Eight-and-oh, bitchez!

Whoomp, there it is:

So much for that “Georgia’s gonna Georgia one game” narrative this season.  Way to go, Kirbs.


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25 responses to “Eight-and-oh, bitchez!

  1. I haven’t watched the whole game yet because my daughter was the lead in a musical this weekend. I saw the last couple of possessions of the second quarter through the end other than a couple of possessions in the 2nd half after the performance.

    This team did what it does to everyone. Win the lines of scrimmage. Take shots down the field. Eventually, suffocate the life out of your offense like an anaconda.

    As Andy Staples says, we just “mush” teams. He said it again on his podcast this morning.

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    • First off, congrats on your daughter being the lead in a musical, that’s really really cool . I was impressed by Bennett. Every play he made with his legs just reminded me why he was starting, and that deep pass to Cook was a thing of beauty. The only real drama for me was freezing in fear when our D lineman kept going down in garbage time.

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      • It’s almost stealing to run that play with Cook. When we see man in 4-2-5 personnel against 10 or 11 personnel, I think the QBs are told to audible to that play immediately because either the slot or Cook is going to be one on one with an ILB.

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  2. Way to go Dawgs!!!! woof, woof, woof.
    Can anyone tell me why they do not replay UGA games on SEC network anymore? I have looked all year.


  3. Terry McCullers

    It’s great to be a UGA BULLDOG!

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  4. akascuba

    From five stars to walk on’s together they fight for each other and their coaches. They’ve crushed every obstacle placed in front of them by selfless hard work. Congratulations for everything accomplished so far. Just the way Kirby drew it up with a soul crushing defense and relentless offense.

    Stay healthy and complete the mission.

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  5. To quote the great Teddy KGB:

    Pay thet myan hees meeyoney.

    Kirby deserves his pay, and more. The way he’s brought this team from “the usual deflating Georgia-ing” moment to weekly powerhouse is impressive. I admittedly drank myself into a glorious stupor last night because I couldn’t rationalize this any other way.

    It’s fucking great to be a Georgia Bulldog.

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  6. Texas Dawg

    There as a lot of schools with a lot of talent. To get them to buy into TEAM first and ME second is where the coaching comes in. To see (I think Jackson last week) celebrating a block that lead to a TD or any other grunt work that is needed to win games puts a big smile on your face. These guys are willing to submit to (what sounds like according to Ringo) practices that make games seem like time off. They understand (with the coaching staff’s help) that talent alone will not get it done.

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  7. I’m digging all these positive vibes, boys. We are witnessing a historic Bulldawg football season in real-time.

    Let’s enjoy this moment and prepare ourselves mentally for bigger and better things…it’s coming, boys, it’s coming…Kirby is going to get us to the promise land.


  8. practicaldawg

    Enjoy the win because come Monday, all we’ll hear is how Charleston Southern will finally be the team to test UGA.

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