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It just means more… until it doesn’t.

I’ve never felt more simpatico for an opposing SEC coach than I do right now.

That’s what running a conference on the cheap gets you.  I’d love to hear every head coach say the same thing publicly, except that presumes Greg Sankey has a sense of shame.


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TFW having been in the arena isn’t the advantage you think it is



That’s gonna leave a mark.  Well done, Josh.


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2021 Mumme Poll, Week 10

Screenshot_2019-09-30 (1) Senator Blutarsky ( MummePoll) Twitter

Looks like a few of y’all took the week off.

Was it something I said?  Anyway, hope you stragglers return to the fold next week.

Cutting to the chase, here’s how our top 25 looks for Week 10 (technically, it’s a top 26, because, tie):

In all, 52 teams received at least one vote.  Florida wasn’t one of those.

Compare our top 25 to last night’s CFP top 25.

We sure do love our UTSA Roadrunners.  And we’re certainly more impressed with Oklahoma than the selection committee is.  Overall, though, there’s a fair amount of correlation.  I suspect that in another couple of weeks, those lists are going to line up even more closely than they do now.

And our budget’s a helluva lot lower!  Plus, this:

With every weekly result, I believe more strongly that using approval voting with a larger number of voters is a superior way to skin the playoff field cat.

The conference breakdown shows we’re starting to shy away slightly from our previous Big Ten respect.

Voter geography remains consistent, with 64.7% of the voting pool hailing from the Peach State.

As far as the bonus question goes, the most common answer selected was “What Is Squid Game?”.  I’ve never been prouder of my readership.


  • Georgia continues to earn the respect of the voters, with another 100% showing.
  • Georgia is also the only team to clear 90% approval.
  • There is a pretty tight bunch between two and six, all above 75% approval.
  • Below six, there’s a significant drop off to seven, so the plus-50% group continues to shrink.
  • With Ohio State above Oregon and Michigan above Michigan State, it appears we’re not that swayed by head-to-head results.


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The saga of Dirty Dan

It may be specifically about blocking kicks, but this piece nicely illustrates how well this Georgia team prepares.

Dan Jackson saw the look and made the check.

In the second quarter against Missouri last Saturday, he noticed the Tigers lined up in a certain formation. He alerted his teammates, signaling the Bulldogs to go after the kick.

Nolan Smith charged in and blocked the punt. Jackson nearly came up with it in the end zone for a touchdown, but he couldn’t corral it. Georgia settled for a safety instead.

That marks the fourth blocked kick of the season for the Bulldogs. Through preparation, strain, and the work of the guy known as “Dirty Dan,” Georgia’s special teams have become a destructive force…

“When it happened, we were all ready,” senior corner Ameer Speed said. “(Jackson is) the head honcho of the group at his position, but we’ve been working on that play really all week. When it happened, it was kind of like boom, boom, boom. When he made the call, it was good to have it executed. It went exactly how we wanted it to.”

It’s the matter of fact-ness about the play that really gets me.  These guys are talented, sure, but they’re being coached to put themselves in position to make plays and then they go out and execute them.  It’s almost coldblooded.


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The anecdote for play action



I’m no football expert, but it’s usually pretty hard to sell play action if you can’t run the ball well.


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Graphic Dawg porn

Hubba hubba.

One of those dots is unlike the others.  That’s for the sexy people, to paraphrase Morris Day.


UPDATE:  Another chart that’s just as sexy…


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TFW you’re doing it for the kids

Chris Vannini ($$) gets righteous about the primary effect of nine head coaches being canned by the first week of November:

None of this is about the well-being and the development of student-athletes. It’s about everyone but them. It’s about trying to keep recruits committed and bringing certainty to future recruits. It’s about telling the big-money boosters and regular fans that you’re taking this seriously and you’re Doing Something and they shouldn’t cancel their season tickets or donations. You absolutely, positively, cannot have people think you won’t change.

Because this is all really a business.

Preach it, brother.

It’s all about the early signing period.  I’ve always felt that allowing recruiting to drive a hiring/firing decision about a head coach is a bad strategy for an AD.  So of course the new signing period has led them to double down.

College football sure is stupid sometimes.  Okay, a lot of the time.


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Heavy duty

Somebody mentioned the fact that Tennessee’s defense was on the field for 101 snaps in the Ole Miss game.  That led me to dig into the game log for the Vol defense.  Take a look:

Those last three games — holy crap.  292 plays defensed!  At least they’ve been balanced, giving up lots of yardage by both the run and the pass.

If the Dawgs can’t wear UT’s defense out with the running game by the fourth quarter, I’m really gonna start questioning what Matt Luke’s doing with the o-line.


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Not checking out yet

I’ve discounted most of the George Pickens whispers, because who the hell really knows what’s going on, besides Courson, Smart and Pickens himself?  I will say this, though.  If George was giving up on the season and preparing to move on to the NFL — not that anyone would blame him for doing so — I doubt he’d be doing this now, per his head coach:

“George has done a little more work than he has done in the past,” Smart said. “We’ve had George at practice, catching passes against routes on air, but that’s really been it, the things that y’all have seen. He’s done more competitive periods in terms of scouts and looks and getting confidence, being able to go up against some DBs and things. but he’s not taking reps with the one or two offense because, we don’t know when he’s going to be ready.”

If you’ve checked out, you aren’t doing scout team work.  Good for him.  I hope he gets rewarded by having good enough health to suit up for the Tech game, if for no other reason than to visit the end zone to greet the home fans.

But I’d settle for him making it back for the SECCG.  So would Smart.


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There are none so blind as those who watch Georgia Tech football.

Sometimes, you can smell fear right through a header.

Dude, your team is on a three-game losing streak, with a very good chance to run the table over its last three games.  That would mean GT would end up losing more games in 2021 than it did in 2020.  But the problem is people stubbornly refusing to see your good work?

Allow Clay Davis to retort.


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