Tuesday ticket exchange

If you’re going to Tennessee (hey, no judging here), or if you have tix to the UT game to unload, get thee to the comments section and negotiate!  As always, be specific, please.


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12 responses to “Tuesday ticket exchange

  1. I’ve already got tickets but need a to-do list for my first time visiting Neyland. Parking, restaurants, etc… Hit me up with your recs.


    • hurricanedawg

      Church Street United Methodist Church has parking for $40. We’ve been tailgating here for every UGA/UT game the past 10 years. They let you use their restrooms, which is a huge plus. Lot usually opens at 7am. Cash only, first come, first served. Only about 10 minute walk to Neyland.

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    • stoopnagle

      I went two years ago. Parked in a deck downtown for free (I think?) and walked to the stadium with no problem. There were some brewpubs down there of middling quality, then we walked up the river to check out Vol Navy. It’s a bit of a mess in the area of Calhouns, IMO.

      Definitely get in early so you can find a sherpa to carry you to your seat (LOL). Seriously, the Running of the T is pretty neat if you’ve never been.

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    • CB

      Pregame brunch or lunch on market square. Every place will tell you it’s a 1-2 hour wait, but they take your cell number and text you. Put your name in at a few and you usually get seated within 30 minutes.


  2. snoopdawgydawg

    anyone looking to sell their charleston southern tickets yet? looking for 4, so I can take my two older kids to their first UGA game.


  3. coachemup78

    I’d like to purchase 4 tix for Saturday’s game in Knoxville. Anybody selling?


  4. vapordawg

    I have 2 Tickets in the Georgia section for Tennessee game, Section HH row 31, $100 each which is less than face. Let me know if interested.