The right playoff format for the right time

Remember, peeps.  It ain’t about the best.  It ain’t about the deserving.  Playoff expansion is about the money.

And Dellinger’s right.  At some point in time, the ACC commissioner will get his head out of his ass about Sankey hurting his precious fee fees (or his presidents will make him) and vote with his wallet.


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17 responses to “The right playoff format for the right time

  1. jdawg108

    Really feels like it’s UGA and everyone else this year. Not that Bama couldn’t come with their A game and beat us… but we’re the only team dominating week in week out.

    Oregon almost lost to Washington yesterday. Bama needed a fluke bounce right before halftime to win the LSU game. Cincinnati almost lost to Tulsa. OSU struggled with Nebraska.

    Not that we can’t still find a way to Georgia our way out of this, but… when a 43-6 win feels like we struggled, that is saying something.

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    • signaldawg

      I’m Danny in this scenario:

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      • jdawg108

        We all are. I was thinking it was going to be his ex- that he had an on and off again relationship with but she kept screwing him over.

        “You got me thinking there was a chance in 2007, you had me believing we could drive down and win in 2012, and I don’t even want to talk about (comment about 2017 national championship game redacted).”

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  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Saying “no ACC team for the first time” is weak half cleverness. They hung their hat on Clemson all those years. Hell, IIRC even the mighty SEC has only had three teams make it. Big 12? Pac 12?

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    • siskey

      SEC- Georgia, Bama and LSU
      ACC- FSU and Clemson, Notre Dame (2020)*
      Big 10- OSU and Michigan State
      Big 12- Oklahoma
      Pac 12- Oregon and Washington
      Independent- Notre Dame
      I believe the above are all the playoff participants from each league since 2014.


  3. BulldogGemes

    A 12 team playoff this year would be terrible

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  4. gotthepicture

    Wait, is he joking in his tweet?


  5. junkyardawg41

    “Playoff expansion is about the money.”
    Because it sure isn’t about the product.

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  6. David K

    Guy’s saying this like Wake’s going to run the rest of the table, finish 11-1 and wrongly get left out of the 4 team playoff. That’s insanity. Wake Forrest is the same decent, pesky team that will challenge a good team or lose to Duke. The ball bounced right for them a few times to get them to 8-0 but nobody believes they’re a playoff contender.

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  7. I said Wake would be off my Mumme ballot as soon as they lost. There will not be an Almost Competitive Conference team on my ballot this week.


  8. archiecreek

    I hate to beat the proverbial room temperature horse here,
    the ACC is getting what it deserves!!
    Letting Notre Dame play a conference schedule for one year because of the COVID,
    not counting Wake Forest vs North Carolina (both conference members) as a conference game??
    C’mon man!!!


  9. NotMyCrossToBear

    That dude’s argument supports my view of why there shouldn’t be a 12 team playoff. One of us is dead wrong, and it ain’t the guy I’m looking at in the mirror.


  10. fisheriesdawg

    If there was ever a year to make an argument for going back to the BCS, this is it. Heck even the pre-BCS/Alliance setup might work well. I could see a 1984-style scenario where Georgia wins with a Sugar Bowl victory but a loss opens the door for a whole bunch of teams to have a shot. At this point in time, that’s probably the ideal scenario.

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  11. Texas Dawg

    I’m kind of the other direction. I UGA finishes out undefeated that would be the best argument for NO PLAYOFF EXPANSION AT ALL. If you have punished everyone in you path and are head and shoulders above everyone else, why do you need to baby seal club another opponent to prove it?


  12. 123 Fake St

    This year absolutely proves why expansion is NOT needed. Teams 3-15 are not good teams.


  13. mddawg

    “Deserve’s got nothin’ to do with it.”