Not so banged up, after all

Outside of Arian Smith, the injury news isn’t too bad.

Honestly, I didn’t know what to think about Smith and Wyatt during Saturday’s game.  The good news is Charleston Southern this week, so there should be plenty of R&R time before the Tech rumble.


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  1. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    I believe in the power of prayer, and I hope I wasn’t the only one praying over Smith’s elbow Saturday night!

    Here’s what I fervently want though: I want George Pickens to take the field at Mark Richt Field at The Joke By The Coke in two weeks. To me, it would be the most fitting place for him to make his return.

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  2. Derek

    I wonder if they’ve seen enough of Jones to slide Salyer to RG or LG and flop Shaffer.

    We’re either going to need to throw the ball better or run the ball better if we want to comfortably enter the CFP as the 1 seed and the prohibitive favorite. (I’m not a “we can’t beat bama with 13” guy, but if that prospect doesn’t make your inner Munson tense up… The only way you could calm my nerves is to convince me that bama can’t get to 20.)

    A healthy Dom would be huge.

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    • divingduck7

      Or if Truss could find the consistency at guard. It seemed he was getting a better push this past weekend than we have been seeing there. I still think this offense might have looked a lot more dominant had Ratledge not gotten hurt the first series.

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    • moe pritchett

      Yes tot the Dom comment…we don’t need or won’t miss anyone tho. We are what everyone thinks we are


  3. otto1980

    I would be fine with dropping Tennessee with the next SEC expansion. UGA has the lead in the series. They don’t improve the strength of schedule over other SEC teams, and they cause more injuries.

    It is good that the injuries appear to be minimal.

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    Rumble? LOL

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    • Down Island Way

      Waiting for the north avenue fucking trade school to come up with some sort of hang nail excuse to not participate vs UGA football…oh, wait, Mark Richt Field is to small for UGA fan base to enter safely or not enough flag boys for wreck entertainment in 2 weeks or maybe, just maybe the noon kickoff will conflict with pocket protector con and will attempt to reschedule in January, the same weekend UGA football plays for the trophy/title…nerdfootball, why does it exist..


  5. “Honestly, I didn’t know what to think about Smith and Wyatt during Saturday’s game.”

    Yeah, Wyatt was weird… kept going in and kept getting hurt and walking off.

    Smith was pretty straight-forward, I think… I thought replay clearly showed he had his elbow hyper-extended.


    • I think smith had the most painful funny bone injury in history

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    • David K

      I think Kirby told the guys on defense “if you feel anything at all that makes you uncomfortable, stay on the ground.” Let’s the defense have a chance to catch their breath. Wyatt was fine


      • Do we know if he was one of the ones with the “stomach flu”? I know our family had a stomach bug run through us (literally!) about a week ago…. I can’t imagine playing a sport (or getting off the couch/bed) with a bug like that kicking my behind.


    • Tim B

      The first several times Wyatt either had or pretended to have stomach cramps. On the last one the leg really did move awkwardly while he was being blocked.


  6. uga97

    Smith & Wyatt was a huge bullet dodged. Let’s bubble wrap till bama!

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  7. moe pritchett

    Sit em this week, and let them puppies play.

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  8. Play the scout team the entire time this week and the last 3 qtr’s next

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  9. Russ

    Let’s get JT and Dom back in the groove this week and next. I’d love to see both Stetson and JT with three TDs each against the nerds. Throw in a couple of defensive scores for good measure.

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  10. The Truth

    The injury news isn’t that bad? Good. Our #1 mission over the next 2 weeks is to keep it that way.