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Your game day post, Mizzou edition

Yeah, okay, so this one isn’t expected to be all that close.  In fact, someone pointed out that Missouri hasn’t covered the spread in a single game all season long.  Throw in a run defense that leaks like a sieve and a quarterback getting his first collegiate start against Georgia’s defense for the second week in a row and you’ve got the makings of a real rout.

My only concerns about the spread stem from a worry about turnovers — three last week, remember — and Georgia running the ball so much that game time simply peels away.

Who starts at quarterback today doesn’t interest me nearly as much as seeing if any of the injured receivers make it back to the field.

Which do you think is more likely, two Georgia running backs with over 100 apiece, or a Georgia quarterback attempting more than 15 passes?  Yeah, me, too.

Stay healthy, guys.  Please.

Comments are there for y’all.  Have at ’em.



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Your (non-Dawg) game day post

Here’s today’s slate of games:

Certainly there are a few juicy morsels on the list worth our attention:

  • Liberty at Ole Miss.  Freeze versus the Laner on Freeze’s old stomping grounds should be fun.  Wonder what they’ll share with each other pre-game.
  • Michigan State at Purdue.  This one could be tricky for the Spartans.
  • Auburn at Texas A&M.  The battle to see who keeps pace with ‘Bama.
  • Mississippi State at Arkansas.  Can the Hogs escape the cellar in the SEC West?
  • LSU at Alabama.  A shadow of its former self, the main question is whether Saban decides to pound the crap out of a lame duck Coach O.  My guess is that he tells his team to sweep the leg.
  • Florida at South Carolina.  My only interest here is driven by morbid curiosity:  does Mullen’s team quit on Mullen?

What looks good to y’all?


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Herbie weighs in on you-know-what.

I was prepared to trash his take on the Georgia quarterbacking situation, but, you know what?  This isn’t half bad:

On the ESPN College Football Podcast, Herbstreit said Daniels has a high football IQ, according to offensive coordinator Todd Monken.

“He’ll make a throw, whether it’s a touchdown or an incompletion or an interception, kind of the same guy, right?” Herbstreit told Matt Barrie, via On3. “Monken told me this year his pre-snap ability to look into the eyes of a difference, he said, is elite. … He’s still trying to master the system and where to go with the ball, if they move pre-snap to post.

As for Bennett, Herbstreit believes he brings a different skillset.

“He has a chip on his shoulder,” Herbstreit said. “Everyone’s told him he sucks. Everyone’s told him, ‘Look at you. What? You’re not the quarterback at Georgia.’ He takes all that personally. I think he’s doing a better job of protecting the ball. … He does just enough wiggle and just enough ‘screw you’ kind of approach that the combination of those two things provides the intangibles that you need, that fit with everything else Georgia has going for them.”


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You know how to *take* the reservation, you just don’t know how to *hold* the reservation.

It may be time to re-evaluate Coach O’s recruiting prowess.

That’s a five-star missing list if I’ve ever seen one.


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It’s another Saturday in Athens!

Mark Richt is here to inspire you to get your ass out of bed and on the road this morning.

Let’s do this.


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