Adversity comes in waves.

This is turning out to be a fine morning.

Mr. Jones, you’re up, buddy.


UPDATE:  Bad news for Mizzou, too.


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37 responses to “Adversity comes in waves.

  1. Russ

    Get him healthy. Jones has played well so I expect the same from him.

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  2. Biggen

    Not terribly worried because we aren’t playing any D line world beaters the rest of this month. But we need you Mr. Salyer for what comes down the road.

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  3. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    I’ll take, “The one offensive lineman that Georgia can’t lose to injury if they want to win a National Title,” for $800, Alex.

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  4. I’m gonna be the optimist in the room here. This is a good way to get real game reps for the guys who will be stepping up next year. Minimal risk involved.

    The x factor is whether its really just a couple of games for JS

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  5. Are we past the trade deadline?

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  6. iusedtopostasmikecooley

    It came at the best time it could have. Not exactly a ferocious bunch of defenses this month. Let him heal up. What is up with these boys’ feet though?

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  7. Eric Trowbridge

    What is it with all the foot injuries? Are stomping drills part of the daily practice regimen? (More likely) are the shoes Nike provides unadulterated shite?

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    • The Truth

      Yeah, Nike needs to beat that Chinese slave labor a little harder, paragons of virtue that they are.

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    • We’ve been through this before I think. Nike is the best of a bad bunch. Under Armor is worse, to the point that multiple schools have threaded to void their contract before due to inferior equipment.

      By all accounts, adidas actually made the best cleats, in part due to their soccer DNA, but are poorly managed and couldn’t really maintain a foothold in sponserships.

      I think it just is what it is here.

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      • siskey

        I have a friend who coached at an Under Armor school a few years back and they were having so many knee and feet issues that he said his players only wore UA on game day.

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        • They’re awful. I think it was South Carolina under spurrier that threatened to wean Nike shoes and UA jerseys if they didn’t figure it out.

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        • miltondawg

          Years ago one of my sons had a pair of UA cleats for football. Those tall ones that came up about four to six inches above the ankle. After a couple/three of weeks of practice, he would literally get in the car to go home and nearly be in tears and just wanted them off his feet. Doing research, which sadly I hadn’t done beforehand, told me that UA cleats are absolute garbage and truly bad for feet. My kids have since then worn nothing but New Balance cleats for football and lacrosse and have loved every pair they’ve had and can wear them comfortably, for example, for hours at a lacrosse tournament where they play multiple games over a six hour period.

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    • back9k9

      I don’t really care if Nike wants to sell their shit shoes all day at Dicks, but they should really have a high performance line for high level athletes.

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  8. Terry McCullers

    O hell Here we go with this day to day stuff.


  9. siskey

    Senator, do you think this makes them shuffle the OL any or just put Jones in at LT?


  10. gastr1

    Wow, with Bazelek out, I have a hard time seeing them scoring. Maybe we only score 48 rather than 62 without Jamaree, but at this point they’ll effectively be Vanderbilt.

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  11. godawgs1701

    At this point it certainly appears clear that the Atlanta Braves used any and all positive sports karma for the state. Pretty selfish, baseball dudes. Pret-tee selfish.

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    • Dawg19

      Let’s also remember that the Braves lost Acuna, Soroka, Ozuna, and Morton and still pulled it off. The Dawgs are in a much better situation depth-wize than the Braves.

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  12. If true that Bazelak is out, this is likely an epic beatdown in the making. That might make that 38 point spread enticing to some.

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  13. Mizzou QB came down with a sudden case of “oh hell no!” and made a business decision. Backup QB was last seen traveling west on bicycle and shivering.

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  14. mddawg

    It’s only bad news for Mizzou if we’ve learned how to beat a backup QB. Judging by how we handled Anthony Richardson, maybe we’ve gotten that monkey off our back.

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  15. uga97

    Glass slipper broke, clock hit midnight and he turned into the clown pumpkin on October 31.


  16. whb209

    The Jamaree injury is a problem, but the BIG problem and the thing that this great team did NOT need is the Adam Anderson problem. I hope with all my heart that this team has the leadership to over come this.

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  17. originaluglydawg

    Kirby sure plays his cards close to the vest. I wonder how close George Pickens is to being on the field. Wouldn’t it be great to have his re-emergence at CMR Field in ATL against NATS?

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  18. Almost glad he will miss the UT game so he doesn’t get seriously injured on their shitty field.