It just means more… until it doesn’t.

I’ve never felt more simpatico for an opposing SEC coach than I do right now.

That’s what running a conference on the cheap gets you.  I’d love to hear every head coach say the same thing publicly, except that presumes Greg Sankey has a sense of shame.



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  1. HirsuteDawg

    Penn Wagers endorses his silence and the SEC’s insistence on incompetent officiating.

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  2. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Raging against the machine is a young man’s work.

    Well… unless you’re Rage Against the Machine, who’re still rocking thirty years on in 2021.

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  3. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I don’t watch enough Ky games to know if they are getting jobbed regularly, but from a UGA standpoint, I can only think of a few where I thought they got it wrong after review. Maybe one or two where they should’ve reviewed and didn’t, but as someone who endured Penn Wagers, et al. for so many years, it seems pretty good right now. Maybe my standards are too low. I do think having full-time officials is something the SEC could afford, and would give more credence to the officiating. I just recall when it seemed much worse.

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  4. Ozam

    The SEC’s inaction on the issue is all you need to know.

    In the refs defense, it is an extremely difficult job and mistakes are to be expected (even the NFL has its own set of problems). The only way to cure is have more replays which would screw up the continuity of the game.

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    • originaluglydawg

      Even a clear replay didn’t stop them from screwing Ga. State out of a win against the Barn. Let’s face it. They’re dishonest or incompetent or both. I vote for “both”.


  5. RangerRuss

    I can tolerate honest mistakes and have learned to live with incompetent officiating. It’s that damn Bama privilege that infuriates me.

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    • Harold Miller

      Bama privilege? What are you talking about?!?

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      • 69Dawg

        Wow and we are just paranoid. Just cause you are paranoid doesn’t mean they are not cheating.

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      • SlobberKnocker

        Wow, I hadn’t seen that. The most incredible part is seeing the ref intentionally look back for the marker and then spotting. Unreal.

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      • spur21

        That was a first down. The talking head was using the yellow line projected on the field for TV. The marker was a foot or more back – the line judge got it right. That’s not absolve the officials from their incompetence. .


    • 69Dawg

      It’s going to be interesting to watch the SECCG if Bama is in it with us. Let’s see BAMA ain’t going to get in with two losses soooo let’s make sure they are in, Birmingham sees $$$$$. Now the interesting thing is if BAMA manages to get beat by Auburn. A&M is then in but they going to have 3 losses if we beat them soooo the Birmingham Mafia will make sure they don’t have 3 losses. We get in win or lose so I’m just following the money and the way the refs are going to call it. Phantom PI calls for the win.

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  6. drunkenmonken

    He must have watched the UGA ky game from a different perspective than me. The holding by their o-line against our front 7 was borderline battery.

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  7. Ran A

    Good for him… These dudes have gotten hosed a couple of times this year..


  8. spur21

    Arky gets my vote for getting hosed – it’s criminal what they have done to the pit boss.

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  9. godawgs1701

    It’s basketball season, Mark. You made it. Just sit back and relax, Calipari has it from here, they aren’t going to notice anything else you do. Just chill.

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  10. Officiating is horrible across college football. The players move too fast for the guy who is trying to live out his midlife crisis out on the football field (I can say that as a middle-age guy).

    Guess what? NFL officials aren’t full-time employees either. They miss things as well.

    All I ask is to be consistent and objective. That is the problem – SEC officials are neither consistent nor are they objective. Just like the NBA officials would let Michael Jordan get away with hand checking and a lot of stuff on the defensive end. They would turn around and call the most ticky-tack stuff when Jordan had the ball.

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  11. Watching SEC football is a little bit like watching pro wrestling was when I was six. I have a suspicion that something isn’t quite right, but I am not completely sure yet and probably don’t want to know for certain anyway. Ignorance is bliss.

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  12. 79dawg

    Anyone who thinks it would get better if we made them full-time employees and paid them 200 grand a year is kidding themselves…. Humans gonna human….

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  13. Hogbody Spradlin

    Send a player to the coin toss with a $100 bill in hand, have him hand it over to zebra and say ‘here’s your money, just take it and go home now.’
    I got tossed from a coupla little league games for doing similar to a Barney Fife. Family wanted to kill me. It still brings a smile.

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  14. Godawg

    Kentucky was totally hosed by the officiating in their game with Tennessee this past weekend. A blatant facemask which would have continued Kentucky’s scoring drive was not called and when Stoops tried to complain they threw an unsportsmanlike flag on him. Net loss to Kentucky- 30 yards. Drive killer and probably cost them the game. I’d be pissed too.

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  15. Munsoning

    Be reasonable, Senator. The SEC’s net revenue in FY 2019-20, the Year of COVID, was a piddling $658 million,

    and Sankey has to scrape by on a salary that’s thought to be well over $3 million a year.

    We’re lucky the SEC doesn’t just pull dudes out of the stands before games and hand them ref uniforms.

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  16. Texas Dawg

    The SEC has by far from top to bottom the best players in college football
    The SEC has by far the WORST officials from top to bottom in college football


  17. Cheer wino69

    I’m telling you, have all female refs so we can be sure all the calls are right, whether we agree or not.
    [Okay, fine, I’ll sleep on the couch again tonight]

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  18. MGW

    Amateurism is alive and well in college football (officiating).


  19. uga97

    Mark stoops over and picks up the SEC logo’d soap.


  20. Hobnail_Boot

    I don’t want to hear it from Coach Moral Victory.


  21. ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

    The SEC uses refs to control the outcomes of games. Has been for years, particularly when Mike Slime was commissioner. The conference office can’t very well discipline refs for blown calls when some of those calls were blown on purpose.

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  22. W Cobb Dawg

    The refs say the same thing about all the dumb calls Stoops makes…