Class act

This was so nice to see Saturday.


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  1. I hope Richt gets to ride on the parade float.

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    • Down Island Way

      What ever Mark Richt receives due to his time at UGA football, words can nor will they ever say enough towards that human being and his commitment…

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  2. That’s class right there.

    On the weekend’s festivities, props to Josh Brooks and his team (and the Redcoats). The pre-game trailer, CMR leading the crowd in calling on the Dawgs, Richt’s voiceover for It’s Saturday, the Redcoats’ tribute to the man and finally seeing all of his permanent captains on the field just made the game even sweeter.

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  3. 79dawg

    Anyone have a link to full video of the presentation/halftime for those of us who couldn’t make it? The broadcast acknowledged it coming back from a commercial break but showed didly…

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  4. sniffer

    It’s going to be tough watching his health decline. And it seems to be happening quickly. I am a big fan and will ever be grateful that he brought relevance to Georgia football again after long seasons in oblivion.

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  5. Was Penn Wagers there???

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  6. Nothing but respect and love for that man…what he did for our university, his coaches, and his players is commendable, but for me, I will always admire how he comported himself with such integrity as a man of faith.

    I should take more than a page out of his book…wish you and your family the absolute best for your health, CMR.

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  7. stoopnagle

    It was a great day for the Georgia people.

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  8. Tony BarnFart

    That’s fine if you’re crying…I’m not a cryer….you know… I work out.

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  9. Whiskey Dawg


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  10. Despite the fact that I felt like it was the best thing for both UGA football and Coach Richt personally (when you have a toxic relationship with your boss, it’s a horrific employment situation), I was never comfortable with how the separation was handled. Saturday gave all of us a long overdue opportunity to express to Coach and Mrs. Richt how much they were appreciated for all they did for the Bulldog Nation. When you add the obvious affection and respect that Richt and Smart have for each other being shown to all, it was a great day in Sanford Stadium. The whole day was class personified. I shared my appreciation to Josh Brooks on his Twitter feed.

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  11. alanthedawg

    He’s much worse than the snippets. It was tough to watch