War Damn Eagle!

There’s a narrative that started bubbling up to the top this week I don’t get.  It seems that members of the pundit class are coming to grips with the thought that Auburn has turned things around and looks to be headed for bigger things.  Here’s Adam Rittenberg ($$) with an example of that thinking:

Like any new coaching staff, Auburn needed time to evaluate players during in-season practices, make changes and craft an identity, especially on offense. The Tigers lost Sept. 18 at Penn State and trailed Georgia State into the final minute the following week before scoring twice.

Harsin made some bold decisions, such as benching Nix against Georgia State and firing wide receivers coach Cornelius Williams the following day. Auburn then fell behind 13-0 at LSU before rallying to win behind Nix in what has become the team’s signature quarter. Auburn suddenly finds itself ranked No. 12 and tied with Alabama in the loss column for first place in the SEC West Division.

He breaks Auburn’s season into two phases: started 2-1; since 4-1.  I guess I’m missing the dramatic turnaround.  The Tigers went from losing to Penn State on the road and avoiding an embarrassing upset (with a little timely help from the officials) at the hands of Georgia State to… beating a subpar LSU team and a beat up, shorthanded Ole Miss team while getting walloped at home by Georgia.  That’s progress?

The defense shut out LSU, Arkansas and Ole Miss in the fourth quarter of recent wins.

Cool beans.  Georgia’s defense shut Auburn out in the second and fourth quarters of their recent loss.

The Tigers finish their season playing three ranked conference opponents in their last four games.  I guess we’ll see how much traction this narrative holds.


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  1. I’m guessing the Barn emerges from November with 3 or 4 losses.

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  2. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    they go 2-2 in the last 4

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  3. jcdawg83

    I don’t care for Auburn.

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  4. Granthams Replacement

    It’s all hype for TV ratings.

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  5. Biggen

    They still have Bo Nix. This can’t be discounted. He makes a lot of really bad decisions sometimes. He will make guys miss with his feet only to throw an INT or errant pass when he could have just stayed in the pocket in the first place.

    They seem to be using Tank more now which is something that was always a bit perplexing earlier when he wasn’t featured as much. But they don’t have much behind him and, in the SEC, you need more than one bell cow.

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  6. gastr1

    Seems as though you could say the very same thing about Texas A & M.
    Admittedly I’m interested in how the Aggie-Barn showdown plays out on Saturday.

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  7. bulldogbry

    I miss playing the Barn in November and crushing any remaining dreams they had.

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    • Biggen

      I didn’t mind crushing their dreams early this year. They still have the meat of their schedule in November to crush their remaining dreams with!

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  8. mddawg

    I hope they win out so we can beat them a 2nd time this season.

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  9. They’re better because they’ve removed the Gus chaotic volatility, but I think disciplined, talented teams will beat them. After all, the only 2 they’ve played this year did.

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    • Muttley

      Every guy they’ve brought in since Doug Barfield- Dye, Bowden, Tommy of the T’ubervilles, ChiZook, MalZook- they’ve all started with a leveling-off effect, because their predecessor- Barfield, Dye, Bowden, Tommy of the T’ubervilles, ChiZook, MalZook- left the program in a shambles. It’s the equivalent of a post-election bounce, a calm before the shitstorm. This is Auburn football.

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  10. practicaldawg

    I’m taking a Barnhart stance on Auburn: We’ll know more after Nix faces the 12th man this Saturday

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  11. Previously Paul

    I don’t think November will be kind to Auburn.


    • practicaldawg

      They thought they fixed that by moving our game to October

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      • archiecreek

        You are correct, practical,
        Same Karma that befell the blue pussy cats with that chicken shit timeout at the end of the game will befell the East Alabama Reform School for that chicken shit reason to move the UGA game.
        Karma’s a bitch,
        then you lose!!


  12. Derek

    Beating two ranked sec teams by double digits back to back is not nothing. Lets see where auburn is next Saturday afternoon. They’ve got a third ranked sec team in row to play Saturday at college station and the next week MSU and no one beats the Pirate’s (unranked) team, because he’s so gd good the coachin’ and stuff, amirite?

    If they’re still at 1 conf loss in ten days, thats a pretty good first year showing no matter what happens in the iron bowl.

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  13. I get the doubt about Auburn…. they’ve earned it. I’m not buying that they’ll fly through November unscathed and make it to the SECCG….


    What if Texas A&M does? Meaning TAMU wins out, and Auburn defeats Bama at home, sending TAMU to the SECCG? If someone put a gun to my head and made me choose which one was more likely I’d go with TAMU no question.

