Dan Lanning is deservedly nominated for this year’s Broyles Award.  It’s a one assistant per school deal, so Todd Monken wasn’t, which is a damned shame.

By the way, one weird thing about the award worth mentioning here:  there are three former Georgia head coaches on the selection committee — Dooley, Donnan and Richt.


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12 responses to “Broyles’d

  1. dawg100

    20% of any committee with direct ties to one of 120+ schools is a lot.


  2. cowetadawg

    Fulmer and Spurrier are unfortunate counterbalances.


  3. TEXBaller

    Lol….Pete Golding. Bama fan disagrees!

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  4. Cheer wino69

    The annual, pre-approved HC candidates list.


  5. RangerRuss

    One coach per team is a silly. Lanning is surely deserving but Monken did a more masterful job by making chicken salad out of chicken shit.


  6. Sweet D

    Noticed a couple of coaches previously associated with UGA, too. Jay Johnson and Elko? And is that Mumme’s kid in there?


  7. Tangent: Did you see Richt was honored with the Neyland Memorial Award up in Knoxville as well? That man is so well respected, it’s just plain silly.

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  8. Kirk Evans

    The Broadcast Selection Committee section shows Maria Taylor as one of the committee members. She’s a UGA alum, which would further stack the deck.