My Week 11 Mumme Poll ballot

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Down goes Okie.  Although I will say I’ve left the door open for redemption if the Sooners beat Oklahoma State and go on to win the Big 12.  (Same may apply to the Cowboys if they manage the same result.)

The tough call this week was Cincinnati.  The Bearcats haven’t exactly dominated their last four opponents, which had a whopping total of seven wins between them going into Saturday.  In the end, I let that Notre Dame win carry them for another week, but that’s getting to be thin beer at this point.

All told, the Cinci decision took about nine minutes and forty five seconds of my ten minutes of ballot time.  The rest was easy.

  • Cincinnati
  • Ohio State
  • Oregon
  • Alabama
  • Georgia


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6 responses to “My Week 11 Mumme Poll ballot

  1. Great minds must think alike. I had the same ballot. My only time of deliberation was spent debating whether to add Oklahoma State to my ballot or not. By the time I finished waiting in line at Starbucks I decided they were not worthy.

    I have not had Oklahoma on my ballot in several weeks. I feel the Sooners have struggled too much against a pretty week schedule. Too many close calls against really bad teams like Kansas without a signature win.


  2. Gaskilldawg

    My ballot was UGA, Ohio State, Oregon and Cincinnati. My internal debate was over Cincinnati. I resolved it by thinking whether Cincinnati would beat whomever is the best Big 12 team and whomever is the best ACC team and I concluded that it would, so I moved it back into my top 4. It replaced Oklahoma, which had been in my top 4 last week.


  3. My ballot is UGA, Bama, anOSU, Cincy, Oregon, and anotherOSU. The winner of Ohio State-Michigan State will be on the ballot with the loser off. If Ohio State and Michigan win on Saturday, Michigan will be back on my ballot.


  4. David K

    Oklahoma and Wake still on my ballot although their chances of making the playoff are thin. But a 1 loss P5 conference winner has an argument. So until they get that 2nd loss I’ll keep them on my ballot. Oregon, Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, UGA, Bama, Notre Dame, Cinci also included.



    UGA, BAM!