“Good” and “fine”: the grudging sounds of moral victory

Wes Rucker:

Tennessee was fine. Georgia was fine. What we saw was an appropriate result for both of those teams being fine.

Vegas told us three scores should have separated these teams in this game, and three scores ultimately separated these teams in this game. Neither team was great. Neither team was terrible. Both teams were more or less themselves.

Velus Jones, UT wide receiver:

“They (Georgia) are a good football team, but we’re a good football team as well,” said Jones, who caught eight passes for 44 yards and a touchdown. “That just shows how close we are to putting the whole thing together.”

It’s always impressive to see what a meaningless score in garbage time does for a team’s confidence.


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  1. Wes has been particularly whoreish with regards to this TN team. Their entire offense is a gimmick that teams will 100% figure out within a year.

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    • iusedtopostasmikecooley

      I agree. To me the “warp speed” is the new triple option. The law of diminishing returns is going to kick in with this thing big time I believe. The dawg grading started before the game was even over. And how desperately did Tennessee want their moral victory there at the end? I mean it was kind of pitiful how important that was to them. What’s worse is, that was what they led with on the wrap up show on CBS about this game. “Tennessee’s offense doesn’t what no other offense could do.” Yeah it was in garbage time. Yeah Georgia crusher Tennessee. But it’s Georgia. We’ve got to find a black mark on it somewhere.

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  2. I love all of these moral losses. I’m sure Kirby does as well.

    I just wish SBIV would have gone into the student section and directed the Redcoats in Glory, Glory before he left the field.

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  3. beatarmy92

    Four times this year. Garbage Time TD to make the game look a little less like an ass whoopin. But the other three (SC, KY, UF) were still psychologically destroyed by UGA. We’ll see what happens with UT the rest of the season.

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  4. Ran A

    If his QB goes off to the NFL he better go portal hunting and find another one at that level. That offense lives and dies with the QB. To their credit, they found a gym in Hooker. He is perfect for that offense, but they don’t grow on trees.


  5. Russ

    Maybe they should watch the entire game, and not just the first and last drives.

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  6. Ran A

    As far as UT is concerned. Top to bottom the dumbest fan base in the SEC.. We all hate Florida, but I’ll credit the fan base to being knowledgable. UT? Combination of living in the past and pure stupidity top to bottom…

    For this of you that are keeping score (and I am)…
    Last 5 Games – Georgia had averaged 41 points. Tennessee 12.

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  7. californiadawg

    God dayum that was our most impressive win of the regular season. Hostile environment, confident opponent, 5 guys sick with the flu, but in the end none of it mattered. I wonder if Cochran reprised his funeral speech in the locker room before the game.

    Also jfc can someone please firebomb that cursed cow pasture of a football field once and for all before it sidelines another one of our defensive starters. Pretty sure if you say Neyland stadium three times out loud you’ll tear your ACL.

    Go dawgs!

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    • RangerRuss

      No thanks, CD. I’ll take my chances with Candy Man, Beetlejuice or even Biggie Smalls. I got something for his fat ass.

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  8. archiecreek

    Bingo Cholly (Senator)!!
    Your last statement says it all.
    Ask the blue pussy cats and their chicken shit coach how much calling a timeout with 4 seconds left to score a meaningless TD on UGA improved his team’s confidence the next two weeks.
    The blue pussy cats’ confidence was SO sky high that they lost the next two games to SEC competition.

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  9. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    “They (Georgia) are a good football team, but we’re a good football team as well…”

    Yes, 5-5 is so close to 10-0. So close.

    Kirby not taking the penalty irritated me at the time, but it really pissed me off when they scored. Maybe they would have scored anyway with 2 shots left, but damn it Kirby, challenge the other team, not your team.


    • RangerRuss

      Why add another meaningless play to a game that had been decided in the 2nd quarter? Piss on the vols, their pathetic attempt at a moral win and don’t allow the Dawgs victory to become pyrrhic.

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  10. “…three scores ultimately separated the two teams in this game…” while technically accurate, that is a losing-homer stretch if I’ve ever heard one. In reality, you have to cross the goal line six times to get 24 points off “three scores”… easier to get 3 points on a fourth possession that to get three more trips to our goal line, and 6 more plays across it.

    When your genius concept can be halted by a cramp in your opponent’s calf, you aren’t formidable… you’re a nuisance.

    Chumlee wanted a win and Kirby said “Best I can do is a Moral Victory.”

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  11. If they are so great then maybe they can explain 4 holding calls not called on a single play that ga e them the moral victory..

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  12. Terry McCullers

    After their first 2 possessions we adjusted. After that they weren’t shit in my book.

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    • iusedtopostasmikecooley

      Perfect summation. But good gracious the howling that was going on here early in the game. You would have thought Tennessee was ahead 21-0 with one of those touchdowns coming off a Stetson pick six. Bennett needed to not only be benched but run out of Athens with extreme prejudice. Monken was calling a horrible game. Our offensive line sucked. The defense sucked now too. We’ve got us one heck of neurotic little peanut gallery. They’re small but they are loud and determined.

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  13. Horseshit, any team that let’s someone come to their “house” push them around and beat their asses 41-17 and then say it was “fine” is delusional.

    You do you big Urnge…dumbasses

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  14. DC Weez

    I was there and what was left of the UT crowd went nuts. You would have thought UT scored the winning touchdown. The PA announcer was incredibly loud, Rocky Top was played over and over, the UT mascot was doing a bad Buzz imitation, and the student section was jumping up and down. I took it all in and then commented to my friend, “Really?” I mean come on man, you got your ass whipped and you’re celebrating. Really UT?

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  15. poetdawg

    It’s amazing how far we’ve come since 2016. In 2016 I had to go to a wedding out here in California on the weekend of the Vanderbilt game (you know, the one we lost). The groom’s parents were from North Georgia and, sadly, were ut alumni. Some of his other relatives were good folks, UGA fans, and I can’t tell you all the crap we took about losing to vandy. It was tough to be a Dawg in 2016,sometimes, but it’s sure great to be one now.

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  16. Whiskey Dawg

    I’m glad the, “you ain’t played Tennessee yet” memes from some of my lovable hillbilly relatives have stopped. They scored four more points than anyone else. Knoxville hasn’t celebrated so much since the last coach left.

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  17. Tony BarnFart

    My father in law (UT grad), told my brother in law this morning on our family group thread: “they’ll lose to Bama!”
    /Go fuck yourself old man. Y’all ran your cock holsters for a whole week and we just shut your ass down.

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