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Jordan Davis has a day.

Scores a touchdown, leads the Redcoat Band after the game…

All that’s left is to marry the homecoming queen.


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Your Senior Day game day post

Georgia is somewhere in the neighborhood of being a fifty-point favorite over a 4-5 FCS team.  The game has been relegated to being shown on a streaming service.  I’m there for the seniors, who hopefully are on the cusp of years of hard work paying off in a very special way.

You want keys to a game like that?  How about these:

  • Nice weather
  • Everybody gets to play
  • Nobody is injured

All the rest, as the saying goes, is commentary.  So, comment!


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Your (non-Dawg) game day post

A full schedule for your viewing pleasure is in store for you today.

Particular games of note:

  • Michigan State at Ohio State.  I don’t think this one’s gonna be as close as some anticipate.
  • Wake Forest at Clemson.  One of these teams is in the hunt for a spot in the ACCCG.
  • Georgia Tech at Notre Dame.  A tune up game for the Jackets… eh, just kidding.
  • Arkansas at Alabama.  I’d love for the Hogs to put up a fight, but I’m not seeing it.
  • Florida at Missouri.  If Samford scored 52…
  • Auburn at South Carolina.  If the ‘Cocks pull this one off, that season on the Plains will have definitely fizzled.  And Auburn was so close to beating ‘Bama, right?
  • Oregon at Utah.  The Utes are actually favored in this one.

What’s your take?


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TFW the dream is over

You know, when you write a fan blog, you make the most of the good times.  And if you’re writing at a Gator blog during the rise of the Mullen regime, it’s easy to assume the good times will last.  You just roll with it.  That gap closed for good in 2020, for example.  Mullen’s brilliance as a game caller is chess; Kirby’s recruiting is checkers.  Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

So you can only imaging what a giant bucket of ice water this season has been.  Or, maybe you can’t.  So I’ll give you a couple of quick illustrations from Alligator Army.

First, here’s a groaningly detailed statistical look at whether Dan Mullen’s crossed a coaching point of no return yet.  It’s a work only a Stingtalk denizen could admire.  And the conclusion sounds like the blogging version of an AD’s kiss of death:

Maybe Mullen makes some great hires in the offseason, recruiting picks up, and this is just a mere blip on the radar. History tells us, though, that while Florida may turn around, it will likely never do so enough to live up to the Gator Standard.

I can remember a time when Dan Mullen was the living embodiment of the Gator Standard.  Of course, that was only a couple of months ago, so it was easy to remember.

Even better, though, is the depression that seeps through the Q&A at the Missouri SB Nation blog, where another Alligator Army blogger is asked to give his pick for today’s game.

… But Florida’s defense is so bad right now, I don’t know how they can win a game. In the last two games, which to remind you were against South Carolina and Samford, Florida has given up 989 yards and 92 points. I don’t care how bad Missouri’s offense is or isn’t, the Tigers will score and will likely score a lot. I’ll take the home team to pull the upset and win a wacky shootout in the realm of 42-35.

These people are shattered.  The only thing that could deepen their despair is the thought that Mullen is coming back for another season.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed for that.


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There’s always a new cookie to cut.

In response to yesterday’s post about David Wunderlich’s thought that the spread scheme era has played out, here’s a different thought:

That’s worth mentioning, although I’d say it’s the quality of Georgia’s tight end personnel that really makes it work.  Still, I should probably not be so quick to dismiss Todd Monken as not being cutting edge at his job.


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