It’s Saturday in Knoxville.

Time to take over, Dawgs.


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15 responses to “It’s Saturday in Knoxville.

  1. TCB you glorious Dawgs

    Beat the Vols

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  2. Make some history! Never have we gone 8-0 in the SEC before.

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  3. siskey

    Go Dawgs!!

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  4. Salty Dawg

    Can’t wait to see another lesson in KIRB STOMP shown to the vowels. GO DAWGS!!!

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  5. spur21

    My wife is attending a funeral today for a high school classmate. He loved two things – America & Bulldog Football. When he realized he was likely going to die before the end of the season he told his wife – have everyone wear red white and blue or red and black for my funeral – she is wearing red and black. He was a good man.

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  6. archiecreek

    GO DAWGS!!

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    • Down Island Way

      As with every saturday in big urnge kuntry, after serving their probationary 4 hour period, urnge nation can switch from their county jersey to that really bad shade of WTF color urnge jersey and go to that checker board stadium and cheer for their favorite team with their soon to be 13 year old third cuzin’ in tow…


  7. 93dawg

    I love how, at the very end of the trailer, that you can hear Jake Fromm singing “Good Ole Rocky Top!”….the ONLY way I don’t mind hearing that garbage song!

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    • Russ

      Missed Jake’s singing. Thanks for pointing it out. Makes it even better now!


    • 93dawg

      I was in Knoxville for the 2003 game (41-14 DAWGS). By the end of the 3rd quarter, the ONLY people singing Rocky Top were some drunk UGA fans a few rows in front of me. That was the first time that I didn’t mind hearing it in my life! It’s so much easier to listen to it when you’ve beaten the living shit out of the Vols! I hope UGA fans everywhere can proudly and mockingly sing it today!


  8. redhotchilidawg

    God I want these clowns to make the playoff and then us give them a Hawaii style beating. I get that they are undefeated, but that schedule is awful outside of ND and they’ve had some close calls lately. Would Georgia’s D have even given up a TD to that schedule? And what would Bama, OSU and Oklahoma done to that schedule? Maybe they have flaws, but I doubt a close call against Tulsa and Bacy would be included in the results.


  9. Munsoning

    Hooker looked beat to shit at the end of Tennesee’s game vs. Ole Miss (the Golf Ball Game). I expect him to look worse at the end of this one–if he lasts that long. Florida learned the hard way how dicey a proposition it is to run your QB vs. the Dawgs.