One out of two ain’t bad

For what it’s worth, according to ESPN’s CFP predictor, if ‘Bama beats Georgia in the SECCG after both teams run the regular season table, that won’t have much of an effect on the Dawgs’ chances to move on.

In other words, Alabama probably has to beat Georgia twice to win a national championship, while Georgia only has to beat ‘Bama once.  Which is more likely?



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31 responses to “One out of two ain’t bad

  1. Godawg

    I’m thinking the D stands up and we score enough to get the W in Atlanta. With my new custom Chuck Taylor’s arriving next week, I like our chances in the CFP.

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  2. W Cobb Dawg

    Maybe Sam Pittman, this week and Mike Bobo, next week, will do their old pal Kirby a favor and make Bama work harder than ever to reach the secc.

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  3. uga97

    Beat Bama & I think that 44% nudges up just a wee but. Lol

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  4. The time and place to beat Bama is in the SECCG.

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  5. Terry McCullers

    Let’s beat them once and for all. GO DAWGS!

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  6. Granthams Replacement

    Georgia only has to beat Alabama once to win a championship. I worry about in which game Georgia beats Alabama for which championship. The number 3-10 ranked teams have enough baggage to allow a 2 loss Alabama in the CFP.

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  7. Ozam

    All I can say in tribute to Omar ….if you come at the king you best not miss.

    I was at the Dome and the Benz for the three games in 12 and 18 and truer words have never been said.


  8. classiccitycanine

    We’ve all bemoaned the possibility of us having to beat Bama twice to win the natty, but what if it’s the other way around? What if Bama has to worry about trying to beat UGA twice?

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  9. Eric Trowbridge

    I’d prefer to have to beat Bama just once, in the SECCG. If we lose on 12/4 in close fashion (say, because an official jobbed us – not that there’s any precedent for that), then we should still get a playoff berth, which could result in a rematch. Barring catastrophic injuries along the way, I’d pick us to win game two. Maybe I’m being a homer but I’m having a hard time seeing this Dawgs team losing once, much less twice.

    If Bama loses the SECCG, then I just don’t see them getting into the playoff with two losses unless there are some significant upsets over the next couple of weeks.

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  10. stoopnagle

    I’m not sure there’s an algorithm that will reasonably predict what that committee will do. They defy reason on so many levels.

    That said, I would be shocked (not Claude Raines shocked, but actual real shock) if we don’t make the playoff. But first, I want to beat tech by 60 and lay a big zero on them at Mark Richt Field. That’s first before I move on to Bama or playoff or any of that.

    Live in the now, enjoy the ride.

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    • stoopnagle

      I just for giggles did 538’s predictor and if you select Bama to win out, UGA’s playoff chance is 58%. It goes down a lot if Cincy, Oregon, Ohio State, and Okie State are also selected to win out (like 5th highest percentage)


    • RangerRuss

      Normally I want to beat tech so large their grandchildren wake up sore forty years from now. This year? Get it done. Rest the starters and don’t risk ejections that carry over to Dec 4. These are some seriously twisted, jealous haters who’d love nothing more than to sabotage the Dawgs chances at a championship.
      To hell with tech.

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      • Eric Trowbridge

        I still want us to beat the taste out of their mouth. Fortunately, our third-string is probably capable of that. We’ll get it done and then some.

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  11. The only option is to win the SECC and send Bama to a bowl. FTMF(Too)

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  12. Cheer wino69

    I dream of the ESPN talking heads arguing about how a 3-loss Bama should get in to the playoffs.

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  13. The great thing about Championship Calculus, is if you just win your games, you don’t need it.

    Go Dawgs.

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  14. goose44ga

    A lot has to play out between now and 12/4 but but assuming a Georgia win, the fashion of that beating will have more to do with a 2 loss Bama getting in than any other factor….IMHO.

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    • Russ

      This is the key. Everyone is assuming Bama loses a close game to the Dawgs. I’m thinking it’s not even close, more like 10-14 points with the score being closer than the game.

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  15. All you need to prove the lunacy of the CFP Committee is to know that Condoleeza Rice was on the first one.


  16. practicaldawg

    So is this what it normally feels like as an Alabama fan in mid-November?

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  17. vectordawg

    I don’t think we can beat them twice. Also, I don’t think they can beat us twice. Hopefully, we beat them first and “they gone”.

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  18. D as in Dawg

    If we were to lose to Bama in the SECCG and beat them in the CFP, we’d never hear the end of how it’s unfair. If we lost to Bama twice, Kirby would be treated worse than Mullen. Let’s just beat them in Atlanta and put this shizzle to bed!!

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