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  14. fisheriesdawg

    I don’t think Auburn has really gotten any better, but I do think they’ve got a chance in the Iron Bowl because this Bama team is less consistent than normal and Auburn is talented enough to take advantage of some breaks going their way.

    No clue how they match up with A&M, to be honest. They’re on the road so I don’t like their chances as much for that one.

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  15. biggusrickus

    Nix played fairly well against Georgia and followed it up with his two best back-to-back performances of his career. Beating A&M is going to be tough, and Nix may revert back to leaving the pocket when he doesn’t have to, but they’re definitely a better team now than they were when they nearly lost to Georgia State.

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  16. iusedtopostasmikecooley

    Good Lord I thought we were done talking about Bo Nix.

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  17. Harold Miller

    Given his propensity for outlandish calls and hound doggyness with coeds, would Lane Kiffin be the new Les Miles?

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    • iusedtopostasmikecooley

      I don’t know but those sad sacks over at the Florida 247 board want him BAD. That or they want The Old Ballsack to coach the rest of the season. That’s how pitiful they are. Spurrier is seventy years old and hasn’t coached in six years and they are talking about that and being serious.

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      • spur21

        Desperate times calls for desperate talking.

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      • Muttley

        Oh, please, please, please, Football Gods- bring back Steve F. Spurrier at Florida. Bring him back to us for a full year. Deliver him unto Jacksonville for us, with extra mustard. Do this one thing for us and all will be forgiven.

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        • siskey

          I would love to see Kirby shirtless during the Florida game as the camera pans from him flexing across the way to his counterpart and then to Goff and Donnan sitting in one of the boxes as a disheveled Spurrier his visor already torn and stomped beneath him attempts to run one more levels play down by 60 points in the 4th Quarter.

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        • iusedtopostasmikecooley

          Well one thing we know about the Old Ball Sack is his ego ain’t gonna let him take on that pile of shit. As much as he would love to bask in all the glory if he could make them respectable he ain’t gonna risk the possibility of not being able to do it. His ego couldn’t take it. Fuck that old wrinkled up quitter.

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          • Muttley

            The beauty of it is that he has been made irrelevant on all possible fronts: Meyer surpassed him at MFU, he was irrelevant in the pros, and immediately following Meyer’s abdication MFU reverted 100% to its Dickey-Pell-Hall true self. These are your dad’s Gators. For bonus effect, SCU is also exactly what it had been and ever will be.


      • 79dawg

        The only guy less interested in recruiting than Mullen is Steve….

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  18. Ran A

    I don’t care for Auburn….

    Right there with the Senator. QB1 had played much better. He basically won the Arkansas game. But Ole Miss was missing their 3 top receivers AND QB1 was playing on a bad ankle and even came out of the game for a couple of series for treatment. Add to it, Kippin’s poor play-calling and you have the perfect mix for an Auburn victory.

    They are at A&M, home against The Pirate, at South Carolina and home against Alabama.

    I think they lose this weekend. Not discounting MSU. (Weird team – if the good team shows up – they’ll beat Auburn, if they were home, I would take them straight up). South Carolina should be a win and I think Alabama wins by 10 or more.

    Will give Haskin’s credit; much more discipline team and BoBo has QB1 playing more within himself, but he’s still a very selfish player – wouldn’t want him.

    And there is that little thing of being ranked 34th in the nation in recruiting, 13th in the SEC and 10th in the SEC of the average recruit “rating” given by 247. Guessing that will improve somewhat, but they are going to struggle to crack the top 20 – which means this guy needs to become the new “Portal-Master”. I can already hear the Auburn faithful claiming that he is the Mel Tucker of the SEC…


    I don’t care for Auburn…

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  19. siskey

    Nix and Auburn will give Bama a really good game and can beat them. Nix will be a really good QB when we face them next year assuming Bobo stays at Auburn.


    • Ran A

      Your not by yourself in thinking this. I’ve read a ton of comments that reflect yours. (Not saying this is you, but many of them clearly just want to avoid Alabama).

      Personally, I get the feeling that Alabama is just going to dust them.

      And then I really believe that Georgia is going to dust Alabama. It is the first time that I thought Georgia was the more talented team, with the more veteran group.

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      • siskey

        I am leery of Bama even though we have played with or outplayed them the last 3 times we’ve played. My basis for what Auburn will do against them is based both in Auburn’s play and what seems to me to be a lesser Bama team than the ones they have had the last few years. The 2019 Bama team that lost to Auburn looks like a lot better team to me than the 2021 version. In a perfect world we put an epic ass whipping on them in the SEC Championship game but I really doubt that we will get the chance.


