The ass, she whines.

Christ, for a guy who’s enjoyed as much success as he has, Dabo Swinney sure bitches a lot.

“We scored the other seven.”  Your generosity is duly noted.  See you at the CFP… oh, wait.


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  1. scottg818

    Yeah, those preseason “Georgia may have to play both clemson and alabama TWICE” takes aren’t aging well.

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  2. Ran A

    Wow…. If Georgia and Clemson played today, Georgia would beat them by 17 or more.. And he forgets that little part of Georgia just ripping off chunks of yardage at the end of the game, electing to simply run out the clock vrs. putting up style points. But when you have an opposing coach like Dabo – maybe you should put up style points…

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  3. David K

    Ha ha. Fuck you Dabo!

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  4. “We scored the other 7.”

    What does that mean, Dabo? Our defense outscored your offense 7-3.

    Didn’t Herbstreit say something during the game to the effect that it’s 10-0 but it feels like 30-0?

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  5. Jack Klompus

    His errrr… his GA voting in the coaches Poll is a distraction for the team?

    He’s a very poor man’s Steve Spurrier.

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    • godawgs1701

      I can’t abide that comparison. Spurrier hated Georgia so I get why people don’t like him, but the man was brilliant, and innovator, and he was truly entertaining. Dabo is none of those things. He’s simply an exemplary CEO coach who has won big and has managed one good quote in his entire life, and that one wasn’t even original, it was just stolen from Clemson’s fans “USC is in Los Angeles and Carolina is in Chapel Hill.”

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  6. godawgs1701

    The really good teams get better week to week. Georgia certainly has. Teams like Florida have regressed – and Clemson seemingly is still the same team they were that first night in Charlotte. They’re a brilliant defensive team and an offense that can’t seem to function with their quarterback running the show. Clemson has failed to do much about it. That’s on the head coach, Dabo. You’ve got – by far – the most talented team in the conference, yet you’re going to be playing in the Mayonnaise Bowl.

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  7. dawgtired7

    Not sure saying that your team stinks to avoid saying other teams are good is the classiest move.

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  8. mp

    It is amazing to see how the confidence of teams ebbs and flows through the season. I don’t think there are a lot of parallels in sport to how dramatically in CFB “you are not in week 12 who you are in week 1” based on the team’s expectations. I don’t envy how the coach of a team that expected to be competing for a national championship has to motivate his team to ensure bowl eligibility. In Dabo’s case, though, I love seeing it. Fuck that guy.


  9. 79dawg

    After the game, it was pretty obvious pretty fast their fans had lost (no pun intended) the feeling of what losing felt like or how to handle yourself afterward…

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  10. cowetadawg

    Dude, the Mumme poll takes 10 minutes on a tough week. Gimme a break. He’s classy. Without the c, l, or y.

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  11. Derek

    Dabo is Les Miles and Ed Ogeron in a weak ass conference.


  12. I just googled douche, and a picture of Dabo showed up.


  13. miltondawg

    It is hard to believe that Clemson is 7-3 with how poorly they have consistently looked on offense this season.


    • gastr1

      Well, the ACC sucks. And they do have a good defense.

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    • classiccitycanine

      We won ten games in 2015 and finished unranked. Clemson looks bad, but the W still counts whether you win by a lot or a little. They still have more talent and a legit defense to get them through a weak conference.


  14. fisheriesdawg

    He’s right, they played Georgia close and NC State and Pitt are having some pretty good seasons, at least for ACC teams. The bigger issue has been clunker wins against Georgia Tech, Boston College, Syracuse, FSU, and Louisville. Those losses are actually their best performances of the year unless you want to point out clubbing baby seals in the SC State/UConn games.

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  15. 3rdandGrantham

    Christopher Smith plays for Clemson? Fuck – we are getting mighty thin back in the secondary.

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  16. Remember the Quincy

    What a douche. What is it with coaches who can’t give other teams credit and move on?

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  17. One of the posters known as Mark

    I haven’t disliked Dabo the way most here have. I never used to see him as one of the biggest jerks on the planet like a lot do.

    But I’m getting there.

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  18. Terry McCullers

    He’s becoming more of an ass hat than I first realized

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  19. HirsuteDawg

    Give the man some slack, Fellas. He has been suffering from PTSD since we played them – their quarterback is still catatonic from the #99 flashbacks and his dream of taking over for Nick now looks a little shaky. Dawgs have just raised hell this year – haven’t they! 😎

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  20. PTC DAWG

    It appears that Dabo is on drugs.

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  21. Castleberry

    Probably needs to worry a little less about us and a little more about Wake

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  22. DawgFlan

    Put some lanolin on it, Dabo.

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  23. originaluglydawg

    Maybe Clemson should move to a conference they can win.

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  24. Dawglicious

    Dabo: Sounding more and more like Phat Phil after Tooth Nation losses

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  25. stoopnagle

    Poor little ole Clemson.

    What was it he called it? The ROY Bus? Rest of Y’all?

    Will be fun to see him squirm his way into an explanation of why he dipped into the portal from some OL players. LOL.


  26. uga97

    Go beat wake & USCaro. & yer bowl then folks will decide. Also, 10-3 scoreboard u iptay bitchez.


  27. Whiskey Dawg

    Georgia is a pretty good team. We played them pretty good. Then we fell apart. I said to myself, “Dabo, we’re a pretty good, so why did we fall apart?” I still haven’t gotten an answer back.


  28. Even onions think Dabo has a thin skin.

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  29. D.N. Nation

    Dabo better hope that Phenmnmnmnmnch is the damn truth because he’s not much of a coach without a generational QB running the show.


  30. stoopnagle

    I think we can all agree that you ain’t too 25 if UConn is showboating and high 5in kickoff returns for touchdowns on the 20…


  31. archiecreek

    Dumbo is butt hurt.
    Clemmons barely won at Howard’s Rock in 2013 against a depleted DAWG roster.
    DAWGS kicked clemmons ass and made them quit in 2014.
    DAWGS kicked ass and ruined their season in 2021.
    Kirby has put a fence around the high school recruits in Georgia.
    Dumbo is 0-2 in the last meetings and doesn’t have a future. Reminds me when Vince Dooley came to UGA and Boobie Dudd had to quit cause he couldn’t beat him!!

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  32. Dabo is an insufferable douche canoe. His nonstop victimhood act is tiresome.


  33. RangerRuss

    Fuckn pussy.
    Clemson sucks.


  34. uga97

    I would be fine playing Bama twice & beating that ass twice whilst getting the natty at the same time. Would wipe all our sores off for a long time. F it CFP, put Bama in no matter what!


  35. Christopher Moore

    Dabo has always excelled at manufacturing disrespect. I do think the coaches poll should be done away with. It presents a conflict of interest, and the coaches only pay attention to the teams they have to play.


  36. Dawgfan Will

    I count myself among those who didn’t really think that poorly of Dabo, but now…if and when we win the CFP, I may just send that fella a thank you card for scoring “the other seven” for us.