A complete mystery

Florida’s season is in the toilet and nobody can figure out why.  Not Dan Mullen, anyway.

“Every year… it might sound like coach talk, but every year is such a unique year with a unique team and unique circumstances that occur,” Mullen said. “We played a very different schedule this year with a very different team under very different circumstances. It’s not like, you know, this (one thing) happened. This year hasn’t gone the way that we wanted it to go unfortunately and there’s multiple… you can point at a lot of different things of why that happened and different reasons with where we’re at.”

Nor Zachary Carter.

“I would say this is a team that has been battling all year,” senior defensive end Zachary Carter said. “Obviously, we’ve taken some losses. That’s going to happen, but we lost more than we wanted to this year and I just felt like things haven’t been going our way and there’s nothing we can do about that.

“So we just continue to keep fighting. I know some people think we’ve like given up and all, but we’re not just coming out here to practice every day and giving up. Guys really want to win. We really want to win. We’ve had some unfortunate things happen this year. There’s nothing we can do about that. We can only control what we can control. When you look back on our season, a few of our losses — a loss is a loss — we weren’t getting embarrassed all year. We just had close games that didn’t go our way. We know what we can do so we have to stay motivated.”

Nor Jadarrius Perkins.

“I wouldn’t necessarily say it took a turn,” cornerback Jadarrius Perkins said of the way this season has gone. “Things are not going the way we expected. But we just got to continue to fight. Adversity happens. Like coach Mullen said, we’re going to fight and continue to play and try to play to the Gator Standard. That’s what we’re all about.”

Perhaps you can enlighten them in the comments.


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52 responses to “A complete mystery

  1. cowetadawg

    It’s just a one-off. Nothing else to do but bring Mullen & Co. back next year; they’ll fix things. 😉

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  2. Granthams Replacement

    Their bitches.

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  3. iusedtopostasmikecooley

    What did “Urban” say either right before or right after his fake cardiac event? “This program is broken.” It sure is, “Urban”. And you broke it. Many thanks.

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  4. Terry McCullers

    Please come back Dan, we haven’t finished breaking you yet!,

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  5. Anon

    Dopes on Ropes

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  6. 81Dog

    I just point at the scoreboard and laugh. Let them get a picture of me pointing at the scoreboard

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  7. Gaskilldawg

    It is clear exactly what UF needs to turn it around and win the conference in 2022. It needs a head coach who can take e stars and develop them to be better than 4 and 5 stars. A head coach who is an offensive genius. A head coach who gives UF an in game strategy advantage. A quarterback whisperer. If Stricklin will just read comments from 2018 through September 2021 from the UF message boards and football pundits he can find his man.

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  8. Hey, Dopey/Goofy, you played Alabama as opposed to Texas A&M and Arkansas. You played 10 SEC games last year over 8 this year. You played two of the Florida 3rd tier programs this year and still have another Florida program you should beat to go. You had a game with an FCS opponent. Your schedule was easier this year than last. Why do you have 5 losses?

    The problem is you beat us last year when we had one hand tied behind our back with injuries entering the game and injuries that happened during the game. We were at full strength on defense and getting stronger on offense and showed that gap ain’t closing.

    The bottom line is you hate recruiting and you suck at it. MuLLLLet, you dropped your precious rope and then blamed everyone for it. As a result, you lost your team.


    • Down Island Way

      Hey FU hc, a nut finds a squirrel every now and then, it’s obvious that shit worked/was accepted at his previous hc experiment, now that the onion unfolds and exposes the FU hc for who this corch wannabe dick wad is, in general a lazy asshole, he’ll claim he will transport this and transport, hire this and those losses were really close losses…hard work (crootin’), communication skills, staff hiring plus having the vision of where you want to go (program wise) aren’t even on the FU hc’s horizon…hey FU hc, excuses are like, well, like you, an all american ASSWIPE…#FTMF

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      • originaluglydawg

        I take it you ain’t sending him a Christmas card.


        • Down Island Way

          Which reminds me, monkey and a mumbling asshole walk into a bar, bartender gets the monkey a beer and says “can’t understand a damn thing this mumbling asshole is saying” and the monkey says “oh, that’s just the FU hc with his head up his ass”…


  9. jdawg108

    They say that, but when Mullen took a knee with 2 minutes left in the Kentucky game, it felt like a turning point.


