SEC Power Poll, Week 10

Let’s face it, folks.  The SEC is awash in a sea of mediocrity this season.  The top three and bottom one are pretty easy to designate, but it’s everywhere in between that’s a bitch to rank.

  1. Georgia.  The main challenge for teams facing the Dawgs is trying to score a touchdown in late garbage time.
  2. Alabama.  “All in all, we won and you can’t complain,” Saban said.  Really.
  3. Texas A&M.  Winning a game by fourteen points against a ranked opponent without scoring an offensive touchdown is an impressive feat.
  4. Ole Miss.  Like Georgia, OM welcomed back a former head coach.
  5. Auburn.  Some days, you eat the Bo Nix Experience and some days, the Bo Nix Experience eats you.
  6. Mississippi State.  The Bulldogs lost by three after missing three field goals and Mike Leach announced after the game that there’s an open tryout on campus for kickers.  Yar!
  7. Arkansas.  The Hogs are bowl eligible now in what’s been an up and down season.
  8. Tennessee.  The smack talk from Vol Nation this week ought to be something.
  9. LSU.  The way Coach O was celebrating after the loss to ‘Bama, you’d have thought his team had won.  Then again, maybe he was just happy he wouldn’t have to go to Tuscaloosa again.
  10. Kentucky.  How do you run 99 plays, gain 35 first downs, never punt… and lose?  At home?
  11. South Carolina.  40 points is the most the ‘Cocks have ever scored against Florida in their series.
  12. Florida.  “Dan who?” — Greg McGarity, probably.  I can’t even kid the Gators are the best 4-5 team in the country, because LSU.
  13. Missouri.  Now possessors of the SEC’s worst defense.
  14. Vanderbilt.  Mercifully, they had a bye week.


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31 responses to “SEC Power Poll, Week 10

  1. Throw a pick 6 and miss on a bunch downfield plays. That’s how you lose.

    Some of the Tooth Nation trash talk is already starting on social media. I imagine Kirby has something up his sleeve for this bunch.

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  2. The miss on a bunch of downfield plays was the defense. They had so many coverage busts I lost count.


  3. iusedtopostasmikecooley

    Auburn made me think of a play on a Sturgill Simpson song, “Some days he kills it, and some days he just chokes. Some days Bo Nix blasts off and some days he just smokes.”

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  4. Giving up two 70+ yard TD bombs and a 60 yard pick 6 is how you do it, unfortunately. 21 points. Sadge. 😦

    I live in Lexington and probably hate Tenn more than any other SEC team. I was at UGA law during that run where Tenn beat us 10 or so in a row.

    This sucked.

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  5. This was a chance for UK to step on Tennessee’s neck, take control of #2 in the SEC East, and help suppress Tenn. Goddamnit UK 😦

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    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      Not so bad, really. Will make beating UT that much sweeter. I mostly am just worried about the field and injuries. Speaking of injuries, what if UGA bought better shoes for the players and slapped a Nike logo on them, would that meet contractual obligations? I have been noticing that some players are so taped up over the shoe that it covers the logo, and I think I’ve seen where they have slapped a swoosh over the tape. We need fewer foot injuries. Looking for a cure.

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      • Down Island Way

        The sec thought they were somebody (ranked) until they participated in tackle football vs UGA, then not so much, take UGA football out, the league is full of intrigue, mystique and snake charmers, throw UGA back in the mix, not so much my friend…after UGA football sends another team home with an “L” (sec or not) I’ve got other margaritas to tend toooooooo…😎

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  6. Salty Dawg

    Yar! LOL! (Pirate voice Mike Leach) “Aye, Matey! If ye know of a kicker, send ’em on down! This other is walkin da plank!”

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  7. practicaldawg

    I can’t believe how far Florida has fallen in this poll. And Missouri still has a solid chance to leapfrog them.

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  8. Hmmm… TN is 124th Nationally in Sacks Allowed (33 – 3.67/game avg)

    I’m certain part of that is “style of play” (when you throw a bunch, you open yourself up to more sacks)…. but it’s an eye-popping stat for something the Dawgs like to do (T-14th w/28 – 3.11/game average).

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  9. I may regret even thinking this, but I’m not sure Alabama is a lock at No. 2 anymore. After their loss to A&M, I remember thinking that if they played that game again at a neutral site, Bama would wipe the floor with them. Now I’m not so sure the Aggies just wouldn’t do the same thing all over again.

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    • The year is setting up for one of those silly Auburn upsets in the Iron Bowl pushing Bama out and sending TAMU to face the Dawgs. Bama is a top-10 team. This year, that’s kinda all they are… which is a bizarre thing to say as a UGA fan. I had a friend (Bama fan) suggest the committee should just set up a best of 3 series between UGA and Bama… but I’m not sure he’d want to actually watch that.

      Still, they’re extremely dangerous any given Saturday.

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      • charlottedawg

        I know we haven’t beaten Alabama since 2007 hence why I usually default to the thought of “are we ever going to take down Nick Saban and the tide and get this monkey off our back?” But after last night and as the Dawgs just keep rolling people it’s really hard not to think “we could and should beat bama if they even get to face us, because we’re just the better team”. Dangerous optimism as a UGA fan.

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      • fisheriesdawg

        It seems like Saban knows this is one of those teams of his that is very good but not great. I’m thinking of his 2008 team that lost to Florida and then no-showed against Utah as a good comparison.

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  10. Leach is a dick for ragging on his kicker like that on TV. Unprofessional really.

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  11. debbybalcer

    I would never want to play for Mike Leach if he wins it was his coaching if he loses it is the players.

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  12. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    At least our former coach has more class in his pinky finger than slimeball freeze has in his entire fake tv evangelist snake handling burner phone body.

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  13. Munsoning

    “Like Georgia, OM welcomed back a former head coach.”

    Too funny.

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  14. ASEF

    Alabama’s offensive line regresses game by game. Teams get tape on them, and they don’t/can’t adjust. They’ve been relying way too much on Young converting 3rd downs. Bit them in the ass last night.


  15. Rameses II

    I keep looking at that Kentucky box score in wonder. 99 plays, 600 yards, 45 minutes of possession, 35 first downs, 42 points. And lost by 3. Just incredible.

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  16. 1- Georgia
    2- Georgia
    3- Georgia
    4- Bama or TAMU
    6- Auburn or OM
    7-12 Who cares?
    14- Mizzou and Vandy

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  17. rigger92

    I just re watched our game twice, and the FL game. Lol, we have good problems to have. FL has those “oh hell” problems. The TN game will be fun as hell and I hope we win it.

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  18. waterswv

    3rd and Grantham, we hardly knew ye 🎉

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  19. ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

    I agree with the order except Arkansas should be ahead of MIssy State. Head to head has got to mean something.


  20. ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

    My favorite statistic: Since throwing that shoe FU is 4-8. Hope it gets worse.