Junior, embarrassed?


Okay, maybe not.

“I have no affiliation with the Ole Miss football Twitter site, even though it may sound strange, and I first learned about the tweets after my press conference when Keith Carter told me about them,” Kiffin told ESPN. “I’m completely embarrassed that anyone would put something out there like that making it look like it was a part of Ole Miss football. It was extremely disrespectful, bush league and classless, and I apologize, even though I had nothing to do with it, to Liberty and Hugh Freeze.”

Although I can’t help but wonder if deep down in places the Laner doesn’t talk about at parties, he gave a silent thumbs up.

By the way, it wasn’t that it was just making it look like it was a part of Ole Miss football, dude.  It came from Ole Miss football’s Twitter account.


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13 responses to “Junior, embarrassed?

  1. Russ

    Those were two awesome tweets, and Hugh Sleaze deserved it all.

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  2. gurkhadawg

    It’s not on subject, but I gotta say something. After watching Bama play against LSU’s second string defense and looking pretty bad, I just want to say that any QB questions for us are irrelevant. Bama will not be a competitive game if they make it to the SECCG. I don’t see anybody who has more than a punchers chance against us.

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    • Gurkha, I agree that our defense can contain the Tide. I am really concerned about whether our offense can do enough to beat Bama on a neutral field.

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      • I am still baffled by the struggles in the run game for Georgia. That was the 130th ranked run defense in the country and Georgia still had issues running the ball. Florida can’t stop anyone from running the ball either and Georgia wasn’t dominate in the run game in Jacksonville last week.


  3. Hugh and Liberty are a match made in Righteous Gemstones heaven. May he never lose enough to get fired and never win enough to to escape.

    They deserve each other.

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  4. Remember the Quincy

    Does anyone actually believe that the HC of an SEC program has “no affiliation” with that football program’s Twitter feed? And especially a HC that is a noted Twitter troll himself?

    Yeah, that’s a load of BS, Junior.

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  5. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    I hope lane is not the next turd coach


  6. Spell Dawg

    I doubt you’d have to go too far down into the Laner’s psyche. Dude loves to troll, guaranteed he loved the tweets at a level just below public admission to that love.

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  7. Texas Dawg

    Ole Miss might have been embarrassed, but Junior? I don’t think it’s possible to embarrass Junior.
    As far as the tweet goes, Freeze deserved and still deserves everything thrown his way. He was and is so toxic he was not even allowed to check into the Nick Saban coaches rehab program to be cleansed and rehabilitated.


  8. 123 Fake St

    Charmin Soft. 🧻🧻🧻