  20. uga97

    Harsin is a good coach & eye test is he has them playing sound disciplined fb in all 3 facets, says the WR yips. He could easily take the 1st year coach mulligan and brush off 2021 and not go bowling. But, he’s got this team playing hard & above their expectations. Gus would be 4-4 by now.


  21. Holol Iday

    “…a beat up, shorthanded Ole Miss”

    I’d add, “at home, coming off a bye, and were favored at open by a single point.” I’ll admit I said “FREE MONEY” when I saw that line, but it’s still gotta hurt the old pride!


  22. Faltering Memory

    I don’t care for Auburn…Sounds like a dog whistle to me.

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  23. originaluglydawg

    I’ve mentioned that Bama could very well lose to Auburn.
    Bama struggled mightily in the hostile noise and atmosphere of The Swamp.
    They lost to the 12th man hysteria at TAM.
    It’s going to be worse than that at Auburn.
    If the Tiggers can grab a lead or even keep it close it could happen. Alabama isn’t the juggernaut everyone thinks it is. I point again to the UF and to the TAM games. They can be had, esp on the road.
    They have also had trouble tackling. Both Tank and Bo are hard to tackle and could do some wear and tear on that defensive front. Dawgs had some trouble penning Bo up (he just didn’t have anyone with hands to throw to) so you can imagine he’ll do some damage.
    For me, it’s a meteor game that will likely determine if we see the Tide or TAM in Atlanta.
    Isn’t the SECCG the very next Sat? While Georgia will have the luxury of playing a relative cupcake that same week, Bama will have to prepare heavily for AU and could get beaten up even if they win.
    On the other hand, Kirby won’t know which team to prepare for until after the Iron, but I’ll bet he’s already prepping for Bama.
    (I can climb the water tower in a nearby town and just about see over into Alabamastan so I deal with the Bozo fans of both teams a smidgen more than I’d like to)

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    • fisheriesdawg

      I love watching the triple option and hate that there’s not a major (giggle) college football team running it any more, but I’m quite happy that we’re not having to play triple option Georgia Tech the week before the SECCG this year. Even when they sucked it was a pain to deal with. The only caveat was that it definitely had us ready for the rematch with Gus’s offense in 2017 given that a lot of the same concepts are applied.


  24. If Auburn makes it to Atlanta, they will do so with a very real chance of becoming the first two-loss team to enter the CFP, having dispatched with both Alabama and Georgia in a 2-week span.

    This must not be allowed.

    Auburn Sucks,

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  25. Russ

    They seem to be playing a little more consistently lately. The Aggie game wi be key. Get by that, and I think they have a real shot at Bama. Lose to the Aggies and they may limp through the rest of the season.

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  26. godawgs1701

    Auburn’s a good team! I thought so after we left Jordan-Hare. They definitely had some opportunities to make that game closer and didn’t capitalize.

    But this narrative is 100% owed to the fact that the national media and national fans severely over-value Ole Miss because last year they almost beat Alabama. This year, Ole Miss hasn’t really done all that much. They’ve beaten up some lesser teams, and they’ve won some thrillers also against some lesser teams that in hindsight don’t look as great (52-51 vs. Arkansas and the mustard game in Tennessee). They got stroked by Alabama this year. And then Auburn goes out and beats them. I do think Auburn is a good team, but I’ll be surprised if they get a win in Aggieland and I’ll be very, very surprised if they were to win that and then follow it up with a win over Bama. I know the Iron Bowl is in Jordan-Hare and it’s always an unpredictable place to play – but I saw what a demonstrably better team can do in Jordan-Hare when Georgia visited. Maybe Harsin builds something special there, but he’s playing Saban with Saban holding all the cards. Narrative will be busted – but it will also quiet down after Ole Miss struggles to beat Liberty and loses to A&M next week, too.


    • stoopnagle

      Mississippi has won the games it was supposed to, and lost the ones it wasn’t. You got it right. They’re fun, for sure.


  27. It wouldn’t read Adam Rittenberg$$ if he printed a free paper and threw it in my yard every morning. In fact, I would call the law for littering.


  28. unionjackgin

    Just like my comments for the initial CFP rankings, we have reached a point in the season where a lot of the media does a lot of talking around scenarios to keep things fresh.

    In the SEC, we have wrapped up the East. We will be enormous favorites in every game and barring a letdown, our games will be “boring” to the national media until the game in Atlanta.

    So all of the intrigue in the conference is going to be on the West half until that is decided. They are hopeful that it will remain a discussion until the Iron Bowl.