TFW having been in the arena isn’t the advantage you think it is



That’s gonna leave a mark.  Well done, Josh.


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  1. ugafidelis


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  2. Got Cowdog

    Oooh, a bitch slap. Watchoo gonna do about it Danny, boy?

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  3. Dawg in Austin

    Every time Kanell talks about not having played or beaten anybody, someone should mention that he only beat two good teams in his time as a starter, even though he was largely surrounded by a top 3 roster.

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  4. The Truth

    Danny Boy, meet context.

    Close games where UGA has had to keep throwing — 0
    Close (close-ish?) games where Bama has had to keep throwing — 3?

    Context says STFU.

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  5. 81Dog

    Nobody is saying SBIV is the second coming of Tom Brady, but anyone who thinks he hasn’t improved over last season is fooling themselves. Anyone thinks he’s just a stiff surrounded by 5 Stars who UGA has been hiding from opposing Ds all season should talk to AU, UK, or FL fans.

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  6. RC

    To paraphrase Austin Powers…”Ouch, Baby. Very ouch.”

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  7. originaluglydawg

    Had SB been around on that FSU team, Daniela would have never played.

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  8. 79dawg

    What point is Danny Boy even trying to make with that “statistical” comparison???

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  9. Leggo5

    Great response. It’s a Red Herring, but still very funny.

    Danny’s just painting the same picture a different way. Nobody has forced us to only throw the ball, like MSU did last year. Will that happen in 2021? If it does, can Stetson throw us to a W? Valid questions, even though there’s a chance that may we never have to even answer them.

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    • kevinsauer

      a lot of teams have stacked the box and dared us to beat them over the top. and SBIV has buried them.

      i think the bigger concern should be if teams dare us to run, can the OL open up some holes.

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      • Yes, if the defense “dares” us to run, by dropping 7-8 into coverage, there will absolutely be holes to run through. It’ll be one of those “nobody touched him for 5-6 yards” days.

        Numbers. Hat-on-hat. That’s the running game in a nutshell. That’s why a running QB adds so much to the offense.

        But, nobody is THAT scared of Stet. They’re more likely to adopt the Cover 2 and Cover 3 looks that help prevent those deep balls. Then all they have to contend with is him dumping it to giant TEs underneath who abuse undersized DBs and outrun LBs.

        Damn I love this squad.

        Go Dawgs.

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  10. originaluglydawg

    What do GTP posters and Daniela have in common?
    We’re all obsessed with UGA football!

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  11. Ran A

    LOL! Trolling the troll… That’s awesome!

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  12. godawgs1701

    Danny Kanell talks all the time on podcasts about how wins matter and that’s why he’s outraged about Cincinnati and that’s why he puts so much value on head to head and blah blah blah but he conveniently ignores that when it comes to Georgia. He’s convinced that Georgia is a fraud because the Dawgs haven’t had to score 50 points per game in order to win. He ignores the fact that our offense has been one of the most successful offenses in the country this year – but that’s fine. Again, I’m not going to ruin the surprise for these assholes.

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  13. drunkenmonken

    Hey Josh, did she block you yet?

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  14. NotMyCrossToBear

    Hey Danny Boy:

    via GIPHY

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  15. archiecreek

    Liars may figure,
    figures never lie!
    Oh Danny boy, the shame!!


  16. practicaldawg

    Can Stetson win the Heisman even if Kirby benches him for JT?


    • godawgs1701

      If they want to give it to the kid from Oklahoma who has only played three and a half games and almost lost to Kansas, sure. There are apparently no rules.

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  17. Texas Dawg

    When you only have 6 yards rushing like Bama did against LSU, don’t you HAVE to throw it a lot more?

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  18. For a while I thought Kanell was a very determined and deliberate troll, but at the end of the day he’s just a guy with a brain as smooth as a skipping stone.

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  19. Munsoning

    That’s like dinging Tyson for throwing relatively few punches before KOing the poor saps he fought in his prime. If you don’t need to throw, why throw?

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  20. Whiskey Dawg

    Falcon fans will always remember you Randy Kanell.

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  21. Nil Butron is a Pud

    Young absolutely has more completions in a loss than does Bennett, so there’s that…

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  22. Trivia ?
    Which P5 QB has the most snaps vs the top D in P5 this season?

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  23. Answer: Stetson Bennett


  24. There’s nothing from any other defense that he hasn’t seen every day at practice. Speed? Seen it. Size? Seen it. Physicality? Seen it. Blitzes? Seen it. Same goes for our OL, Backs, WR’s & TE’s
    No one is recognizing this aspect of our QB play. So whether it’s Stetson or JT I’m confident that our coaches see and know who’s in the best position and form to help lead this team from the QB position.
    Iron sharpens Iron!!
    Go Dawgs!!! GATA!!!

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  25. Danny auditioned for the lead role in Dumb & Dumber but even the producers and director said nobody can be that stupid.

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