TFW the dream is over

You know, when you write a fan blog, you make the most of the good times.  And if you’re writing at a Gator blog during the rise of the Mullen regime, it’s easy to assume the good times will last.  You just roll with it.  That gap closed for good in 2020, for example.  Mullen’s brilliance as a game caller is chess; Kirby’s recruiting is checkers.  Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

So you can only imaging what a giant bucket of ice water this season has been.  Or, maybe you can’t.  So I’ll give you a couple of quick illustrations from Alligator Army.

First, here’s a groaningly detailed statistical look at whether Dan Mullen’s crossed a coaching point of no return yet.  It’s a work only a Stingtalk denizen could admire.  And the conclusion sounds like the blogging version of an AD’s kiss of death:

Maybe Mullen makes some great hires in the offseason, recruiting picks up, and this is just a mere blip on the radar. History tells us, though, that while Florida may turn around, it will likely never do so enough to live up to the Gator Standard.

I can remember a time when Dan Mullen was the living embodiment of the Gator Standard.  Of course, that was only a couple of months ago, so it was easy to remember.

Even better, though, is the depression that seeps through the Q&A at the Missouri SB Nation blog, where another Alligator Army blogger is asked to give his pick for today’s game.

… But Florida’s defense is so bad right now, I don’t know how they can win a game. In the last two games, which to remind you were against South Carolina and Samford, Florida has given up 989 yards and 92 points. I don’t care how bad Missouri’s offense is or isn’t, the Tigers will score and will likely score a lot. I’ll take the home team to pull the upset and win a wacky shootout in the realm of 42-35.

These people are shattered.  The only thing that could deepen their despair is the thought that Mullen is coming back for another season.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed for that.


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  1. Salty Dawg

    That was deeply satisfying to me to read. Excuse me for a moment…

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  2. practicaldawg

    Those of us old enough to have witnessed the arc of Florida football before and after 1990 might argue that today’s gators are meeting the Gator Standard and that they are being unfairly compared to an anomalous era that is unlikely to repeat.

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  3. akascuba

    FU opens their new football facility next year that’s sure to solve the recent recruiting slump. Foley allowed FU to get behind in the arms race that is recruiting in the SEC. That’s the gator logic of those actually stroking checks that matter. Our hero Dan stays with a few new coaches.

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  4. beatarmy92

    WTF is this bullshit about a “Gator Standard?”

    UF had two of the five or six best HCS in CFB history. Those were the only eras they were ever elite. Everything else is mediocrity. And both coaches left, because the UF fans are awful and have mythologies about a historical “Gator Standard” that never existed.

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  5. In a forthcoming interview, Spurrier was asked what needs to be done…

    First, we got to get back to The Gator Standard. We need a real asshole for a coach. Somebody who will tolerate the kind of class we need to lack and recruit the right kind of players. We’ve got to get into the gang infested areas of Miami and get some playas. Kids who can carry an AK and beat on their women. Steal laptops, gouge eyes, etc. Then we need to get some big OL’ preacher kid TE type with a thick skull. Put him behind center and let him run. Real Gator Standard stuff.

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  6. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    ”These people are shattered.”

    That’s so sad. 😉


  7. ogeecheedawg

    Here is the Gator Standard: From 1933 until 1991 (a period of 58 years), the only original SEC schools that had not won a league championship were Sewanee (dropped out in 1940) and Florida. Even Tulane, Mississippi State, and Kentucky had won at least once (Kentucky twice).

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  8. The Alligator Army guys are insufferable and I enjoy every second of their pain

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  9. W Cobb Dawg

    A loss today would shatter what’s left of their spirit and leave them twisting in the winds of despair – maybe for years. Soooo let’s go mizzou!!

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  10. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    The thought of possibly not having Sideshow Dan the Clown to kick around next year is making me extremely sanguine.

    The thought of no more Cousin Eddie to make fun of is putting me into a deep melancholy.

    Hey now, hey now don’t dream it’s over!


  11. Hogbody Spradlin

    There’s a semi famous photo of Doug Dickey snarling right after Richard Appleby threw his bomb. If anybody can dredge it up and post it, that’s the Gator Standard friends.

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  12. ZeroPOINTzero

    It’s almost like we Fucking Broke Them in Jacksonville.

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  13. towniedawg

    They’re a sensitive bunch over there, I got the ban hammer for simply asking whether they still believed Mullen was a better HC than Kirby.


  14. Texas Dawg

    Gator fans should take note that at one time Army and Yale were the standard by which teams were judged by as well. They had their 15 minutes of fame and now they have returned to what the TRUE gator standard is….mediocrity.

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  15. theorginaldawgabides

    The “gator standard” is the 100 plus years of Florida football minus 1990-2010, during which time they had two of the top three coaches of the last 40 years. The Spurrier-Meyer years are the anomaly, not the standard.

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    • Tell a Gator fan they were only good then because Georgia was “down” …

      Fun shit.

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      • RangerRuss

        Ben, I have some long time gaytor friends. I took a lot of shit in the 90’s and it’s tempting to fuck with ’em. But dammitBen! It’s just too easy now. Hell, it would be cruel even at this point.
        If the handbags are looking for sympathy? I got it alright…


  16. iusedtopostasmikecooley

    Senator they posted the article you posted about Kiffin’s recruiting over on their 247 board yesterday and they were jumping off the “Lane Train” so fast it was almost too much to believe. Thursday he was their savior and it was chisels in stone that he was goi g to take Kirby down. By yesterday morning they didn’t want to touch him with a ten foot pole. They are in complete chaos and it’s beautiful.

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  17. Jeff Foxworthy voice If you look for recruits on the Most Wanted poster in the Gainesville post office, you might be the next gator Head coach.

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  18. I have Mizzou in my Upset Special Parlay.

    Go Dawgs. FTMF

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  19. originaluglydawg

    A nightmare is a dream too.
    I hope Gator fans are all waking up in the middle of the night with cold sweats and screaming. Forever.

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