Not checking out yet

I’ve discounted most of the George Pickens whispers, because who the hell really knows what’s going on, besides Courson, Smart and Pickens himself?  I will say this, though.  If George was giving up on the season and preparing to move on to the NFL — not that anyone would blame him for doing so — I doubt he’d be doing this now, per his head coach:

“George has done a little more work than he has done in the past,” Smart said. “We’ve had George at practice, catching passes against routes on air, but that’s really been it, the things that y’all have seen. He’s done more competitive periods in terms of scouts and looks and getting confidence, being able to go up against some DBs and things. but he’s not taking reps with the one or two offense because, we don’t know when he’s going to be ready.”

If you’ve checked out, you aren’t doing scout team work.  Good for him.  I hope he gets rewarded by having good enough health to suit up for the Tech game, if for no other reason than to visit the end zone to greet the home fans.

But I’d settle for him making it back for the SECCG.  So would Smart.


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  1. stoopnagle

    I read “scouts” as NFL scouts but it probably means scout team. I’m not up on how Kirbs phrases those things.


    • dawg100

      Saw the Press Conference video. It seemed that he was speaking of using/having Blaylock and Pickens on scout team this week to simulate UT speed.

      And yes, I’d take both available in the SECCG and CFP any day of the week.

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  2. RangerRuss

    Pickens would probably enhance his long term opportunity in the League with another year at UGA. Some sponsor needs to step up and pay that man his NIL money.

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    • Got Cowdog

      I checked the tip jar. Frozen and I will have about $7.32 left after we pick up a handle of Mr. Boston and pay for spaying the cat. George can have my half…

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      • Uncle Got, that’s mighty Christian of you…I’ve been popping Plan B pills like juju beans…helps with my stigmatism or so they say, you’re more than welcome to use a few as mix ins for that Trollope of a Tabby if you think it will stick. You boys are on to something though about proper incentives for Mr. Pickens to return for another year. I like the tip jar idea, but admittedly I’m a little hesitant to reach under the cushions…I don’t want to stick to anything.

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      • RangerRuss

        You cheap, small-minded bastages. I was thinking more along the lines of GP’s Special Blend of Uncle Got’s Ickiest of the Stickiest. Of course that would require Got Cowdog to move his operation to the left coast. That would also serve to alleviate the ongoing shortage of Vienee sausages and sardines around these parts.
        Damn sodbusters.

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    • Ole Dokes

      Pickens needs an NIL deal with a bladder control medication or a douche company…that sideline shit he pulled against Tenn pissed me off at the time, but in hindsight it was absurd, immature & hilarious!


  3. biggusrickus

    If Pickens actually plays this year, and at a high level, it would be as amazing as Adrian Peterson’s recovery.

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  4. Dawg in Austin

    We really need a Kirby Smart Injury Lexicon. Here’s an start:

    “Working to get back,” “working with Ron,” “I don’t control his return,” “still needs to be cleared,” – 6+ weeks away
    “Doing some things,” “feeling better,” “working with scout team,” – 4-6 weeks away
    “Hopeful he can play soon” – 2-4 weeks away

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  5. whit1356

    I think Pickens has the Tek game circled on his calendar. He wants to Wreck Tek again as much as us fans do. FTMF’ERS

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  6. CB

    Maybe throw a tech db into the wall for old time sake.

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  7. SCDawg

    I mean, could you put Pickens in at Tech like he’s a solo Hanson brother, and just have him throw DB’s into the wall until they eject him?

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  8. Down Island Way

    Thought the header was about the FU hc and his upcoming wake board season, just Damn…

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  9. godawgs1701

    If they make the determination that he WON’T be ready for the SEC Championship Game then they really need to suit him up for Tech and just let him go in for a play to throw another DB into a brick wall and then just let him serve his suspension. It’s the right thing to do.

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  10. aim260

    I LOVE the idea of Pickens returning, even if it’s just for the playoff games. I do question how effective he’ll be in an actual game, how confident he’ll be in the knee upon the snap. I hope to see it, and I hope I’m presently surprised.

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  11. miltondawg

    Maybe I’ll be wrong and he’ll play live game action between now and January 10th. I have thought all along that this was more about getting ready for pro day in Athens in the spring for the NFL scouts.

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