve been quiet as a church mouse.
    You would think it’s the middle of May instead of the first of November by their silence on CFB. While pretending to be neutral about the game, I knew they were secretly hoping and praying for the turds to beat the Dawgs by more than two points. This would salve their small minded fears.
    Had the Dawgs lost, I’d have heard from them (in sympathetic tones) wanting to talk about it.
    This is way off subject…but I wanted to see if anyone else has noticed this about the Gumpsters.
    And it’s why I, refusing to be phony like a Bama fan, will openly say I hope Auburn pounds that ass in the Iron Bowl. I don’t care for Auburn but Bama fans are complete idiots.

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    • Ran A

      We want Bama is like asking for an on coming train. But call me stupid. I do want it to be Alabama – not Auburn. Want to beat them straight up and then beat whoever is in front of the Dawgs the next two games and if Bama ends up being the last team – so be it.

      It’s time to shut the Gumps up…

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    • Harold Miller

      I work with a couple of them. One is big time contributor. Here is what he said, and I realize this will be shocking. “1980” Seriously that’s all he had. The other one is pretty much whistling past the graveyard.


  12. mg4life0331

    Mama said The reason them gators so angry is cause they run all dem play but don’t get no yardage.

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  13. uga97

    Bama O ain’t gonna just hand us the ball inside their own 25 nor will they just hand our O a TD if they do. We need cold pod to turn hot these next 4 games.

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  14. The Truth

    It irks me a little that I don’t think I’ve seen the term “blown out” used by the media to describe Saturday’s game as much as last year given that they beat us by 16 and we beat them by 27?

    Oh, well, mild irritant when your team is #1 in the land.

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  15. originaluglydawg

    Is there any news, any expectations, any hope that George Pickens is close to ready?


  16. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Hey, for all the Mike Leach haters out there:

    In nine seasons at Mississippi State, Dan MuLLLLen had 6 wins against Top-25 teams.

    In two seasons at Mississippi State, Mike Leach has 4 wins against Top-25 teams.

    For what it’s worth.

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    • tenesseewasnevergreat

      Mike Leach is the “X’s an O’s guy” that the media makes Dan out to be. Dan is just a clown.

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    • I’m not a Leach hater. I think he is definitely figuring out how to adapt his version of the Air Raid to the requirements of playing in the SEC. It seemed he mixed in some good power run game to go with flinging the ball all over the yard against the UKitties on Saturday night.


  17. MGW

    Short fields.


  18. Christopher Moore

    Yards per point and plays per point capture this well – lower is better on offense, higher is better on defense. Georgia (11.1 yard per point) is right behind Bama (10.8) in offensive yards per point, and offensive plays per point. Bama is running 73 plays per game, and averaging 1.59 plays per point (they need 11.3 plays to get 7). Georgia is running 62 plays per game. I suspect our low play count is influenced by our preference to run the ball, especially toward the end of the game, and our starting field position resulting from our special teams dominance.

    If Georgia’s average play count were 68, for example, we would be averaging over 41 points per game – all else being equal.

    Another common misperception is that Georgia’s offense is not explosive. If you define big plays as plays over 20 yards then those account for 8.6% of our offensive plays – again, that’s best in the SEC. Bama is second at 8.1%.


    • Christopher Moore

      On defense, Georgia is averaging an absolutely stupid 34.2 yards per point! Opposing offenses have to drive almost 240 yards to get a touchdown and an extra point on us. This is far and away the best in the country. Clemson is closest to us at 21.3 yards per point.


  19. erksshadow

    I enjoyed the Dawgs win over a 4-3 Florida team much more than I enjoyed the win over a 6-0 Kentucky team. The sound defeat of an arch rival is oh so much better.