  10. Its completely baffling I know Dan. You’ll need a few more years to figure it out for sure. Be sure to book plenty of time for contemplation, rest, and wakeboarding on the lake. You had some bad breaks against Georgia. I mean look, there were fumbles, there were interceptions, there were long touchdown runs given up. All of those things take place in a vacuum and have no relevance on the overall direction of the team and the program. Everything is fine. Carry on.

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  11. armydawg

    Shared responsibility between admin & head coach. UF needs to clean house starting with Stricklin, then Mullen, etc. They’ve got the old ball sack who would jump at the chance to be an interim HC till they hire someone. It would be the smartest thing they could do at this point. I hate rocky flop, but they should serve as an example. The chancellor just cleaned house by kicking fat Phil to the curb, then Mushmouth & staff and started from scratch with what seems to be the right hires at AD and HC. After years of wandering in the desert they finally seem to be moving in the right direction. UF needs to take a lesson from that.

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  12. back9k9

    I think Sideshow Dan is onto something with the tug-of-war analogies.
    He just needs to comb the playgrounds of America and look for better rope pullers!
    He’s been doing it all wrong trying to recruit football players. Obviously, he’s not very good at that either.
    I wonder if… when he sees a game slipping away… does he visualize his team letting go of the rope?

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  13. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    UGA embarrassed the hell out of the booger eaters

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  14. Just random bad luck, Florida.

    Keep Dan Mullen.

    Hire back Grantham.


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  15. W Cobb Dawg

    I’m okay with their rationalizations. And if they need more excuses for losing I’ll prepare an encyclopedia of excuses they can continue to quote from for decades.


  16. I used to scoff at the variable of how much a team needed leaders, not from their coaching staff but amongst themselves.

    No longer. The last 7-10 years have changed my thinking on that.

    When you rely so heavily on transfers, it is hard to build and develop leaders that the entire roster will buy into. Georgia benefits this year because we have guys that have sweated together for years and have seen and demanded each other go all in.

    This will not change in Gainesville until Mullen realizes the rent a player concept is not the way to go.

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  17. stoopnagle

    They’re broken.


  18. When you wake up in the morning and suck, suck all afternoon, then suck again at night, you are the ones who suck, gators.

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  19. rigger92

    I submit that the problem might stem from thinking it’s cool to post a video of your team line dancing on social media during fall camp.

    Our players must have laughed at that as they were beating each other up and wiping out the WR room.


  20. godawgs1701

    It’s a shame that all of this focus on winning the next game and the growing anticipation of the SEC Championship Game and the potential for playoff glory beyond has distracted us from the growing dumpster fire in Gainesville, Florida. I mean, sure, we see what’s happening and it’s great but I feel like I’m not getting to spend quite as much time really savoring their anguish, pain, and embarrassment the way I should. I need to start saving articles and YouTube clips so I can circle back in the offseason, maybe.

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  21. originaluglydawg

    Mullen is toasting and he’s almost toast.
    So what established and high preforming coordinators are going to go work on what is likely a sinking ship?
    With all the coaching changes and opportunities that are opening up in CFB, UF is in a big mess. This is why I think they have to fire him. There’s just too much animosity coming from the fans to get him over the hump (it’s more like a mountain than a hump at this point).


  22. whit1356

    Finding problems with that bunch is easier than finding rat turds in rice.😁


  23. archiecreek

    Just ask any ditch lizard before the season.
    Ditch lizard karma is a bitch!!


  24. archiecreek

    Has Chauncey woke up yet???


  25. To be fair, it’s incredibly difficult to discern when the “bad thing that happened”… was you.

    Go Dawgs.


  26. Texas Dawg

    No mystery at all. Their players as a whole suck. The coaching staff sucks. Pretty clear cut. The TURDs just suck. No coaching, sub par talent, sub par desire. No mystery at all. There are a lot of things I want just like they want a win. If you don’t have the talent and/or the burning drive to obtain something, all the wanting and wishing in the world is not going to make it happen.

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  27. uga97

    Dear FU kid, transfer now…get the hell outta dodge…it’s about to go into a deep freeze in the jort puddle for years….


  28. Dawg19

    “… we weren’t getting embarrassed all year.’


  29. 69Dawg

    Let’s just say that in all my years of UGA football I have never seen a defense that has broken so many teams. I mean, they have just laid waste to everybody and not just in the game but for games afterwards. Some have climbed back but some have just gone straight down hill. It has been a joy to watch. Arky, Auburn, SC and some still to show the scares of the Trench Gang.

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