It’s a four quarter game, man.

Meanwhile, come the second quarter, Tennessee’s been outscored 71-96.  Georgia, you ask?  101-12 in the first quarter and 110-7 in the second.  What’s beyond stunned?


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18 responses to “It’s a four quarter game, man.

  1. Ran A

    Wes Rucker might be the biggest homer since Larry Munson… LOL… He is in love with his team… Georgia has struggled scoring in the first quarter of their last three games; would be good to get off to a fast start today… Gawd, cannot stand teams that wear Orange…

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  2. practicaldawg

    Now do Tennessee’s second half scoring defense

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  3. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    I’m more interested in what a Bennett-led offense has done the last four games in the first quarter. Stetson Bennett has led us to a grand total of 10 points in the first quarter in those games, and we started with the ball twice in those four games against Auburn, Kentucky, Floriduh, and Mizzou. We cannot do that this week.

    When people say that Stetson Bennett can’t win a National Title, that stat is one of the big reasons why.

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  4. JaxDawg

    Just reflecting on the roster this morning. It’s stunning the amount of offensive firepower has been relegated to the sidelines this year due to injuries. But we’re getting healthy at the right time.

    Jackson is hitting his full stride, Burton finally looked like his old self again last week, Darnell appears to have knocked all the rust off. This may be the first time this year the offense has been this healthy and, just as importantly, this in sync. And as much as I believe JTD is the better QB and will be our guy by December, I can understand why Kirby and monken may look at the roster and choose continuity at the QB spot for a road game against a confident SEC opponent.

    When we’re healthy, this O has a ridiculous amount of talent, and we’re as healthy as we’ve been all year. Dawgs roll today, fellas.

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  5. Remember the Quincy

    Is there another Tennessee team out there that isn’t 5-4? I feel like I’m missing something with all the UT love I’ve seen on ESPN, The Athletic, Twitter, etc. It’s like folks are looking at a team with a 9-0 or 8-1 record that I’m not seeing.

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    • Down Island Way

      Big urnge kuntry colored glasses has that effect, plus the national media still wants anybody else but UGA football at numero uno, they can’t ignore the fact we are there, they just don’t want us there…have always said, should UGA football hold that big trophy above their heads in January, Maria Taylor, Mark Schlabach, Stinch, D.J. Shockley hell even Ernie Jr. should be the only tv/radio peeps talking to UGA football staff/players on that glorious night….

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      • Texas Dawg

        Dusty Dvoracek picked UGA to win it all at the start of the season and has not back off of that. He has even needled Dumbass Danny about his SEC/UGA hatred (extra points). He gets a thumbs up as well.

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        • originaluglydawg

          OK…Add Dusty to DIW’s list.
          But I’m with him on the rest of it.
          All of these assholes want Georgia to lose and they think that pumping our opponent up every week will make it happen.


  6. Wes is really leaning into being an insufferable homer.


  7. NotMyCrossToBear

    Dude lives in a bubble.

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  8. Bold Prediction: Vols don’t score 138 points in 1st Q today. Dawgs may score 37 though.

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  9. originaluglydawg

    Kirby should create a compilation of every negative thing these shitbirds have said concerning the Dawgs, and every glowing bit of praise they have basted on their opponent each week.
    Then when these shitbirds ask him for a statement or interview, he should hand them a copy and tell them they can either read that as his statement, or shove it up their ass…and that it makes no difference to him.
    And we need to all send little baby Daniela Kannellopy a pacifier…He sucks so he’d love getting ten thousand or so of them.

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  10. Dawg in Austin

    It’s only stunning in comparison to the last 15 years of Tennessee football.


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