This is how you NIL.

Really, this is great.

Get your day in the sun and make the most of the opportunity, financially speaking.  It’s no Mel Tucker deal, but it ain’t bad.

And it’s not hurting anybody, NCAA.


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  1. I love this. Everybody wins.

    Most likely this kid has 0 NFL future and his football career ends upon graduation.

    Making a nice payday for his efforts and hard work is awesome.

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    • Russ

      I’m betting Golden Corral is kicking themselves they didn’t get in on it first. Kid looks like he’s made more than a few passes through their buffet line.

      Good for him. Even my Longhorn wife acknowledged that it was cool for the kid and school.


  2. Good for him! Great for Kansas. Horrible for Texas. Hahahahahaha!

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    • HirsuteDawg

      Right on. I’ve come to the conclusion that half the fun of watching college football is enjoying the other side’s losing as much as enjoying your side winning. The Hahahahahaha we all want to sneer at Auburn, Tenn, Fl, etc.


  3. Right on, hope more things come his way like a scholarship and more NIL money…and I hope they don’t serve him Rock Chalk at Applebee’s

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  4. W Cobb Dawg

    They still have Applebee’s in Kansas? He can kiss his chances of success goodbye after eating that crap.


  5. How Bourbon Street Steak with an Oreo Shake delicious is that? May the Fancy Like That ear worm reside in every Longhorn fan.

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  6. Texas Dawg

    Watching the video his parents were shooting in the stands and their commentary is priceless. I can only imagine how excited and proud they were.

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  7. Raleighwood Rob

    Great story!

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  8. Anyone seen the ads for “National Champions” yet? I’m interested… I’m also PISSED I knew nothing about it being made, but that’s beside the matter. Gonna be interesting to see how Hollywood examines the idea of college football players standing up against the NCAA.

    When I was in High School, The Program came out, and I remember well the arguments of “it ain’t really like that” vs “it’s actually worse.” Wonder what this one will “reveal.”