TFW you’re doing it for the kids

Chris Vannini ($$) gets righteous about the primary effect of nine head coaches being canned by the first week of November:

None of this is about the well-being and the development of student-athletes. It’s about everyone but them. It’s about trying to keep recruits committed and bringing certainty to future recruits. It’s about telling the big-money boosters and regular fans that you’re taking this seriously and you’re Doing Something and they shouldn’t cancel their season tickets or donations. You absolutely, positively, cannot have people think you won’t change.

Because this is all really a business.

Preach it, brother.

It’s all about the early signing period.  I’ve always felt that allowing recruiting to drive a hiring/firing decision about a head coach is a bad strategy for an AD.  So of course the new signing period has led them to double down.

College football sure is stupid sometimes.  Okay, a lot of the time.


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9 responses to “TFW you’re doing it for the kids

  1. As long as we’re not the ones doing the firing, I’m all for the chaos caused by a mid-year change. I really don’t get the decision to fire a head coach mid-season even with the early signing period. You typically can’t get the guy who is going to be your guy until late November to early December anyway. Fire the guy on the Sunday after the last regular season game and already have your guy pretty much wrapped up. Get him his staff and get recruiting as soon as possible.

    The effect of the early signing period is significant. I’m not completely sure Kirby keeps together the 2016 class with the early signing period, but what he did in that 45 days between Georgia and Alabama responsibilities is nothing short of amazing.


  2. stoopnagle

    “College football sure is stupid sometimes.”

    Honestly, that’s a feature not a bug.

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  3. mddawg

    “Because this is all really a business.”

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  4. beatarmy92

    Hiring and firing because of recruiting is a tell: your time horizon is short. If the new coach is the right coach then one bad class won’t matter especially in the age of the portal snd one free transfer. Firing midseason because of the early signing period means the new coach has a VERY short time to show “progress.”


  5. jcdawg83

    Maybe coaches are being fired because they are doing a terrible job at the thing they were hired to do and it has nothing to do with recruiting. If saving recruits was the primary focus it would make more sense to fire the coach the day after the early signing day.


  6. The Truth

    “College football sure is stupid sometimes. Okay, a lot of the time.”

    And yet we love it so. It’s like a variant of Stockholm Syndrome.

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  7. But there is no recruiting until the end of the season. MuLLLLLLen said so.


  8. godawgs1701

    If we don’t want to see this happening even more frequently, then we really need to do away with the early signing period. I don’t really see how the early signing period benefits players, it only benefits the power programs. And it really incentivizes early firings for coaches. I tend to agree that letting recruiting drive the decision on hiring and firing isn’t the best idea, but we’ve also seen first-hand how having a black hole class in your program impacts you over multiple seasons. The transfer portal can help, but still, you don’t want to be dragging around a class like our 2013 bunch. It’ll get you fired.

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