Should they stay or should they go

Saturday is Senior Day for this Georgia team, but don’t read too much into who chooses to be honored.

“We basically said last year that if you’re a fourth-year player or beyond, you had the opportunity to go through, but it doesn’t mean that you’ve declared,” Smart said Monday during a news conference. “They’re not ready to declare what they’re doing. Devonte (Wyatt) and Justin Shaffer and some other guys were going to walk in that game, but they decided to stay. We certainly don’t want to force those guys to make a decision before they have to.

“We’ll honor the guys who choose to walk even though a lot of them have an extra year of eligibility. We’re just not crossing that bridge yet. If someone winds up walking twice then great, because they have a special opportunity. These are different times we’re in these days, obviously.”

Unlike last season, at least the seniors get the chance to be honored.  They ought to invite back the kids who got screwed by Vanderbilt’s cancellation to receive the opportunity they missed.


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13 responses to “Should they stay or should they go

  1. debbybalcer

    I read somewhere that they are honoring those who missed the opportunity last year.

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  2. I know there will be a lot empty seats on Saturday, but let’s try to send these guys off the right way. This senior class may be on the precipice of something that has happened only 2 other times. They deserve our support.

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  3. practicaldawg

    I think this year’s team honored last year’s seniors with 62-0 at Vandy.

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  4. Good call Senator (honor those who didn’t get recognized last year)! Hope that’s a reality Saturday.

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  5. Ran A

    One again, the Senator’s right! Invite back last year’s Seniors – honor and appreciate those guys…


  6. spur21

    Wonder how many guys will do like Davis and come back for another year.

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  7. Jack Klompus

    Can Rochester get a medical exemption? All things being equal this could be the third time he walks.


  8. Harold Miller

    Here here, I would be appropriate and fitting to honor all those that haven’t had the chance.


  9. ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

    I think inviting back the guys who didn’t get to walk last year because of chickenshit Vandy is a GREAT idea!