Lit, baby.

You know what stuns my senses?

“The matchup that I’m most looking forward to today is Georgia versus Tennessee,” Howard said on SportsCenter. “This game is taking place in Knoxville. Georgia comes in there with the No. 1 defense in the FBS. I mean, just destroying offenses, but this is going to be most complex offense that Georgia has faced all season.

“Josh Heupel loves to run an up-tempo offense — give them a lot of different looks. And the quarterback Hendon Hooker is playing very well at this point. So, I think this is going to be a huge challenge for Georgia’s defense. It’s going to be lit in Knoxville today.”

How supposedly sharp pundits can push some sort of “lit” narrative about today’s game without mentioning that Tennessee’s defense has yielded almost 1700 yards in its last three games against SEC competition, including 612 yards at the hands of Kentucky last week — 50 yards more than any other team the ‘Cats have played this season.

And today they’re going up against a Georgia offense that’s seventh nationally in yards per play and all we get is crickets about it? Now, that’s stunning.


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24 responses to “Lit, baby.

  1. HirsuteDawg

    Yeah, talking heads gotta talk. Tenn going into the shredder both offensively and defensively. Going to be lots of wailing and gnashing of teeth in Knoxville (and sack cloth and ashes later) for the Tenn fans.

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  2. debbybalcer

    All the pundits lauding Tennessee’s O are giving our D more motivation. They will not take a play off.

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  3. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    If Bennett can’t lead us to points in the first quarter of THIS game (only 10 total points in the first quarter of our last four games combined), that better be it for The Stetson Bennett Show for the rest of the year.

    We cannot get off to a slow start against this football team, or really, any game where it’s win and advance, moving forward.

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  4. akascuba

    Lit like a firecracker lotta sizzle and noise then nothing it’s over.

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  5. iusedtopostasmikecooley

    I’m so sick of hearing about how great Tennessee’s offense is. Can not wait for the defense to put this shit to bed. The dawg grading afterwards should be funny. “Well they really weren’t that good.”

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  6. BulldogGemes

    If they just said Georgia will smoke them like they have done every other offense, it would make for a short segment

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  7. This game is about taking care of business. We are more talented, more physical and better coached. We need to go out and assert our superiority this afternoon. If we are who we think we are, that’s exactly what we’ll do.

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  8. Migraine Boy

    Watching the breakdown of their “tempo” offense on Gameday pissed me off all over again about how the SEC and Mike Slive specifcially passed a rule when CMR wanted to run that back in the early 2000’s….

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  9. Watching Brooks Austin break TN down, he discussed something they do to rest players… they kill half of the field. They’ll line up two guys outside the numbers, and those two guys will do nothing, literally nothing. They don’t block, don’t run a route… all they do, is pull defenders far from where the ball is actually going.

    There were plays where receivers walked off the line at the snap.

    Effectively, they’re saying the ball is going to one of three guys, and there will be less folks available to tackle them. Its a slick way to maintain energy level in your skill positions.

    I’m curious if they ever use it to catch a defender flat footed. You call that type of play a couple times so when the ball is snapped and the DB sees the WR mosey off the line, he settles a bit thinking HE has a play off, then your WR sprints past him with top-notch speed. Austin didn’t show that happening..

    But week 11 against the #1 D would be a good time to crack it open.

    Why it doesn’t worry me much: anything I can think of, I can guarantee Kirby has thought of… or has already found example of in tape from any game Chumlee has coached.

    Go Dawgs.

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  10. Thing is, they’ll need to pull that stunt 4 times just to cover the spread.


    • Great plays only have to happen once to resonate out for the rest of the game. Suddenly your deep safety is concerned with that subterfuge, and misses a read on the active side of the field…and they get ANOTHER big play out of it.

      This offense is built on abusing the eye discipline and the stamina of the defense.


  11. archiecreek

    Can’t wait to hear the sumbitches walk back their prognostications!
    They ain’t played anybody!!

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  12. uga97

    Mickey last push to get ratings up before the beat down


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